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MSC Seaside

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7 Night Cruise to the Western Mediterranean
Departure date
Wednesday, 10/27/21
Taormina (Messina), Rome (Civitavecchia), Genoa, Marseille, Siracusa, Taormina (Messina)
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Passengers: 4,132   |   Crew: 1,413
Passengers to crew: 2.92:1
Passengers to space: 37.2:1
Launched: 2017   


  • Deck 5
  • Deck 6
  • Deck 7
  • Deck 8
  • Deck 9
  • Deck 10
Additional decks
Deck 5 layout
  Bella Inside Stateroom (I1)  
  Bella Outside Stateroom (O1)  
  Fantastica Outside Stateroom (O2)  
  Wellness Oceanview Stateroom (OW)  
Seashore Restaurant
Emotional Photo Gallery
Reception and Guest Service
Seaside Bar
MSC Future Cruise
Art Gallery


Cabin size: 172 - 269 sq. ft.
Connected rooms: 312
Accessible rooms: 1
Maximum passengers: 4
Number of cabins: 1312

Activities & entertainment

Activities (34)
  • Pool (4)
  • Arts Classes
  • Barber Shop*
  • Bowling*
  • Dance Classes
  • Deck Parties
  • Evening DJ
  • F1 Simulator*
  • Forest Aquaventure Park
  • Forest Aquaventure Park
  • Game Shows
  • Hair Salon*
  • Hot Tubs (13)
  • Hydrotherapy Pool*
  • Interactive XD Cinema*
  • Karaoke
  • Medi-Spa Center*
  • MSC Aurea Spa*
  • MSC Gym by Technogym
  • Pedicure /Manicure*
  • Spa Wellness Area*
  • Sports Tournaments
  • The Library
  • Trivia
  • Virtual Games Arcade*
  • Yoga*
  • Waterslides
  • Baby Club Chicco
  • Doremi Studio
  • Doremiland
  • Junior Club LEGO
  • Mini Club LEGO
  • Teen Club
  • Young Club
Entertainment (8)
  • Live Music
  • Comedy Performances
  • Haven Lounge
  • Metropolitan Theater
  • Miami Casino*
  • News Café
  • Piazza Grande
  • The Piazza
Dining (25)
  • Asian Market Kitchen by Roy Yamaguchi - Asian*
  • Seaside Bar - Atrium Bar*
  • Shine Bar - Atrium Bar*
  • Biscayne Bay Buffet & Pizzeria - Casual
  • Marketplace Buffet - Casual
  • Champagne Bar - Champagne*
  • Wine & Cocktails - Clubby Bar*
  • Venchi Cioccogelateria & Coffee Bar - Coffee & Pastries*
  • Bistro - La Bohéme - French*
  • Ipanema Restaurant - International
  • Seashore Restaurant - International
  • Jungle Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Jungle Pool Lounge - Pool Bar*
  • Miami Beach Bar - Pool Bar
  • Miramar Bar - Pool Bar*
  • South Beach Bar - Pool Bar*
  • Ocean Cay Restaurant - Seafood*
  • Sports Bar - Sports Bar*
  • Butcher's Cut - Steakhouse*
  • Aurea Bar - Suite Guests
  • MSC Yacht Club Grill - Suite Guests
  • MSC Yacht Club Restaurant - Suite Guests
  • MSC Yacht Club Sundeck & Bar - Suite Guests
  • Top Sail Lounge - Suite Guests
  • Venchi Gelateria & Creperie - Sweets*
* May require additional fees
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pmillasn2017 wrote a review Oct 11
Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile35 contributions7 helpful votes
in July I booked and paid for 2 cabins to set sail on September 10 from Rome on the MSC SEASIDE. Days before departure they sent me an email notifying that they would only accept passengers from the Schengen area on board. and my money could not be returned. They only sent me a valid voucher to use or give it away. But the serious thing is that at the time of selling the cruise to me, the measure of boarding only passengers from the Shengen space was already in force in MSC
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Philip C wrote a review Sep 2021
8 contributions1 helpful vote
We booked a cruise for October 2021. We knew there was a chance that it could be cancelled due to covid, however what we did NOT know was that they would change the terms of the agreement as a money grab. We were notified that because of covid we could not leave the ship, but if we wanted to cancel we would have to pay a penalty. So our choices were pay a penalty for a vacation we will never take, or sit on a ship for a week without being able to actually enjoy our trip. This was shady and unethical. I would never do business with a company like this. They didn't even offer a credit! We could reschedule but it had to be within a year, and after the way they tried to force us into a totally different vacation than we had signed up for, I was not willing to risk covid restrictions not changing over the next year.
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Pierre R wrote a review Jul 2021
7 contributions1 helpful vote
This was the Cruise of my life. A very big discovery. The Ship is magnificent, it has a lot of space to walk outside around the ship. Our cabin, even, if it was the the low cost was big, with all the conveniences. The cabin was cleaned 2 time a day. The ship is SUPER clean and complies with the sanitary constraints. The food was excellent, and the service is Top notch. In one week, I am not sure I saw everything. We went to Syracuse, Terente, Rome, Genoa and back to Marseille. We were controlled twice to detect the Covid, even if we were fully vaccinated. There are plenty of long chairs, jacuzzi, showers and pools. The verdict: We will come back to MSC and try other routes. My wife got a very strong enthusiasm for cruises and this one in particular.
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Fredrik Alm wrote a review Jun 2021
Stockholm, Sweden28 contributions14 helpful votes
I would rarely advise anyone against traveling. But with MSC Cruises, I would in the future strongly advise people not to go with, after now going with MSC Seaside. There are few things that are and were good on this cruise. Covid 19 Bubble (Guaranteed Security) This is just to attract people to the cruises, in fact, these cruises are nothing more than a way to spread infection. Certainly you test everyone who goes on board and you say that during the trip you should be tightly controlled and that you should feel safe. That you take the temperature of passengers twice a day. But even that is a joke that should not be taken seriously. From the second you get on board, it's like the Covid 19 bubble that they talk so much about is completely gone and it guaranteed safety. There are still a lot of threats from them and you do not follow the routines on excursions that you will be denied boarding again if you did not go with the group all the time. But that's probably the only one. Coming to the excursions below. Threat letter from MSC SEASIDE In the dining rooms you take temperatures and save these. Because if you miss or if the staff registers incorrectly, you will receive a threatening letter in your hit that you have not done what to do and that you can be returned. This happened to us, and unlike 90 percent of the people on board, we follow the advice. In our case, the staff had failed to register one of us and judging by the surprise of a threatening letter in the cab in the evening. When we contact the staff about this, they can not even apologize but say that it has probably gone wrong. But then they take the temperature again. No. So much for that security. No one should have to receive anything that is perceived as a direct threat by MSC Cruises. CHAOS (!!!) in the dining rooms MSC Cruises says that they take Covid 19 very seriously and that you should feel safe on this cruise. But this is just a mockery and shame to say so. We have both movies and pictures where the staff does not care at all as if long queues, crowded or that people do not keep the distances you should. None of MSC Cruise's staff care and when we finally ask them why no one tells people or that they make sure there are no queues, the staff says they are not allowed to do that. The managers have told them never to question the guests and if they want to stand in line, if they want to sit at closed tables they can do so. No one tells a guest to tell them on direct questions from me. Even though I told the staff that this is not ok, just the bosses are watching and I am convinced that if someone were infected on board, you would get a mass outbreak because of how bad the safety of Covid 19 is on this boat. It is a scandal that means that we have not been able to eat our fill on the trip so far. It is not even better in the other dining rooms, but there people sit so close that you feel them breathing in the neck. This cruise means that it is not something we wanted and MSC Cruises has ruined my 50th birthday as we have mostly forced ourselves to be in the cabin so as not to be infected by the people on board that MSC Cru-ises does not take care of. MSC Cruises has promised that they had measures and they would feel safe. WE have done anything but secure on this cruise. MSC Cruises that you should be forced to be on board the cruise. Normally you would have to go to town yourself in all the cities, which we had been looking forward to. But not on MSC Cruises. It seems rather a way to make money on people to force them to buy excursions in order to get off. Once on the excursions, it is forbidden to buy ANYTHING (not even water, which I get to) and I think this is a strategy to get guests to only spend their money on board. It is not meant for anyone to feel if they have been imprisoned for a week aboard MSC Cruises. But they do it for Corona's sake, some would say. CUSTOMER SERVICE ON BOARD There is a lot to be desired from them. Except that they should know much better English on MSC Cruises at least in customer service. In addition to the threatening letters that are sent to the cabin, they are programmers with lies to get guests to buy things that are free on the boat. For example, water. Both on the website and on the TV in the cab, it is clear that you can drink the water in the cab. But when you ask customer service, they say that the water is directly dangerous to drink on board and that you will get sick from it, and you should instead drink from water bottles. When we say that it says that you can drink the water, they say that it is the wrong information, and do not let one explain themselves completely, but just say "no it is not possible to drink, thank you". You have to buy water bottles on board. Judging by my surprise when the captain so proudly talks about after a couple of days that you have the world's cleanest water on board and that it is cleaner water than anywhere else in the world. He tells us that all the water on board can be drunk. For those of us who do not drink anything other than water, then get a shock on board when we are told we must in principle pay 20 euros extra per person to meet such a basic need as one's water intake. The only thing I can say about it; inhumane. In my 20+ cruises with royal caribbean etc I have never been on board a ship where the water situation even needs to be discussed FOOD I could say that in any simple restaurant in the world you would get better food than on MSC Cruises. The food is awful. A little to choose from, often cold and ugly food. OPENING ON BOARD We have talked both with the manager of guests on board and received, to say the least, a strange response. She more or less defended everything except that it was crowded, but that they had only received 40 percent of what they could take on board. She refused to listen carefully but went on the defensive and made a comparison with how bad it is in Sweden and compared it with the boat. In the end, she had to admit that there were too many people in the restaurant and we had already talked to Supervisor in the dining room who himself expressed that it is not possible to keep the rules as there are simply too many people. The manager on board offered us 10 liters of water and access to the 19th floor, but not the bar. For us to have a pleasant experience. It made it almost worse to be able to believe that we would feel good about getting 10 liters of water and access to a deck where you can sunbathe and nothing more. When it comes to the boss's motivation that you only take on board 40 percent of what you can do, it does not matter when you only have 40 percent of the capacity on board open. This means that it is 100 percent occupancy and of course it is not possible to feel safe, when all people are to be crowded on 40 percent surface. That was exactly what the supervisor told us to give up in the dining room. SUMMARY AND REQUIREMENTS. This is the worst trip I have ever made with any shipping company in the world. Lies and lies from MSC Cruises and staff and ignorance about Covid 19 that they say they care about is one of the worst I've seen in my life. The idea was to go on a fantastic luxury trip, safe and with good food and have a perfect 50th birthday. MSC Cruises has totally ruined this whole trip. Apart from exposing myself to direct risk and possible infection with Covid 19, I have never felt so offended in my entire life and must carefully consider the legal consequences for MSC Cruises
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Der T wrote a review Jun 2021
Brisbane, Australia1 contribution1 helpful vote
i like travel with cruise from brisbane to thailand bangkok with 3 people if you and i need is to know how much i need is activate my credit card too
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7 Night Cruise to the Western Mediterranean
Departure date
Wednesday, 10/27/21
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