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Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
#1 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
All the sights are within walking distance or accessible by a great bus system (we did a self-guided 6-hr walking tour, but the buses will pick you you/drop you off at all the top 20 or so best spots, for a minima...
... appreciate the dome, look at the structure from the side standing at Benjamin Franklin Parkway.For a good frontal view, walk across to Logan Square .Even for the non-Catholic, this is a must see in Philadelphia.
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Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
#2 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The messo-soprano was versatile and amazing, The venue has terrific acoustics and the views from the seats are terrific.
... and percussion at the back of the orchestra (and closest to me!) It was very interesting to have a view from the orchestra member's perspective and to see the conductor's frontal view as he/she is directing th...
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Independence National Historical Park
#3 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The centerpiece of the park is Independence Hall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the Declaration of Independence was signed and Independence Mall, which contains the Liberty Bell, National Constitution Center...
The best part is that there are so many wonderful historical sites within a relatively small area it is perfect for the mobility impaired - if you are lucky with the weather.
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Congress Hall
#4 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
As with the tour of the Independence Hall, the Park Ranger was very informative & humorous but respectful of the site and the history.
After visiting Independence Hall, we joined the 20 minutes tour of the next historical landmark, Congress Hall.
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Wanamaker Organ
#5 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The old store has a number of impressive sights and looking up at the organ and hearing those powerful notes was a memorable experience.
You can walk around the upper balconies to get a better view of the organ and the sound was amazing when the organist began playing.
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University of Pennsylvania
#6 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The outstanding museums, historic sights and sport complexes in Philadelphia are easily accessed by Uber or public transportation.
... tour online to highlight what visitors can see on campus, put building markers outside buildings saying what they are as well online info, and invest in some much more exciting artwork that people want to view.
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Citizens Bank Park
#7 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
My seat behind home plate provided amazing views of the field and stadium and downtown Philadelphia skyline beyond center field, as well as a spectacular pink sunset.
Every seat has a good view; all three tiers are fairly close to the field; the gigantic left field scoreboard is chock-full of baseball data on every player; the right field neon Liberty gets red,white and blue...
Independence Hall
#8 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The Independence Hall, the historic Unesco World Heritage site and the origin of the Declaration of Independence, blossoms with the Independence Day parade every year uniting nations for generations.
Great museum and excellent way to view the history of the good ole USA.. Site is near other historical locations and well worth your time for a visit.
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One Liberty Observation Deck
#9 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
In addition to the fabulous views, we enjoyed a wonderful 45-minute narration by Rick -- He gave us information about Philadelphia's history, it's neighborhoods, it's blended culture and Sports Fans, and Lots and...
The observation deck located on the 57th floor offers the visitor an amazing view of downtown Philadelphia where you can see such landmarks as City Hall or the Ben Franklin"s bridge on one side and numerous modern...
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National Museum of American Jewish History
#10 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
A previous exhibit about Jewish baseball players was also informative and amusing.Be sure to view the exhibits highlighting Jewish entertainers.
We had a few hours to kill in Philly and had been to the liberty bell, reading terminal, Independence Hall and other historical sites, so we thought we would give this museum a try.
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Masonic Temple
#11 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
This is a wonderful guided tour of an incredible landmark featuring the beautiful, lodge halls and some of George Washington's masonic treasures.
Touring requires participation in a scheduled tour, but it's well worth a little planning to see this cultural site.
Independence Mall
#12 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
It contains numerous American Revolutionary war buildings and sites including Independence Hall,the Liberty bell, National Constitution Center, Congress Hall, Carpenter Hall, etc.
It was a great experience to see the remnants of the original executive mansion, the liberty bell, and a fantastic view of Independence Hall and the Constitution Center all in one area.
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Christ Church
#13 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
... signers of the original Declaration of Independence are buried either within the church or nearby and Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Robert Morris all worshipped here, making it a true must visit site.
A great historic site in Philly to check out but what makes this place great is the staff and volunteers who work here.
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The Franklin Institute
#14 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
attended an evening session at FI to view the Terracotta Warriors, exhibition was a bit pricey for the whole family but definitely worth every penny - fantastic to see creation and individual pieces on display - a...
So much to see, take your time and take in everything there is to see in this beautiful old landmark of Philadelphia history as well as others.If in the city, it is a must see...............won't regret it.
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Elfreth's Alley
#15 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Located just north of Arch Street between N. 2nd Street an N. Front Street, these 32 Federal and Georgian residences are a designated National Historic Landmark and will take you back 250 years.
This street is also easy walking to many historical sites as well as eateries, coffee shops, boutiques and art houses.
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30th Street Station
#16 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
30th street is located near the Art Museum and other Philadelphia landmarks and centrally located for connections to other rail systems serving the Philadelphia metro area and beyond.
We got to the station early on our return trip and spent some extra time trying out the food options and taking in the sights of this lovely train station.
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City Hall Visitor Center
#17 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
There is amazing architecture, original art, beautiful antique furnishings, new art exhibits from local artists, and the awesome city view from the top of the tower.
The architecture is a sight to behold (think Houses of Parliament on steroids and fitted with a 'muscle car' engine!) Go up to the very top, right underneath the statue for great views including the Art Museum but...
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Liberty Bell Center
#18 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
... with insight and intelligence, the tour although quick was informative the other buildings on site are self guided and I enjoyed the museum seeing the original diary of Lewis and Clark, and although I disagree...
If you have time, you can then walk near the Liberty Bell Center to view actual homes from the early days of our country becoming a sovereign nation from British rule including the home where Thomas Jefferson stay...
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Rittenhouse Square
#19 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
great place to take a walk in, sit to enjoy the sites, observe the birds, watch people of all ages as well as the hosted events in the park.
Such a beautiful park with plenty of bench seating to sit and reflect on the day's sights in this historic city.
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United States Mint
#20 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
The self guiding tour was an over view of the mint workspace where you could watch the coins being made with excellent information on the current activities and the historical methods they replaced.
The Philadelphia Mint is just across from Independence National Park, Ben Franklin's grave site and the Constitution Center.
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Boathouse Row
#21 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
It's easy to miss Boathouse Row if you confine your visit to the museums or historical sites, but just past the museum are the Water Works and Boathouse Row, both of which are real gems.
The views are spectacular, the place was on the perfect spot of the River, the food was catered, and the booze was brought in personally, but the night was perfect!
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Fireman's Hall
#22 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
This site is dedicated to the city's history through the lens of firefighting.
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Washington Square Park
#23 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Countries have their sacred sites ...Washington Square , Philadelphia a few footfalls south of Independence Hall is one such ... a perfect ending to a visit to historic "old city " sites intertwined with the Natio...
enjoy nature and the fine sights and sounds of the city of brotherly love and more... after a lunch or small meal relax and dream!!!!!!!!
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Rocky Statue
#24 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Being brought up watching rocky movies Visiting philly and the rocky statue was a dream come true for me loved it if you are planning on a trip to philly and want more rocky sights contact mike kunda who is a rock...
There’s a controversy between the statue being regarded as art or a movie prop, when it is clearly one of the greatest national landmarks in the country, up there with the Lincoln Memorial and the giant sombrero a...
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Historic Philadelphia-Once Upon a Nation Storytelling Benches
#25 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
We have 2 days planned in the city but we found it difficult to navigate the old city as it has so many historical sites and the information is a huge span for a young schooler.
It adds enormously to the experience of visiting the key sites.
Lincoln Financial Field
#26 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Husband set his sights on the stadium tour and the universe swirled around Monday 7/10 @2pm.
We had "nosebleed seats" but a great view of the city and surroundings.
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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution
#27 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Washington Square was once the site of mass burials of these soldiers and John Adams visited this site.
Worth the extra block or two from the other historical sites.
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Dream Garden Glass Mosaic
#28 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
It was so nice to take our time and view it with no other people around (except for the lobby guard) so I was able to take a panorama shot with my camera phone.
A not to be missed view!
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Wells Fargo Center
#29 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
We just saw ELO and the Wells Fargo Center seating was amazing, great sound and perfect view.
They also host many concerts as well as recently the DNC- put political views aside, if Philly has been chosen more than once to host a Political event- this space must be pretty good.
Franklin Square
#30 of 205 Sights & Landmarks in Philadelphia
Just minutes from all of the historic sites, including the Liberty Bell and the new Constitution Center, you can do it all in one afternoon.
It made us stop and think about the area landmarks and make sure we fit them into our sightseeing schedule.
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