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Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (Xiongmao Jidi) Chengdu
... Make sure you visit the lake , which includes tea rooms There’s also the usual tourist sovereign shops stocking everything you can think of panda wise Great half day in which children and adults will love
I gotta say that travelling with family, especially with kids, this is definitely a wonderful place to go, because the most of pandas in the world are living there, kids love those cute pandas so much, especially...
86 Ways to experience it
Dujiangyan Panda Base of the Giant Panda Research Center Chengdu
Ever since visiting San Diego Zoo as young child and seeing the pandas there, I've always wanted to see pandas in China.
A Wonderful Day - Especially for Kids
8 Ways to experience it
Chengdu Renmin Park Chengdu
We especially appreciated Snow’s guidance as we taste-tested unknown (to us) delights in the market, and her bargaining savvy as we found gifts for family and friends.
Children will have good time there too, we shoot some baloons and got a toy dragonfly as reward, which can fly very high in the sky.
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Chengdu Metro Chengdu
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Dujiangyan Irrigation System Dujiangyan
The bridge was bustling with activity, friends and family having fun, taking pictures, but mostly enjoying the view of the rushing water as it came from a source out of sight behind the mountain and flowed under t...
My family lived the trek up the mountain to see such an amazing design..
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Happy Valley of Chengdu Chengdu
This is a great place to bring the kids for a day out but just make sure your child stays hydrated as its so so hot.
Fun for the kids and adults
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Jiuzhaigou Natural Reserve Jiuzhaigou County
The hotel is a destination all its own with games and play structures for kids and spa and gym for adults.
Everybody in the family enjoyed the trip very, very much.
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New Century Global Center Chengdu
There are lots of free activities to keep children entertained and, if you want to pay, there's ice skating, an indoor beach, Imax movie theaters and smaller activities like a huge remote control racing car track...
This a great place to go if you have kids, or if you want to spoil you're family shopping.
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Chengdu Museum (Old Hall) Chengdu
There are kid-friendly exhibits as well as exhibits aimed at an older audience.
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Jinsha Site Museum Chengdu
9 Ways to experience it
Panda Valley Dujiangyan
Great experience for kids.
Good place to bring young children to see pandas.
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Wangjianglou Park Chengdu
A magical relaxing walk in the local park where locals congregate to paint, dance, kung fu train and families enjoying the day.
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Opera House Chengdu Chengdu
My kids loved the show even though I had to explain some parts of the show, they ranked this third amongst all activities we did in China including panda base, lion's garden in Suzhou, the great wall etc. they are...
Wonderful family experience
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Mirror Lake Jiuzhaigou County
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Kuanzhai Alley Chengdu
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Huan Huaxi Park Chengdu
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Zigong Dinosaur Museum Zigong
Our kids enjoyed the trip to the museum.
Children will be gob-smacked.
Luodai Ancient Town Chengdu
2 Ways to experience it
Baihuatan Park Chengdu
There is a bamboo mini forest, orchid garden, cafes and even a child mini amusement park.
Very few laowai, this park is full of families drinking tea and enjoying the day.
Bifengxia Panda Reserve Ya'an
The young Pandas give the most satisfaction to watch and play like children, the older Pandas really just eat, sleep and eat some more.
The cost was very affordable, <500 rmb for entire family I think, not including transportation (that was another 500 rmb, but driver stayed with us the entire day) and we had a great time.
Jinli Pedestrian Street Chengdu
Despite the fact there are so many adult activities, it is definitely a great place for children as well!
They have a lot of shops and little stands to buy gifts for family and friends.
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Du Fu Cottage Chengdu
Beautiful grounds, great place to let kids roam
On our visit to China this year we chose the Chinese New Year Period as hotels were empty with everyone visiting family while the mood is festive.
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Chengdu Culture Park Chengdu
7 Ways to experience it
IFS Chengdu
There was a free train up there to for young children and a huge panda bear climbing the building that you could take photos with.
Arrow Bamboo Lake Jiuzhaigou County
1 Way to experience it
Fule Mountain Mianyang
Anshun Bridge (Dongmen Bridge) Chengdu
The local area is a pleasure, locals dancing, performing Tai Chi, kids skating and playing...also lots of lovely restaurants!
1 Way to experience it
Jiuzhai Romance Park Jiuzhaigou County
Tianfu Square Chengdu
It really comes to life with beautiful lights and fountains and lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy.
Being a place where local family’s hang out with kids, it’s a must go location for Kids.
6 Ways to experience it
Bipenggou Li County