Tapping Into Today’s “Connected Travelers”

May 8, 2018

“Connected Travelers” are tech-savvy travelers who use mobile websites to research and plan their travel, and they’re a fast-expanding segment that represents a huge potential audience for travel businesses. Exactly how important is it to reach this growing customer segment?

Travelers like to be able to book on mobile

Connected Travelers are twice as likely to book their trips on their smartphone or tablet than their desktop computer, and 45% of Connected Travelers want a mobile app with booking functionality. Making sure your products are easily bookable online and on mobile is critical to reaching this audience!  

Travelers book activities on mobile both in advance and while they’re on vacation

When it comes to when they book, nearly half of Connected Travelers use their smartphone to book before they leave for their trips, giving businesses like yours opportunities to sell to travelers in advance. 

Connected Travelers continue to use mobile devices during their trips to plan and book travel activities, much more so than the global traveler sector. Specifically,  67% of Connected Travelers look for things to do via their mobile while they’re on vacation, compared to 51% of global travelers. That’s why it’s so important to have inventory that’s bookable as close to the travel date as possible.

Other figures back up this behavior pattern:

  • 72% of Connected Travelers seek out restaurants on mobiles in their destination compared to 56% of global travelers
  • 81% of Connected Travelers utilize mobile to access directions/maps during their time away, compared to 67% of global travelers
  • 64% of Connected Travelers like to read reviews on their mobile devices while on vacation, compared to 47% of global travelers

Travelers are influenced by online reviews

Connected Travelers rely on peer reviews and ratings more highly than other travelers. In fact, when deciding what to book, 58% of Connected Travelers rely on TripAdvisor reviews to make a decision. They are also significantly more likely to make decisions based on recommendations from others, such as word of mouth, online content from friends, and travel guide websites. Leaving a lasting impression on your guests and encouraging them to write reviews is key to building your online presence, which in turn can help attract even more travelers.

Source: Data based on results from online survey of 10,261 accommodations and 34,016 travelers by TripAdvisor and Ipsos, collected January-February 2015.

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