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#1 of 145 things to do in South Region
Spectacular waterfalls with viewing at 2 levels- great gift shop and restaurant with delicious gelato at top- the multiple rainbows at one time was special and unique- definitely a highlight of the trip-
The Golden Circle tour gets its name from the rainbows above the Gullfoss waterfalls (I quote our tour guide) and yes with the amount of water coming over the falls, the spray and a brilliant sunny day there are p...
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#2 of 145 things to do in South Region
Parking is on the left side and you need to walk a little bit up to the edge of a cliff to view both waterfalls and the view of the canyon.
Take 20 minutes and you'll be rewarded with an amazing waterfall.
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#3 of 145 things to do in South Region
It is a very beautiful waterfall and if you walk upp the staircase and continue walking along the track you will experiance some really nice and peacefull nature with amazing views
Another waterfall on the south coast which is an easy drive of route one this one is very dramatic the water thunders over the cliff and the spray soaks you from a good distance away you can also climb a path up t...
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#5 of 145 things to do in South Region
The varied landscape colors, moulins and crevasses was something to see! Thank you Arctic Adventures for the exhilarating, wonderful once in a lifetime experience!
Got the chance to stop and drink some glacier ice water- very refreshing after the hike up! Note- you must have hiking boots with ankle support or you’ll have to rent boots.
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Fjadrargljufur Canyon

#7 of 145 things to do in South Region
A fairly steep but flat and well maintained 2km footpath takes you to a succession of excellent viewpoints from which you can admire this lovely canyon and the waterfall at its end.
It’s something a little bit different from the waterfalls of the south coast and well worth the walk up! Serene and so beautiful!
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#8 of 145 things to do in South Region
This beach has a little bit of everything; there are pillars in the water, columns on the beach that you can climb, and a cave that shields you from the rain/wind & makes an awesome backdrop for photos.
If you’re driving along the south coast , you got to stop here to enjoy amazing views and cool basalt columns / sea stacks , the black beach itself and giant waves..... our 7 year old hung on to us at all times as...
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#9 of 145 things to do in South Region
Fascinating place, although this waterfall can be tricky to find as it is located in in a private neighborhood and parking is limited, so you may have to park a bit down the road and walk back.
The color of the water is a striking blue, the falls are beautiful, and the fact that you're out in nature largely alone-- running into a few likeminded tourists from time to time-- is refreshing.
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#10 of 145 things to do in South Region
This is the gateway to the several day hike Laugavegur, but we enjoyed hiking around for just a few hours in one day enjoying the colorful scenery.
Highly recommend this day detour if you're feeling a little more adventurous and want to get away from the crowds of tourists.
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#11 of 145 things to do in South Region
This is a lovely little waterfall visible from the ring road on south Iceland route definitely worth a stop to walk behind waterproof gear essential visited in both summer and winter and I prefer our winter visit...
Incredible and spectacular waterfalls near the main road 1. Easy to get there, beautiful waterfall and the most amazing part is that you can walk right behind the waterfall.
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#12 of 145 things to do in South Region
... to Heaven, huge caves with basalt going every which way, dangerous 'sneaker waves' expected anytime, Fingers of Rock pointing to the sky amidst the rushing waves, Puffins guarding their nests on the cliff sides.
Right in the centre of the south coast, the ring road on either side of Vik has stupendous views of lime green volcanic mountains and, in July, a sea of blue lupins as far as the horizon - and then, hidden round a...
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#14 of 145 things to do in South Region
It combines natural wonders such as geysers and waterfalls with stunning views of the Icelandic scenery, snow capped peaks, and a rift valley along with an important piece of Icelandic history (the Althingi at Thi...
Iceland doesn’t have a lot except beautiful expanses ”endless sky, amazing sunsets”, extraordinary beauty”waterfalls, black sand beaches, geysers”, perfect relaxation”hot springs, warm pools, hot tubs, great after...
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#15 of 145 things to do in South Region
All you can drink tomato soup (sweet, savory bliss) and mountains of fresh bread (incredible) with that addictive Icelandic butter, dollops of sour cream, and sweet pickled cucumber shreds.
We visited Fridheimar for a late lunch (reservations required) and enjoyed learning all about the agricultural aspects of the farm and the very environmentally friendly and innovative way they are running the busi...
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#17 of 145 things to do in South Region
Loved this part of Iceland although the road up the cliff was a bit tricky in a two wheel drive car but doable saw lots of puffin's on the cliff and amazing sunset got some great photos​ up here
The lighthouse is stunning on its own but with the added dimension of the cliffs, extensive black sand beaches, ocean views with beautiful lands in the distance this is a breathtaking location.
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#18 of 145 things to do in South Region
The walk to the hot springs is quite a strenuous upward path (take proper shoes) but definitely worth it for the sights along the way and the warm water river bathing at the top (really keen hikers can go further...
The trail offers really great views, while walking past waterfalls, cliffs, boiling water springs surrounded by snow, and in the end you are treated to a dip in the warm waters of the river (about 50 min hike from...
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#19 of 145 things to do in South Region
We took a super Jeep tour of the Glacier and visited a really interesting ice cave and then climbed to the top of the rim and were able to slide down forty or so feet to the bottom of the hill.
Just being on the glacier and appreciate the scenery, the size of it alone is breathtaking.
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#20 of 145 things to do in South Region
Thingvellir is such a unique place - you can see the tectonic plates separating, a beautiful scenery with plains, lakes, rivers and forests, and learn about the history of the first Viking parliament and the activ...
... the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates and to see the site of the first democratic outdoor parliament, Stunningly beautiful, with lakes, rivers, a waterfall, fissures and interesting rock formations.
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#21 of 145 things to do in South Region
Great walking in all seasons through beautiful scenery to be rewarded with a relaxing soak in the natural hot springs.
if you happen to track 4km up the hill, you end up bathing in the hot river in the mountains, just wonderful, make sure you get enough beer.


#22 of 145 things to do in South Region
The sight of Strokkur erupting with beautiful scenery in the background is awesome but the whole area is now too commercialised with a huge souvenir shop, restaurant and a massive hotel and car park dominating the...
Can I say enough about the natural wonders of the geysers I could watch these all Day how cool is it to watch this natural wonder in front of you in the land of ice and natural beauty its breath taking along with...
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Lava Centre

#24 of 145 things to do in South Region
We started out by watching a cinematic short-movie in a room with a great soundsystem, the movie had amazing shots of the volcanic eruptions of the past century in Iceland, and the front row has beanbags you can l...
In the lobby you can watch and listen to eruption survivors' stories and view an overall Iceland volcanic relief map without the entry fee, as well as visit the gift shop and restaurant.
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#25 of 145 things to do in South Region
The Strokkur geysir erupts every few minutes, throwing up a spectacular fountain, there are warm pools of blue water, the ground is literally steaming with bubbling mud pools and there are walks all around them to...
The hot springs of different shapes and sizes are amazing, the Strokkur geysir was erupting every 4 minutes, the weather was nice and sunny.
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The Brothers Brewery

#26 of 145 things to do in South Region
I got recommendations on where to eat on the island (Slippurinn), where to go hiking for the best views, restaurants in Reykjavik, and all sorts of other tips This really should be your first stop when you arrive...
We learned of The Brothers Brewery while on a tour of the Westmann Island decided to stop for a beer (or 2) before taking ferry back to the mainland.
#28 of 145 things to do in South Region
We visited in June on a chilly day but the sun was shining and the flowers surrounding the falls made it the perfect picturesque picnic stop!
Well worth a visit I have just learnt that Landsvirkjun is planning to build hydropower stations on the lower part of Þjórsár river, at Urriðafoss and Núpur, this means the waterfall will disappear.
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#32 of 145 things to do in South Region
Stunning in winter as the water cascades over ice and snow creating bridges and hollows that add another dimension to what is already an impressive waterfall and ongoing river.
you can start your photo collection of Icelandic waterfalls with this very pretty waterfall in Thingvellir park. it is a short hike to the falls with the initial part over a rocky path if you enter from one of the...
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#34 of 145 things to do in South Region
We visited the Kerid Crater during winter, and the natural wonder really wow-ed is! Highly recommend to stop when one is on the way to the Holden waterfall or the Geyser.
Kerid Crater was the last stop from golden circle but it has it’s unique Beauty with a colorful breathtaking views.
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#37 of 145 things to do in South Region
Did the standard hour tour, they provided everything we needed (hats, torches and crampons) and we were in a small group.
Great to visit in winter before the ice formations melt.
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#38 of 145 things to do in South Region
Situated down a gravel track off route 32 this double waterfall is really spectacular.
Great double waterfall off the beaten path
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Ljotipollur Lake

#63 of 145 things to do in South Region
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#84 of 145 things to do in South Region
Tips to have a seamless hot spring experience: - bring a bottle of your favorite drink ( try Brinnavin!!) - bring a quick dry towel - waterproof camera - there is a box you can leave for donations!
A beautiful quiet pool in magnificent setting unspoilt by too many tourists .