Department Stores in Las Vegas

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Department Stores in Las Vegas

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  • Chipperhigh2
    Okemos, MI3,846 contributions
    Walked thru Neiman Marcus in the Fashion Show Mall. Beautiful cloths, jewelry, cosmetics, glass, etc. Looked at a pair of men's tennis shoes marked $995. A pair of woman's blue gens $247. A little out of my price range.
    Written January 20, 2020
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  • nancygio
    Henderson, NV21 contributions
    Be careful with your Nordstrom's notes. When you use them to buy something and then return it they don't tell you that you will probably lose the note. You have to request that they give it back to you on a gift card. Very sneaky bad customer service!!
    Written January 27, 2022
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Hypatia S
    Las Vegas, NV1 contribution
    This is the worst Goodwill location I've ever been to; The 'manager', Deshaelle, should be fired for how she treated me tonight. All I wanted was help w/ an unmarked radio; When I asked one of the employees for a price check, she said that someone at the front could help me...When I went to the front to ask the cashier, Debbie, she told the 1st lady to go to the back & check with the other employees...I said, "I can go back there...if you want me to," to save the employee the hassle...I was trying to be helpful, but the masked Debbie rudely said, "No, you can't," and laughed; What the hell is funny about that? Literally nothing...unless, of course, you're an idiot.

    Then, two employees, Shannon & Deshaelle, the manager, came to the front. Debbie, who was probably spaced out from wearing a mask, did not let them know that I needed help, so I asked Shannon to help...Not only would he not listen, he kept interrupting me & telling me to go on the 1st line, not his line. I wasn't ready to pay & just needed a price check, which I asked him about repeatedly; He would not let me finish my sentence FIVE TIMES & actually LAUGHED in my face; The manager saw ALL of this & did not reprimand him for his rudeness...Why is it okay to laugh at customers for questions that you didn't even let them ask? Deshaelle said that she would help, and even after she started to price the radio, Shannon, one of the biggest losers I've ever encountered, continued to laugh...Then, the 1st employee I had encountered, an old woman w/ really awful hair, laughed, too...This was HER FAULT. What a disgrace these people were. At that point, after being bullied by Shannon, I said, "This isn't the way to treat people. He's being rude. You're the manager? Why are you letting him laugh at customers?" He continued to laugh. I did nothing wrong. At that point, I said, "You're an idiot," to Shannon because that's exactly what he is. Why not call someone out if they're abusive?

    This is where the situation got even more ridiculous; Deshaelle actually said, "Do you know that we hire disabled people?" What do idiots & disabled people have anything to do with me calling Shannon an idiot for bullying me? Literally nothing...If anything, Deshaelle was ridiculous for implying that disabled people are idiots; That's EXTREMELY offensive towards disabled people. Shannon is NOT disabled; I'M DISABLED...I'm the one who walked all the way to the store with a METAL FOOT to buy a radio...I can't believe Deshaelle would virtue signal to try to make me look like the bad guy. After calling the idiot (Shannon) out, Deshaelle decided she would not let me buy the radio...What an absolute loser...I even told her I had walked there with my metal foot. Deshaelle is not only a horrible manager, but she is also a horrible person, which I told her...along with some choice words I won't repeat here. Knowing her & the other loser bullies who work there, they will probably lie about me & say I cursed at them before Shannon laughed at me, but I know the truth. Most of these idiots will end up working in this overpriced dump till they die, which is exactly what they deserve. Any decent manager would have fired Shannon ON THE SPOT. I've never had this problem w/ ANY other Goodwill location; This location, unfortunately, has hired MANY losers. I will not go back to this location & will tell my friends not to either. I live in the neighborhood, & you just lost a LOT of business...Once again, THANKS FOR NOTHING. I know plenty of disabled people who would have told Deshaelle off for her implication that disabled people are idiots...YOU'RE THE IDIOT. Thanks for wasting my time, laughing in my face, acting like bullies, calling disabled people idiots, not allowing me to make a purchase, & then having me walk back home WITHOUT a radio on my metal foot. You people are a disgrace, & Shannon (who, btw, has a girl's name) should not ever work with the public; He'd be better off cleaning toilets at a McDonald’s.
    Written January 16, 2023
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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