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Things to Do in Andenes

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  • Runhild of Reine
    Reine, Norway3 contributions
    Andenes Lighthouse is an impressive landmark, but it also gave a fairy tail like- feeling to walk the steps up to its exceptional viewpoint of the island. Magic and a must-do when visiting Andenes. I also recommend to learn about the history of the area at the other museums surrounding the tall tower of Andnes!
    Written July 20, 2021
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  • Álvaro C
    Alvaro74139 contributions
    A kind of interactive museum where, depending on the ticket you buy, you do different activities. We only saw the documentary about the Aurora, very didactic. They have a small shop with souvenirs, some, a bit nerds. I think it is a good option for children and young people, but for adults. Good option to get rid of a rainy day.
    Written September 12, 2018
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  • Arctic_Lyon
    Tromso, Norway355 contributions
    We visited the Polar Museum of Andenes in late March 2013. It was a week-end and we were in the middle of the dead season, but after calling the local tourist information center we managed to get Kjersti, the konservator of the Musuem to open the museum and give us a guided tour.

    Th museum is situated in an old house from the late XIXth century and is divided in two floors. On the second floor you'll get info about the petroleum industry in Andøya and Spitsberg, the times before the arrival of man as well as a room regarding the Russian trade in North-Norway and one about the building of the Nato Air base in the Island.

    On the first Floor you'll get info regarding Arctic hunting, viewed from the perspective of local hunters. There are many nice artifacts lying around and the information presented is definitely interesting.

    Still, the museum is kinda tiny and could definitely be a bit more furbished. One reason for that is that the Polar Museum of Tromsø (interestingly enough, built many years after this one) has been keeping most of the local artifacts for itself. The museum also lacks signs in English and would therefore make the trip for non-scandinavian speakers a harsh one. Still, Kjersti was very nice and told us many very interesting stories, pertaining both on the local culture of Andenes and of Spitsberg so for a local history enthusiast like me, this was a great great experience that I could have rated 4, for the foreigner, it might not be as interesting without a guided tour.

    Ho, and we did it in about an hour, and the little souvenir shop is also very nice (I got a cute little Russian Spitsbergen pin) and the price (50 nok per person) is reasonable.
    Written April 3, 2013
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    2 contributions
    I did a whale watching + snorkeling experience with this company in Skjervøy, January 2023. We were lucky to see orcas and humpback whales feeding on the herrings. It was an amazing experience. Even though it is not the first time I do whale watching, I always get excited. Also, since it was the 21st of January, there was the first sunrise of the year and it made everything even more special.

    However, I have some suggestions for the company and the customers as well. I suggest people to bring a towel in case they get wet during the whale watching and/or the snorkeling, a waterproof small bag, extra clothes and warmers for feet and hands if you think you might need them. It can get very cold because of the wind and the unpredictable weather conditions.

    To the company: I suggest you to give people some goggles. This time they weren’t necessary, but last year I got unlucky with the weather and they were needed.

    Also, I really suggest you to give dry-gloves (instead of humid ones) with the dry suit for the people that want to snorkel. I had a pretty bad time with my hands that were freezing, I was afraid of getting frostbite and I had to leave the water after a few minutes, so I didn’t enjoy much the snorkeling (nor in quality or in duration). Since it is an expensive experience, I wasn’t very happy about this part. I probably have a worse circulation than others, but it is always better to go with the best available equipment. Also, I am not sure if you are equipped to help people in case they get in trouble or get too cold. Don’t forget we are in extreme weather conditions, in the sea and far from the town: it is needed to solve the problems still onboard when possible, and even people that are used to the cold can have difficulties.

    Apart from that, it is always a pleasure to see the whales and get to talk with the guides, that are always very nice and passionate about marine mammals.
    Written January 22, 2023
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  • Smallgoat
    New Delhi, India340 contributions
    Our trip actually got cancelled due to bad weather. It was rainy, cold and windy and, the waves were apparently very high. We were disappointed, of course, but we didn't mind too much for the following reasons: we had had an amazing whale spotting experience the previous night on a safari on calm seas with Sea Safari (I've posted a review there as well). We were staying in Andenes and our lovely airbnb was 5 mins away from the harbour, and we had a car so we quickly found other things to do. We also got a full refund, of course (minus the cost of the museum tour, more on that below). All in all, it was fine for us, but I can also understand the unhappiness of some of the other people who came in from far away just for the one boat ride.

    The company has been running for some 30 years and they have a large facility near the port in Andenes where they operate a small museum. They ask you to "check in" for your trip at quite an absurdly early hour - almost two hours before the boat trip begins. This is partly because of a museum tour that you seemingly have to take with them in order to go on the boat, and partly, I suspect, to give themselves some flexibility in shifting the time of the boat trip to accommodate iffy weather. This makes for a long wait at the best of times. The museum tour is ok, probably good for kids, but certainly not worth driving many hours for only to miss the boat ride itself. They have a not-particularly-active twitter account on which they do post updates about bad weather and cancelled trips but this likely wont help you thanks to the early check in time, and because till the very last moment, they will keep open the possibility of taking the boat out.

    Which brings me to my main recommendations. 1) Stay overnight in Andenes! The weather seems to be pretty variable in this part of the world. Some 5 trips had been cancelled in the last ten days before we went there. 2) Book a couple of trips to spread your risks with respect to the weather.

    If you have to wake up early in the morning and drive in and out a long distance only to have to hang around for a long time, go on a middling museum tour, and miss your only opportunity to see whales, you will likely be deeply aggrieved.
    Written July 5, 2019
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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