A Frame-by-Frame Guide to Creating Your Storyboard

Available for TripAdvisor Premium subscribers, Storyboard gives you a chance to make the best first impression for potential diners.

When it comes to getting new diners in the door, it’s important to make a great first impression for your listing. For TripAdvisor Premium subscribers, we’ve made it easy to keep potential diners engaged and interested in your listing right away. With Storyboard, you can replace a static image into an eye-catching video at the top of your profile.

Storyboard allows you to choose 10 frames of photos, reviews, and tags that showcase your restaurant. But how to choose what to include in your Storyboard? We’ll walk you through frame-by-frame with our free downloadable guide.

Before You Create Your Storyboard...

Define Your Top Attributes

Your Storyboard is the most prominent part of your profile, so make sure it’s working hardest to grab attention by thinking through why diners come to your restaurant in the first place. Focus on your overall cuisine and atmosphere as you build your Storyboard. Potential diners should feel like they’re getting a sneak peek of what it’s like to eat at your restaurant, so show off your best dishes, your dining room, and any other atmospheric elements that make your restaurant special.

Take High Quality Photos of Your Restaurant

Your photos are the star of your Storyboard, so before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you’ve uploaded professional, high-quality Management Photos and browsed through your Traveler Photos. You’ll need at least 10 different photos to make the most out of the Storyboard feature.

To upload any new photos you’ve taken, choose “Photos” under the “Manage Listing” tab in your Management Center. For the best quality photos on TripAdvisor:

  • Upload photos that are at least 1024 px wide by 450 px tall
  • Take photographs of your restaurant and cuisines in lots of light
  • Go beyond mise-en-place and take photos of your atmosphere, setting, and decor
  • Focus on landscape layout (wider than it is tall) instead of portrait layout (taller than it is wide) for best results in our standard display box

This isn’t just important for your Storyboard — it’s a critical aspect of your listing. Restaurants with at least one Management Photo see 44% more engagement over those with no photos, and restaurants with 11 - 20 photos see double the amount of diner interaction over those with no photos at all, according to a recent study.

Where Your Storyboard Will Appear

Once you’re ready to publish, click the orange “Publish Now” button. Note that it may take up to 24 hours for your Storyboard to appear on TripAdvisor’s site. Your Storyboard will appear in the same place where your Primary Photo used to appear below your name and above the Overview section. Instead of a static photo, though, your visitors will see an eye-catching video montage that combines your best photos with review snippets and tags.

How to Edit Your Storyboard, Frame by Frame

Get your free walkthrough with our frame-by-frame guide to editing your Storyboard.

Get your free walkthrough with our frame-by-frame guide to editing your Storyboard.

Last Updated: October 30, 2018