Bodies of Water in Xi'an

THE 5 BEST Xi'an Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water in Xi'an

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  • Ayeza
    Xi'an, China24 contributions
    Qujiangchi Relics Park is located in Qujiang district of Xi'an China in Shaanxi Province. This park is not only picturesque but also breathtaking. If you are looking for a get away time with fresh air and blue skies and calm waters then this is your cup of tea. The park also offers boat rides that provide more scenic views of the area. It's a big park and hence one could go on for a while before they'd hit an end, this makes it even better for people like me who enjoy long walks and trails. You can also catch a beautiful sunset while you are here. This park is definitely high on the list for places to visit. And it's not crowded.
    Written July 4, 2019
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  • nyfiken_78
    Karlskrona, Sweden120 contributions
    Reading other reviews, we thankfully started really early (got on the 905 at 06.30). Travellingtime by bus is 2,5 hours one direction. We spend the full day there.

    Getting there:
    1. Take Bus 905 (4 rmb), from anyone of the last 5 stations on metro line 2 ending at weiqunan. Most of the busstops have stalls selling both food and drinks. The bus is very slow and not very frequent! Notice also that the bus is supercrowded for all stops and it is likely you will stand all the way. Busride takes about 2 hours. Get off at the last station (like everybody else).

    2. When you get off, there is another 905 (1 rmb) waiting, that will take you to cuihua. This bus is 30 minutes.

    3. Bus stops at a station, a few minutes walk from the entrance. Follow the signposted road uphill. Here is toilets (with paper) and small stalls for getting drinks.

    4. Entrance 70 rmb /person. If you can show some ID that you are a student you get a 50% discount. Ticket shows a map, that is totally useless. Entrance opened 09.00.

    5. Follow the road going straight up. You can also go by buggy from here.
    Walking leaves you with stairs of stone, sometimes going straight up and sometimes with leaning flat parts. A bit streneous, but not to much. Lots of places to rest and get cover from sun.The road leads to a lake, where you can hire a boat or sit down and eat and drink. Most chinese people seem to stay here and not go any further.

    6. From the first strip av stalls (first turn) you can take a steep walk towards the top of cuihua.

    Previous reviews describe this route well, so I will not repeat it. We did however do two trips here, so I will keep describing the second trip from here;the roundtrip.

    7. Keep walking along the road, not much of a cover from sun. This part is mostly a long and windling car-road, with no real sights. 1,5 hours walk from the entrance brings you to a touristcenter. Wintertime you rent skiis here. Here is staff that will decide if it is ok that you continue or not (depending on weather and time). For security, you have to register (name, adress, phone and passport).

    8. Another 15 minutes takes you to the start of the trail, which begins at a dead-end for cars.

    9. Following the full route is easy at first, walking on a stonepath. Some old signposts in chinese and markers. Soon though, the trail turns into a long and difficult walk upwards. Not due to leaning upwards, but due to the condition of the path. Slippery (on a sunny day) and wet, it is a path that combines loose stones, roots and some broken steps. Also strams of water is going cross the path in some places. We slipped lots of times and one of us even fell. Stones just seemed to disappear under the feet.

    10. At the end of this path, you will arrive at a beautiful meadowlike landscape. Small routes go everywhere from here. No cover from sun. Fantastic view. To reach another summit here (I think 2560 m on the ticket-map), turn left at the first junction of paths.

    11. Follow this path until you reach the summit. It is an oneway path. On the summit, there are also other trails ending. We went back same way down to the junction. In all a 1 hour walk up and down.

    12. The route then continues through a small path, which is not always easy to see. Some areas offer high grass, leaves you not seeing or knowing where the path goes. Be careful here so you dont get lost! There is however one path to follow if you are attentive.

    13. After a while it will descend in to forest, and from here it is signposted with yellow plastic flags. Leading down for at least 2 hours through very slippery and collapsed paths. Mainly this path seems abandoned, it is not well maintained!! There are no constructed steps, rather just muddy natural ones. This part is not for people with kneeproblems or those not use to going off the beaten track.

    14. Last part is 30-45 minutes of walking stairs (a lot of them broken), leading down to the geopark office. Arriving here you have to walk back to the entrance by car-road. There are no buggies. Some taxis though if you want to try.

    Advice. Think twice about going this route unless you are use to hiking off the beaten track. Good shoes is a must. Bring sunscreen, lots of water and lots of insectrepellant. Calculate for daylight before leaving, our hike took about 8,5 hours.
    With all of these warnings said, this was by far the best experience near xian! Nature, non-tojristic and amazingly beautiful!
    Written July 10, 2018
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Jenny J
    Perth, Australia864 contributions
    We enjoyed our early morning stroll around the park, we went at about 9.00am as went to the early morning market around the corner beforehand which closes at 9.00am (this is an absolute must if you get the chance!) It has to be packed away by 9.00am so go early. We've put some photos so you can see what it's like. At the park we tried the massage pebbles (they hurt lol) and exercise equipment, watched dancing and had a go at Tia Chi. It was great seeing how the locals use the park.
    Written January 11, 2020
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  • DevMehra1988
    Baoji, China701 contributions
    This the most beautiful and most beneficial sports park. i go to this park every morning for walk and to do some exercise. it's been around 4 months I'm going to this park. it has every thing for one sports park should have. it has Gym inside, lot of tools for exercise. walking running path, Swing for children, lake, gardens etc. now i have a relation with this park, as i go there every day so, so many people know me there, we used to do exercise together, Run and walk together, talk together. also this is so big. at evening also there are lot of people used to come here with family, for walk and talk. i think it should be on TripAdvisor listing, I'm sharing some pictures of this park.
    Written October 4, 2015
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
  • Chris101111
    Auckland, New Zealand1,079 contributions
    Came across this park walking through the city, it's not really special but ok for a city park in China.
    I wouldn't go out of my way especially to visit it.
    Written July 4, 2015
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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