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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
#2 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Took 4 school-age kids here and they really enjoyed the interactive features of the RMEF - the center is done very well and is educational as well as hands-on fun learning.
It's a great place to take small children as there is much stuffed wildlife to see and hands-on audio exhibits of nature sounds that little ones love.
A Carousel for Missoula
#3 of 56 things to do in Missoula
The carousel is very unique find.. all hand carved and beautiful.. the carousel is setup for a little bit of fun and is located right next to a awesome children park.
Our children loved reaching for the Golden Ring while riding the carousel(as did the adults as well:) Friendly staff, fun atmosphere and cheap rides- great family fun:)
Caras Park
#5 of 56 things to do in Missoula
... all year long...from Lunch in the Park, Made in Montana craft shows, political events, several craft Brewery gatherings and many many more events, The Carousel and Dragon Holloway’s amazing places for children.
Such a great family outing, learning about the history of this attraction, and the fun of riding these ponies.
University of Montana
#4 of 56 things to do in Missoula
The university has a lot of hands-on, practical internships and opportunities for kids to get real-world experience in their chosen fields.
My kids LOVED it.
Missoula Farmer's Market
#7 of 56 things to do in Missoula
I loved the live folk music, meeting a lot of immigrant farmers and their families, and quite a few Belarus bakers and jam makers.
Family Tradition
Rattlesnake National Recreation Area
#8 of 56 things to do in Missoula
It's a great and very safe place to hike around with your family and friends, also is a good place for do some mountain biking.
Great spot to take kids to explore near Rattlesnake creek.
Garnet Ghost Town
#6 of 56 things to do in Missoula
If you ever have a chance to go to Garnet Ghost Down days, Go! Our kids really enjoyed learning about the history and exploring the old buildings.
The BLM and local Friends group hosts an annual Garnet Day event in mid June with educational exhibits, tours, gold-panning and other games for kids (and kid-like adults).
Aerial Fire Depot and Smokejumper Center
#1 of 56 things to do in Missoula
We came home and watched "Always" so the kids could see them in action (fictional action) Knowledgable tour guide, good info.
Great to take young kids I would think , my adult children really liked it
Dragon Hollow Play Area
#9 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Kids of all ages love this fun park as visitors can explore many parts of the climbing structure - all fun in all kinds of weather.
It provides a beautiful play area, very well maintained, a carousel restrooms and a great place to let the kids run around and stretch their legs for a bit.
Lewis and Clark Trail Adventures - Day Tours
#56 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Our kids (both under 9 years old) felt confident and were able to try many different things (kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing off the gear raft).
Would recommend this trip for families seeking some adventure!
Fort Missoula Museum
#10 of 56 things to do in Missoula
There are playgrounds, museums and picnic tables and lots of green grass for the kids to play on.
School children are brought here and must really love it.
Blue Mountain Recreational Area
#15 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Dog friendly, people friendly, family friendly........ Get outdoors.
Easy for children and families to spend time in the outdoors without having to travel very far.
ROW Adventures
#56 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Big Sky Breakout
#56 of 56 things to do in Missoula
The staff is wonderful and it us such an unusual way to share some quality play time with friends and family!
Bonding Family Fun
Garnet Ghost Town State Park
#14 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop
#56 of 56 things to do in Missoula
The shop has organized solo trips, trips with my wife and kids, as well as groups for many years.
Splash Montana
#16 of 56 things to do in Missoula
As adults, we love that we can just relax on a float or hang out under the trees and watch the kids.
Clean, Family friendly, totally affordable, pretty good food at the concessions, attentive staff.
Zoo Town Surfers
#56 of 56 things to do in Missoula
All three guides were super friendly, knowledgeable, porefessional, and great with the kids.
We will be doing it again with these guys and recommend them to all our friends and family members!!
Pattee Canyon
#19 of 56 things to do in Missoula
Great trails well organized to take the dogs and kids for a nice hike , fresh air and smell of the pines brought back memories.