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How Restaurants Can Verify Their Identity on TripAdvisor

How Restaurants Can Verify Their Identity on TripAdvisorWhen you claim your restaurant on TripAdvisor, you’ll need to verify your identity. This extra layer of security protects you and other business owners from fraud. Verifying your identity is easy — here’s how.

Verify Your Identity By Phone

Your business phone number included on your listing will be the phone we’ll use to call or SMS text message you to verify your identity. Our system will call or text your business the four-digit verification code depending on your preference you specify when you claim your listing. Once you receive the code, enter those digits in the box provided and click “Submit Code.”

Verify Your Identity With a Credit Card

The quickest and easiest way to verify your identity is with a credit card. You can do so by providing a credit card that includes your name. The card is for authorization purposes only and you will not be charged. A $1 hold will be placed on your card for us to confirm your identity, but no actual charges will be processed.

Verifying by credit card requires you to include a few other pieces of information. This includes country, type of card, credit card number, cardholder name, expiration date, card security code, and other billing information, such as your name, address, postal code, and phone number. We do not save or store any of this information on your account — it’s for the verification process only.

Once your credit card goes through, you’ll be taken to the Management Center homepage.

Verify By Email

If your restaurant is part of a large restaurant group or chain, you may be eligible for email verification. If that’s the case, you should see the option to verify by email directly as part of the claiming process. Otherwise, you should verify your identity through phone or credit card as specified above.

Last Updated: July 6, 2019

How to Know If You’re Receiving Calls From TripAdvisor Users

How to Know If You’re Receiving Calls From TripAdvisor UsersYou may hear: “Hello, a TripAdvisor user is calling you,” the next time you pick up your restaurant’s phone. Here’s what it means for your business.It can be really difficult to tell where phone calls to your...

How to Update Your Amenities on TripAdvisor

How to Update Your Amenities on TripAdvisorMaking sure that your amenities are updated and accurate on TripAdvisor is an easy way to let customers know what your restaurant can accomodate. It only takes a few minutes! Here’s how to update your amenities on TripAdvisor.

Updating Your Amenities is Easy and Free

It only takes a few minutes to update your amenities:

  1. Claim your listing! It’s free and easy. Head to and look up your restaurant, click claim your listing, and follow the verification steps.
  2. Go to the Management Center. Here, you can edit information about your restaurant and respond to guest reviews.
  3. To see your current listed amenities or to update your listing, click the "Manage Listing" dropdown and select "Cuisines and Amenities.”
  4. Edit Amenities. Scroll down to "What features and amenities does this restaurant have?” to see what's on your listing. To edit your amenities, click "Edit Amenities.”
  5. Select your amenities by checking the boxes next to what you offer. If something is previously selected but you do not want it listed, simply click the checkbox again to deselect.

Guests look for everything from parking to high chairs. Updating your information on TripAdvisor helps customers make informed decisions about where to eat. Once you update your amenities, guests will be able to view them under the “Details” section on your restaurant’s listing.

For more information on updating your listing, click here.

Last Updated: August 3, 2019

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