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Things to Do near Avitours

Avitours Tours
Attraction Types
We found 386 things to do for you near ‪Avitours
    Israel Museum
    11 Derekh Ruppin, Jerusalem 9543500 Israel
    14 minutes from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $16
    2.4 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $11
    Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center
    Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, Entrance to the site is via the Holland Junction, situated on Herzl Boulevard, Jerusalem 91034 Israel
    1 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $7
    1.2 miles from ‪Avitours
    Best Jerusalem Guide - Day Tours
    Hizkiyahu HaMelech 40, Jerusalem 97480 Israel
    1.2 miles from ‪Avitours
    Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem
    Rehov Shmuel Stephan Weiz 21, Jerusalem 9104601 Israel
    15 minutes from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $11
    Mount Herzl National Cemetery
    1 Shderot Herzl Mount Herzl, Jerusalem 9622800 Israel
    17 minutes from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $290
    Eat & Meet Jerusalem - Cooking class
    Rehov Ha-Rav Haim Abulafya 27 Yael Livshitz, Jerusalem 94505 Israel
    1.5 miles from ‪Avitours
    Tisch Family Zoological Gardens (Biblical Zoo)
    Manahat Southern end of Shulov road, also approachable from the Malha Shopping Mall, Jerusalem 9695700 Israel
    1.1 miles from ‪Avitours
    Yalla Basta
    117 Agripas, Jerusalem 2423625 Israel
    1.6 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $31
    Knesset (Parliament)
    HaKiryah, Jerusalem 91950 Israel
    20 minutes from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $125
    Baltinester Bros. Jewelry and Judaica
    31 Jaffa, Jerusalem 9422108 Israel
    1.9 miles from ‪Avitours
    2.2 miles from ‪Avitours
    Smart Tour Israel
    David Remez 4 Olei Hagardom 13, Jerusalem 91101 Israel
    1.9 miles from ‪Avitours
    Just Jerusalem Tours - Day Tours
    Kibutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem 90900 Israel
    2.4 miles from ‪Avitours
    Itay Shevach - Jerusalem Expert
    Tagar 48, Jerusalem 97585 Israel
    2.2 miles from ‪Avitours
    Shabbat of a Lifetime
    Nissim Bahar, Jerusalem Israel
    1.5 miles from ‪Avitours
    The Second Temple Jerusalem Model
    Grounds of Israel Museum, Jerusalem 9195000 Israel
    1.3 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $450
    Mahane Yehuda Market
    Rehov Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem Israel
    1.6 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $17
    Temple Mount
    Al Aqsa Mosque Complex, Jerusalem Israel
    1.1 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $5
    Shrine of the Book
    Derekh Ruppin Israel Museum, Jerusalem 9543500 Israel
    15 minutes from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $450
    George Kouz Store
    Christian Quarter 28 Old City, Jerusalem 91141 Israel
    2.3 miles from ‪Avitours
    Gatsby Cocktail Room
    Rehov Hillel 18, Jerusalem 9458118 Israel
    1.7 miles from ‪Avitours
    6 Hillel Ground floor, Jerusalem 2423625 Israel
    1.6 miles from ‪Avitours
    The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum
    Rehov Sh.A. Nakhon 6, Jerusalem 941104 Israel
    2 miles from ‪Avitours
    Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
    1 Yehuda Burla, Jerusalem 9371401 Israel
    10 minutes from ‪Avitours
    The Friends of Zion Museum
    20 Yosef Rivlin, Jerusalem 9424017 Israel
    1.8 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $17
    Western Wall
    Western Wall Plaza Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem 97500 Israel
    2.5 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $28
    Hezekiah's Tunnel - Siloam Tunnel
    Rehov Hashiloah City of David, Jerusalem Israel
    2.6 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $17
    The Garden Tomb
    Conrad Schick St, Jerusalem 91193 Israel
    2.5 miles from ‪Avitours
    Experiences from $650