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Kyoto Shopping Guide

As Japan’s former capital and home to the Imperial family for more than a thousand years, Kyoto is one of the country's most beautiful cities. It’s renowned for temples, gardens, machiya (traditional Kyoto houses), Japanese inns, and artisans producing high-quality crafts. A shopper’s paradise, Kyoto is filled with centuries-old specialty stores, covered pedestrian shopping arcades, department stores, souvenir shops, and malls and shopping centers stocked with international and Japanese brands. Here’s a rundown of the best neighborhoods for traditional to trendy shopping opportunities.

Kyoto Station Area

With its high concentration of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and department stores, the area surrounding Kyoto Station bustles with commuters and travelers. The eye-catching, futuristic-looking Kyoto Station Building is itself a popular tourist destination with public spaces (including a rooftop plaza), restaurants, and loads of shopping opportunities including a department store. Underneath the station is the Porta shopping mall, while nearby are Kyoto Tower Sando with Japanese souvenirs and Aeon Mall offering clothing and daily necessities. Fuuka-Kimono specializes in washable traditional kimono, while at the other end of the spectrum is Kyoto Denim, famous for its jeans.

Top Places to Shop in Kyoto
Takashimaya Kyoto Store
17 reviews
The city of Kyoto is synonymous with sophisticated culture and traditional hospitality, and these themes are proudly reflected at the Takashimaya Kyoto store. Japan’s department stores are famous for their attentive staff, stylish interiors and impressive variety of products and services. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal, tasty takeout treats, uniquely Japanese gifts for friends and family, or something special for yourself, Takashimaya has you covered. After exploring the city’s myriad tourist attractions, come and experience another side of Kyoto hospitality at Takashimaya.
209 reviews
Porta mall, extending beneath Kyoto Station Building, is popular with commuters and tourists shopping for clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household goods, food, and souvenirs.
Nishijin Textile Center
175 reviews
Located in Kyoto’s weaving district, Nishijin Textile Center has a museum, a shop selling kimono and other textile goods, a kimono fashion show, and a rental kimono shop for strolling around town.
Kyoto Tower Sando
65 reviews
On the first floor of iconic Kyoto Tower, the shops in Kyoto Tower Sando specialize in Japanese and Kyoto-made products, including chopsticks, cosmetics, confectionary, purses, and other souvenirs.
Kyoto Denim
30 reviews
Kyoto Denim utilizes traditional kimono dying techniques to create handmade jeans decorated with unique patterns, as well as other denim products such as handmade stuffed animals.
Nishiki Market Shopping District
5,444 reviews
With a 400-year-old history, Nishiki Market is a downtown covered pedestrian arcade lined with 135 open-fronted shops selling seafood, produce, souvenirs, crafts, and Japanese snacks.
Kyoto Handicraft Center
228 reviews
Kyoto’s largest souvenir and craft store, Kyoto Handicraft Center sells lacquerware, sake cups, kimono, pottery, pearls, dolls, cosmetics, and more in two buildings. It also offers craft-making workshops.
Shinkyogoku Shopping District
260 reviews
The Shinkyogoku Shopping District is a downtown covered pedestrian arcade lined with specialty stores selling souvenirs, shoes, umbrellas, T-shirts, yukata, confectionary, character goods, and more.
Aeon Mall Kyoto
183 reviews
Aeon Mall Kyoto has more than 65 shops selling clothing, accessories, food, and necessities, including Japanese chains Muji, Uniqlo, ABC Mart for shoes and Daiso discount store, plus restaurants.
Musubi Kyoto
96 reviews
Located in Shinkyogoku Shopping District, Musubi Kyoto offers kimono, yukata, accessories like geta and traditional hair ornaments, snowglobes, and other Kyoto-related gifts and souvenirs.
Kyoto Station Building
4,248 reviews
Kyoto Station Building is a train station and popular tourist spot, with a department store, The Cube selling souvenirs and fashion, Asty Road and Asty Square shopping areas, a mall, and restaurants.
Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo
266 reviews
Mitsui Outlet Park Shiga Ryuo, one of Kansai’s largest outlet malls, offers about 240 stores selling Japanese and international luxury brands. There is direct bus service from Kyoto on weekends and holidays.
74 reviews
Fuuka-Kimono is a Kyoto-based manufacturer of high-quality kimono, yukata, and jinbei, all made of washable polyester and available in many patterns for rent or to buy at reasonable prices.
Ippodo Tea Kyoto
210 reviews
In business since 1717, Ippodo offers high-quality Japanese teas, a hands-on tearoom where customers can learn how to brew their choice of tea paired with a seasonal Japanese sweet, and tea classes.
Kyoto Kyukyodo Honten
33 reviews
Located in a traditional house and in business since 1663, Kyukyodo Honten is a stationery store offering beautifully crafted Japanese paper, calligraphy brushes, high-quality cards, and postcards.
Maiko Antiques Kyoto
26 reviews
Maiko Antiques is small but packed with geisha items, kimono, clothing, photographs, dolls, books, postcards, jewelry, masks, one-of-kind oddities, and other vintage and retro Japanese treasures.
Laque, Shijokarasuma
22 reviews
Laque, Shijokarasuma, is a small department store selling mostly women’s fashions, including clothing, jewelry, and accessories, located at the busy Shijo and Karasuma intersection downtown.
Kiyomizu-Zaka Street
420 reviews
The Kiyomizu-Zaka Street slopes uphill to Kiyomizu Temple and is packed with shoppers looking for Japanese souvenirs and crafts, including pottery, fans, wind chimes, tea, confectionary, and snacks.

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#1 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
The clothing is amazing and the class is awesome... we got to learn about the meditation, walking, sword movements (both samurai and ninja), throw ninja stars and blow darts, among other very interesting things.
The chance to try out a variety of ninja weaponry, to dress like a ninja, to walk steathily was great fun and my eldest son particularly loved the secret door and hiding places.
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#2 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
The best place to get gifts of Japanese garments - kimono, yukata, and silk robes "hapi coats" Available in many sizes, kids and adults, and many beautiful fabrics
Highly recommend you visit this shop in the Nishiki Market shopping district, especially if you need a kimono, yukata, or hapi coat.
#3 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
( they even gave us tickets to visit a temple/ recommended an amazing udon shop down the road!) Honestly, it was an amazing experience that allowed us to feel japanese hospitality, see true craftsmanship and take...
Gorgeous jewellery done by the expert craftsman of three generations is also for sale there - exquisite!!
#4 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
A visit to Ippodo Tea was the perfet way to end my 5 week stay in Japan — conscientiousness service, on-point seasonal sweets to accompany and, above all, a beautifully frothy cup of green tea that made me stop an...
A beautiful tea house, in a lovely street full of interesting shops, including an antique shop selling tea ceremony utensils, a calligraphy shop, a patisserie, and a washi shop.
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#5 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
We were also directed to a very useful YouTube obi tieing instruction video All in all a lovely experience, (we promised Dylan - our 15 year old son will return one day with a future wife) Lovely shop, lovely expe...
Fuuka-Kimono was about 10 minute walk from the main street shopping area, in an unassuming little backstreet.
#6 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
There is the lovely and ultra convenient Hotel Granvia, all of the terrific restaurants in The Cube and Porta Underground, wonderful shopping in Isetan and Porta and my personal favorite, the twelve story escalato...
This place is super awesome it's the biggest and best rail station of ever visited and has everything you need from Food Shops to mall shopping to everything plus it has a shinkansen trains regular trains and easy...
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#7 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Great market in the hub of Kyoto, amazing stalls offering all sorts of meat, seafood, vegetables, traditionally made Japanese knives, sake masterclass etc. Beautiful florist stalls, spice stalls, just immerse your...
They bought gorgeous rain umbrellas that are all the envy of all their friends at school From Tempura to sashimi to mid day beer, this market is a must for anyone who loves to eat, leisurely stroll and people watch.
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#8 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
The ladies we worked with were super attentive and friendly, spoke English and Mandarin, and took time to help us browse through all the yukata available without reservation or prepayment, unlike a few other shops...
Theres lots of kimonos to choose from so it's a bit difficult to make a decision but I would recommend this place as it's made my first kimono rental experience a fantastic one!
#9 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Being quite a long street, there is a really big range of shops, including fairly cheap touristy souvenir shops, high and low price fashion, traditional and modern clothes and vintage kimonos.
The larger store (“Nomura Tailor”) has an extensive selection of fabrics and notions, and the smaller store (“Nomura Tailor House”) has loads of packaged precuts for quilters.
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#10 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
I have read a little bit about Shibori as an Art form but was amazed by the variety of effects produced and the beauty of the pieces.
My wife and I visited this little museum today, she did a half hour Shibori class and made her own silk scarf.
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#11 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
... you can find many sweet stores, one store close to the temple even suggests free tastes of Japanese sweets and green tea! if you get inside one of the sweets stores you'll bump up into Totoro souvenir shop!
This is the street that goes directly up the hill to the Temple and one that also has many shops that one can look into on the way up and but Touristic goods or just stop and have a good look around Busy when we w...
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#12 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
They also have a great stationery store, Daisy, grocery store, Muji, and tons of clothes shops.
A short walk from the Kyoto subway and you can relax and enjoy some shopping.
#13 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Such great food choices and loads of shops in one convenient place .... loved it !! We ate there quite a few times , gyozas , ramen , pastries all fresh and tasty Got some great souvenirs and great matcha chocolate
This is an underground shopping mall which is located directly below Kyoto bus station and connects to the Kyoto subway station.
#14 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
This district is massive and there are lot of different types of shops which include clothing, food and different restaurants that you can experience.
Another unique attraction of Shinkyogoku shopping arcade are the 7 temples and a shrine within the stretch of strip.
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#15 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
There are many sort of traditional Japanese handicrafts, ranging from woodblock print making to pottery and kimono and sword making.
Kyoto Handicraft Center is perfect for buying loving Japanese gifts and souvenirs.
#16 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Great knives, purchase a paring and cook's knife, expensive but knowing this is hand made with tradition it makes it worthwhile.
Amazing to find such an authentic shop in the center of Kyoto!
#17 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
On the Philosopher's Walk, this unassuming pottery shop is an experience that will enhance your trip to Japan and bring back memories for many years.
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing or creative activity in the area.
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#18 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
I think this is a great Japan experience, definitely recommend going to this shop and buying a Japanese knife and chatting with the awesome people who work there.
The price is very affordable (less than 7000 yen) comparing with other shops (Tokyo and Osaka) I visited during my trip
#19 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
The location of this shop is also a bonus as it's a stone's throw from a very popular temple, which was a perfect spot for taking pictures after you're clad in one of their kimonos.
We were walking around Kyoto temple and shrine areas with traditional shops when we saw this shop.
#20 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
A superb shop, a small jewel in this fantastic street of good food.
Back in Australia I have great pleasure using this knife and fond memories of the experience purchasing it.
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#21 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Lovely little shop w lots of cute bento products .
The selection is amazing and I finally had to buy a bento box.
#22 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
... Forest’ which shows off the great patterns that they have in the kimonos in Japan Do try the ‘Foot Spa’ as well as this is just so relaxing and we all loved just sitting there and soaking our tired feet after ...
It had entered Arashiyama Station, the end stop for the temple, and an amazing kimono forest greeted passengers.
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#24 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Many handy life products , so many souvenir shops in Kyoto but I highly recommend you to visit there and find the souvenirs.
#25 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Many hand crafted designs in the shop, and it comes at a price!
So many beautiful designs of denim in this shop, and the owner is really nice!
#26 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
We were on our way back from the crowded streets near the Kiyomizu Shrine when we saw some kimonos outside a quiet little shop on the back roads.
We exited the shop very satisfied... and in that moment we noticed amazing print-collages on the outside, so we went back inside, inviting in some passing-by tourists!
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#27 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
Kyoto station had EVERYTHING to offer in terms of experience, transportation, shopping, dining, culture, hotels, Isetan, etc, etc, etc....kept finding myself back at Kyoto station everyday!
If it is raining or very hot you can shop and eat at great restaurants all inside.
#28 of 705 Shopping in Kyoto
It's a small shop but the space is used well and there is so much to look at!
Great spot to shop
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