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  • Rhianne A
    23 contributions
    Horse are in great condition and are well cared for. They are well behaved (nothing spooks them) and responsive. Guides check ability so you are matched with the correct horse. Shakira was super fast and fun!
    Written March 20, 2023
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  • Monica B
    Sassuolo2 contributions
    I played all rooms.
    Great fun for families and friends.
    You are welcome in a friendly and passionate enviroment.
    I recommended to all ages! Have fun :)
    Written March 18, 2023
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  • mikemjsbcl
    Sheffield, UK32 contributions
    Excellent horses, well looked after. Friendly and capable guide. Good communication from owning partner Charlotte (English) and fantastic rides - couple of hours out on Helena walk trot canter gallop then (on Palamino Dohab) 7 hour ride into the mountains (lunch stop) then, on the return, calling at a Bedouin camp for tea and to water the horses

    Highly recommended and there are foals, donkeys and dogs (two of which accompanied us) to interact with at the stables.
    Written January 14, 2023
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  • Marz
    Dublin, Ireland8 contributions
    We had a fabulous relaxing body and hot stone treatments in Planet Spa at the Baron Palace hotel. Shorouck and Nina were both excellent, so friendly and professional, we went back to book a second time! Highly recommend Planet Spa, a real treat! Thank you to you both.
    Written January 21, 2023
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  • darren j
    4 contributions
    Another amazing experience with Blue Paradise Diving Centre....

    From day one you know you have made the Best choice, Blue Paradise is an excellent dive company, they are professional in all aspects of the service they provide.

    I can't fault the experience.....

    You need to make them your choice for diving......

    Thanks to Bart and his team...............
    Written March 22, 2023
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  • MeddygPwy
    Neath, UK62 contributions
    I am going to leave an honest review here... As I always do...

    I am giving 5 stars with caution... Please read through this review carefully for the full picture before booking. Enjoy the day with your eyes open and you will have an experience like no other. Please don't complain though, if you go on this trip without warning and taking this advice. You will thank me for it...

    Are you familiar with Basil Fawlty... Fawlty Towers... Have you ever been to a Fawlty Towers-themed event? This is the Egyptian equivalent. Look at it through that lens, and believe me, you will have a trip like no other. I arranged this through Trip Advisor, impressed by the high ratings and reviews... There is a reason for this, which I will get to...

    A word to the wise... What’s App... Our tour operator (separate to this) screwed up our transfer from the airport, because we were apparently supposed to What’s App our arrival time ahead... No mention of this in the booking but I digress... So, I What’s Apped our host Ahmed ahead of time and early pick up was arranged at our hotel, the Hawaii Paradise at 4.30AM... The recommendation is to take your passport, but we didn't need that in the end... Pick up was on time, Ahmed was prompt and courteous...

    Good start to the day... Various expected pick up's and we were on our way to Luxor... Now, I grew up in the wilds of Mid-Wales... So, I enjoy a good Rally and have attended a few events... The trip to Luxor is the desert rally you never expected... Imagine the Paris Dakar with military checkpoints as the pit stops and you will get the idea. Now, Ahmed was flooring it for good reason... He wanted to get us there before the horde of tourists and to get us great pictures... Now, I was nervous as my wife and I decided to go to Egypt as a late deal, as my wife was recovering from a car accident... In turn, perhaps not the best idea on hindsight. So, where we go flat out to Luxor with the spirit of Colin McRae at the wheel...

    Now, good time to mention tips... For the love of Elvis, keep a wad of EGP on you, even a roll... Take out £100 UK in low denom and keep it on you... I don't care what you do, you will thank me... We had a pee pit stop... To go for a pee, you need to pay on the door, seriously you do... I mean everywhere... £100EGP is fine... No change, so don't pass on a higher note by accident...

    Now, you are encouraged not to talk to vendors at all, at any stop. I actually wanted to pick up a hat and a walking stick, as I have a touch of Gout and left mine stupidly at the hotel. Nevertheless, we were encouraged to say no and move on.. So, closer to Luxor, our driver Burt Reynolds while playing relentless chicken with oncoming traffic, talks about the main industry being Sugar and Sugar Cane plantations. To demonstrate this, he pulls up behind a lorry, jumps out in oncoming traffic, and impressively grabs a cane of a lorry... Most impressive! I like stunts as much as any man. So, onward to Luxor, we go to meet the convivial Said our tour guide, imagine Sidney Poitier crossed with Ben Kingsley. A softly-spoken and clearly very intelligent man who took us around the iconic Luxor.

    This was truly a life-changing experience and Said did a marvelous job, explaining the history and the Egyptian culture with well-honed commentary and patter...

    Now, do you like to fast walk and tip as a hobby... Have you ever seen the famous interview with Nic Cage on Terry Wogan where he ran on the stage throwing cash around... You are not too far off with that image, while a gentle Egyptian narrates the history of Luxor... The day was very fast-paced... Which was painful for this Welshman with Gout and whilst generous, I begrudged having to have a wad of cash constantly in case I accidentally needed to tip someone... Everyone and I mean EVERYONE, is in on this racket... I have taken some stunning photos of the location... yet some of the best was by the support on-site... I will include here a panoramic shot which was done by a security guard... so, that tip was well deserved... Paid that with pleasure.

    As we moved on, Said mentioned his lovely necklace which is his name in Hieroglyphics... £10 GBP.. and one like this can be YOURS! Perfect, we will get that for our son, Said will phone in and we can collect later and my wife could take care of that with the cash she had... As we sat down sorting that, a rundown of the rest of the day. Trip to a papyrus store, lunch, trip on the Nile then off to the valley of Kings, rounding off with a stop at an Alabaster factory... However, a vote was needed. Did anyone want to do the 45 min Nile tour or the 4 mins... The tour was extra... Of course, who wouldn't go all that way and not do the full tour... this was of course... extra... I had £20 UK in my wallet as emergency petrol money for the UK... So, I managed to cover that... We were covered and everyone did that so, saved us from having to embarrassingly stop or miss on this fun part of the day... So, take cash, and expect to pay for the Nile trip.

    Now, the papyrus store we very nice, well-appointed and courteous... My wife and I bought two items, an elephant picture and our names in hieroglyphics... Lovely... Nice... we told Said though that we had run out of EGP and will need to stop at an ATM to sort, as we were done after that with EGP... So, you can see where this is going, and don't get me wrong, we bought stuff but... it soon goes... Said said, no problem we can do anything... Lovely, nice...

    Onward to our lunch at a Nile side buffet restaurant... Food was fine. Buffet food... What you would expect and filled a gap. Drinks were extra though... So if you wanted a Coke or what have you, get out the EGP again.. My wife mentioned this again to Said, no problem, he said he would cover it and we could pay him back. However, somehow, the Egyptian gods were on our side, and we rustled up the cash with what we had…

    The boat trip was from the restaurant, and it was beautiful... The Nile tour was lovely, a little chug around the area, looking a Luxor from the riverside, a drink with Said and a narrative on the journey. Then, back to our good friend Stirling Moss and the bus, on the other side of the river and the ‘Dead’ side for the journey to the Valley of the Kings. All good and away we went to the crypts and spectacular views.

    I won’t talk too much about this visit as I don’t wish to spoil the awe of finding this for yourself. I will say though, our enterprising Egyptians continued on the make, to the extent that one of the temple guards took my camera and ran off to take some outstanding pictures of the inner tomb of King Ramses II. I didn’t ask for this, I wasn’t expecting it, but he wanted a tip that I didn’t have... I have never left a tomb so quickly in my life... This was indeed, the first time I ever left a tomb so quickly in my life. I apologize to the Egyptian nation, and I pray I am not cursed as I have enough going on in my life without an upset Egyptian nation to contend with... Besides, I am Welsh and from the land of Merlin and my magic is stronger than yours. So there.. Any rate... After a little tram tour to the exit, we were back in the minibus for the last part, which was the Alabaster store... A hilarious little skit by the workers when we went in. The items in there were lovely and I picked up a blue cat. I love cats. I love blue. It was a no-brainer but even then, we were still troubled by the cashback issue. As in, this was Said’s logic, which was to ask for cashback, but what if we didn’t want to buy anything? At any rate, we got a few quid back, which soon went again, and we were back in the van.

    We did a small final stop for photos and then Said was saying his goodbyes... Now this is where it started to get uncomfortable, on two counts. I have to prefix this as saying THERE WAS NO WIFI.. Excuse this being bold but... THERE WAS NO WIFI... We were flat broke, we had no access to money via an ATM.. Said was making his exit speech asking that in the moment, we wrote a Trip Advisor compliment while implying an expectation of tips from everyone... Now at this point, our entire tour was flat broke from the day. If you add it all up, with all the stops, store, tips you name it.. We were completely out of pocket with no way of topping up funds. Even more so, I am sure that a percentage went to the tour/Said from the various stores we stopped in. We had purchased from all stores and in turn, we were all comfortable that through this Said/Ahmed would be well covered financially... yet, there was the uncomfortable moment where you had a bus of broke people, no WiFi to leave a compliment or comment and then Said leaving with just a goodbye... At this point, the mood changed.

    Onwards... With Captain Kirk at the wheel of our bus... It was Warp Factor One back to Hurghada.. Ahmed did stop to pick up a Sugar Cane drink for the bus, which no one wanted to try but me and my wife did. However, looking on the net after, this is discouraged for health purposes. It was delicious though and thanks to Ahmed for getting it, again, not expected and no cash to give him for it.

    As we all settled in after a remarkable day.. The closer we got to Hurghada.. The mood changed big time... After stepping out of the bus to have an argument on a call... Ahmed got fair to say, agitated. “Why didn’t you leave a compliment on Trip Advisor.. Why didn’t you tip Said..”.. He singled me and my wife out “English”, I am Welsh but I let it go.. We took the brunt of the ire both barrels. To the extent that my wife and I asked him to wait as we got money from the hotel on arrival for him. The attitude was so bad, that a lovely Belgian couple on the tour were going to give a large tip to cover us to take the heat out of it, he rejected that and our offer of a tip at the hotel and sped off dropping us off.. I was in no mood to argue. I wish him the best. It was an adventure and that’s it...


    My wife lost her bank card. She had taken it out to get money at the hotel and dropped it on the bus. We did the usual at the hotel. Canceled it. We were OK as we had a backup. Next morning though, Ahmed messaged to say he had it in his van. He offered to drop it off at the hotel and he did. My thanks to him for his honesty and integrity.

    You get 5 stars for that and our gratitude.

    My feedback is, Ramashka Tours is the best. A great tour operator. However, customer service and safety is severely lacking. I worry that I am going to hear of a terrible accident with tourists. It will happen and for that reason, I need to say something for my conscious. Either that or an unpleasant situation with a less tolerant customer over tips. Yes, people can usually get access to money but even in small denominations, tourists are not going to carry large amounts of money for their own safety and finally.. Fix your WiFi and be very careful who you upset on these tours, especially the ones who work in IT and know when there is something up with a connection and enjoy writing lengthy and honest Trip Advisor commentaries.
    Written March 19, 2023
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  • Cruiser03038862534
    2 contributions
    Trip to Orange Bay, snorkeling was an amazing experience.
    The team took really good care for all the participants.
    Amazing colours, wonders of the red sea, crystal clear water...
    We had a great fun on board and snorkeling, great egyptian lunch.
    The stuff was pleasant and welcoming, and really helping around everything.
    Written March 24, 2023
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  • Jackie M
    1 contribution
    Excellent holiday highly recommend 👌 Hotel was great staff were very helpful and friendly wether was great for January
    Written January 29, 2023
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  • Scubabear13
    London, UK2 contributions
    We visited Voodoo Divers in July ‘22. It was my 3rd visit and my partners first visit. She completed her open water course with John, he was fantastic, professional and patient throughout the course. We would highly recommend him. All of the diving and boat staff are great and very helpful with any issue. The boat is spotless, clearly well maintained and comfortable with a great chef and lots of fish ID books for reference. The guides and instructors know the reefs like the back of their hands and do great hand drawn dive site maps. Peter is very helpful and responsive by email, my partner had a lot of questions before the trip and he was prompt with all replies. I really can’t recommend Voodoo Divers highly enough and we can’t wait for pie next visit.
    Written July 29, 2022
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  • Ramzan M
    27 contributions
    Amazing and professional excursion specialists

    I have been visiting Egypt for a number of years now and each time I have visited along with my friends i have used this excursion company and the service that has been provided has been of the highest class. Special thanks goes out to Ahmed Kobisy who works tirelessly in making the holiday trips an experience of a lifetime.

    Along with the family of my friends Ahmed accompanied us to Cairo as a tourist guide taking us to visit the pyramids of Giza.

    This year the company made our stay in Hurghada an enjoyable experience organising day trips to the city and Marina

    I will be coming again and would reccomend this company to anyone who wants a professional excursion experience of the highest quality
    Written December 4, 2015
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  • lambert2018
    Munich, Germany12 contributions
    Today we an unforgettable amazing dolphin snorkelling tour with Bob. Everything was really well prepared, transfer, ship and a beautiful politely crew!
    We have seen al lot of dolphins and had the great opportunity to swim with them! Unbelievable and unforgettable. Bob does neither hunt nor force the dolphins. If you are in Egypt book this tour, it‘s a must do!
    Haben heute eine unvergessliche Delfin Schnorchel Tour mit Bob gemacht! Einfach super! Mehrmals mit Delfinen getaucht OHNE diese zu jagen oder zu hetzen! Essen und Crew an Board super ! Kann ich nur jeden empfehlen! Tausend mal besser als die überteuerten Angebote in den Hotels.
    Written March 9, 2020
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  • Myriam0509
    Paris, France3 contributions
    A wonderfull team on a super boat.
    Nemo is so kind!
    A magical trip, very good service, safe, clean and very professional.
    And dophin house: sportiv but magical!!!!!
    We were so sad to discover them only at the end of our holidays!!!! We wanted to do it again!!!

    We won t hesitated to come back as soon as possible!

    Thank you guys!!!
    Written March 23, 2019
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  • MahmoudYounes
    Alexandria, Egypt6 contributions
    What a great adventure..... OWD course.
    I travelled 700 km spending 9 hrs in the road alone to reach Dinos Diving Center and after 3 days I realized that it deserved every minute in this long journey.
    Thanks for Dinos all staff for their hospitality, friendship feeling and professionalism. From the first minute there is only one family on Shakera boat (Dinos staff, other guests and me).
    Thanks for Hossam for his all arrangements during the trip and making my one successful in spite of my sudden show in Hurghada without pre-notice confirmation.
    Many thanks for my instructor Cécile Bagatello. I can describe her in one word highly professional, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, and any other superlative you can throw at her. Put all that in a mixer and bring out your one word.
    I know that I put her in a challenged achievement, but she was great as everyone said and insisted to learn me everything as per book and I'm very grateful for her.
    My advice to everyone, go to the instructor who insists to learn you everything. It's your life which is 18m underwater and you should save it by any means.
    Dinos is taking care of customers forcing them to return back and I will.
    Thank you for all of you.
    Written November 15, 2016
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