Bowling Alleys in Lviv

THE BEST Lviv Bowling Alleys

Bowling Alleys in Lviv

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We are considering having a trip to one of the non-Schengen countries (Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania) for about 9 days in August ... but we can't decide !
Our type of holiday is wandering around, old architecture and historic sights, nice restaurants and cafes, shopping and also amusement parks and theme parks!
So,,which country will you suggest?!
Answer: I've been to 4 of the 5 countries you listed (yet to make it to Bulgaria). Croatia, the coastal and islands regions at least, are very nice but will be crowded at that time. If you were going in the period of September to November I'd definitely say Croatia for natural beauty. As Max and others said it is significantly more expensive than the other countries.

Montenegro on the coast is also very nice, especially the Bay of Kotor area, but is also very popular these days in Summer.

Only stopped in Belgrade so don't know about other parts of Serbia but the older part of the city is nice IMO.

I've only passed through Transylvannia on a train to Bucharest but from what I have heard from my Romanian friend and photos I've seen, and views from the train, this area could be recommended. The cities in this area of Sibiu and Sighisoara, two of the 7 historical German towns of Transylvannia are recommended. Bucharest, the center at least, is also quite nice (well a lot better than 30 years ago anyway) after restoration work has been done.

Ukraine is recommendable not so much from the natural beauty point maybe compared with say Croatia or Transylvannian towns (Though of course there is the Carpathian ranges also in Western Ukraine) but there are some nice histoical city scapes with some nice architecture across various cities in Ukraine (I haven't been to West Ukraine but most notably Lviv has a high reputation in this regard).

Ukraine will probably be the cheapest, and in my own personal experience view, along with Slovenia, has the friendliest people and customer service, bar a few babushkas at train station ticket windows etc.I have to say on the people front, though I met some nice and friendly people in Croatia and Serbia, I thought the national pride element was also most visible in those two countries.

As far as theme parks go, I have no idea! All I know is EuroDisney and Tivoli, both in the Schengen area.
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