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Places to explore in Norway

The 1000-year-old Norwegian capital sits at the head of Oslo Fjord. This stunning setting gives hints of the wild wonders that lie just beyond the city. From taking in visual delights at Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum and Holmenkollen, to the challenging content within the new Nobel Peace Centre and the Holocaust Center, Oslo offers plenty of food for thought. The Oslo Pass allows free travel on public transport, free parking and many museum and sight admissions.
Explore Oslo
The colorful Norwegian city of Bergen is also a gateway to majestic fjords. Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf will give you a sense of the local culture – take some time to snap photos of the Hanseatic commercial buildings, which look like scenery from a movie set. Don’t breathe too deeply when you visit the outdoor fish market, a reminder of the city’s role in early fish trade. Ferry across a fjord to Lysøen, where the former villa of 19th-century composer Ole Bull will captivate you with fairytale charm.
Explore Bergen
The fjords and mountain ranges of Tromso are simply magical. Here, the northern lights sparkle across the same navy blue sky that's illuminated by the midnight sun. You'll be spellbound by Tromso's enchanting fishing villages, fragrant botanical gardens and crystalline waterfalls. Music is a major part of the Tromso culture, particularly techno and electronic music, which adds some thumping thunder to the city once a year during the annual Insomnia Festival.
Explore Tromso
Longyearbyen is a great jumping-off point for experiencing the humbling power of the Arctic islands. Glaciers, mountains and primitive wildlife are the main attractions here. Be warned, though: Those polar bears look cuddly enough, but they are extremely dangerous and don't take kindly to gawking tourists.
Explore Longyearbyen
With about 120,000 people, Stavanger is Norway’s fourth-largest city and a fascinating mix of old and new. Its history stretches back deep into the Middle Ages. Stavanger was once a tranquil coastal market town and then later an important fishing port. But it was the 1969 discovery of oil offshore that forever changed the now bustling city’s fortunes and landscape. Don’t miss the well-preserved old town (Gamle Stavanger), the unique Canning Museum or the 12th-century Stavanger Cathedral.
Explore Stavanger
Norway's capital of technology, the university town of Trondheim is a tech junkie's paradise and a history nerd's dream. The 11th-century Nidarosdomen Cathedral is the national sanctuary of Norway, and the Royal Residence is the largest wooden palace in Scandanavia. Fast-forward several centuries, and SINTEF science research center is doing some of the world's most important work in environmentally-friendly technologies. Nearby skiing is world-class, with World Cup winter sports competitions held regularly at Granåsen.
Explore Trondheim
Perched at the top of Norway’s Western Fjord country, picture-perfect Alesund is spread over several islands stretching into the Atlantic, with the spectacular Sunnmøre Mountains as a backdrop. If its natural beauty doesn’t grab you, its architecture surely will: After an early 20th-century fire destroyed much of the town, Alesund was rebuilt in absolute Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) glory. Learn the history at Aalesunds Museum, or visit one of the world’s largest aquariums, the Atlanterhavsparken.
Explore Alesund
Roll on over to the Alta rocks to check out the UNESCO World Heritage Site carvings. There are thousands of these fascinating archaeological remains, which detail images of animals, and scenes of hunter/gatherer life. Alta is also home to the northernmost ice hotel in Europe, an utterly majestic masterpiece replete with ice chandeliers, chairs and even beds.
Explore Alta

Flight stats for Norway - did you know?

  • There are 45 airports in Norway and the 5 biggest are
  • Bodo Airport (Bodo)
  • Right now, 5 airlines operate out of Bodo Airport.
  • Bodo Airport offers nonstop flights to 14 cities.
  • Every week, at least 251 domestic flights depart from Bodo Airport.
  • Vaernes Airport (Trondheim)
  • Right now, 15 airlines operate out of Vaernes Airport.
  • Vaernes Airport offers nonstop flights to 14 cities.
  • Every week, at least 267 domestic flights and 15 international flights depart from Vaernes Airport.
  • Oslo Airport (Oslo)
  • Right now, 49 airlines operate out of Oslo Airport.
  • Oslo Airport offers nonstop flights to 49 cities.
  • Every week, at least 667 domestic flights and 375 international flights depart from Oslo Airport.
  • Tromso-Langnes Airport (Tromso)
  • Right now, 9 airlines operate out of Tromso-Langnes Airport.
  • Tromso-Langnes Airport offers nonstop flights to 15 cities.
  • Every week, at least 262 domestic flights depart from Tromso-Langnes Airport.
  • Flesland Airport (Bergen)
  • Right now, 17 airlines operate out of Flesland Airport.
  • Flesland Airport offers nonstop flights to 21 cities.
  • Every week, at least 393 domestic flights and 51 international flights depart from Flesland Airport.