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It was a very interesting tour to discover the vegetation (trees, plants and flowers) from Panama, Latin America and the rest of the world as the owners travelled everywhere with a passion for nature that they cul...
As well as the magnificent flora, we got to see a sloth and toucan, which were particular highlights and worth noting the animals are completely wild.

Isla Zapatillas

Bocas del Toro Province
One of the best island i have been in panama , the trip to get there is a bit heavy , but the rest is a paradise everything , have different tour doing it, and all included to you a visit to dolphin lagoon and the...
Beautiful coast, some nice beaches, clear water and several varieties of fish and snorkeling opportunity make it extremely appealing for any tourist who loves beach and sea activities.
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Isla Perro

San Blas Islands
Beautiful beaches, very clean, friendly staff: a paradise for those who love snorkeling!
It has a sunken ship that has already developed coral life with many fishes: so take snorkeling equipment.
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Butterfly Haven

El Valle de Anton
Very attentive, knowledgeable and extremely enthusiastic staff which helps you to understand the importance of butterflies in fauna and opens up the secrets of metamorphosis.
... the 15 to 20 minutes guided tour with a very nice and knowledgeable person whom at every stage of the butterfly life cycle from the cocoon to a full developed butterfly will answer any questions you may have.
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Monkey Island

Panama City
The second part of the excursion was a delicious lunch on a house boat floating in the middle of the jungle (so cool!) and then there was a choice between kayaking through the jungle to a waterfall or fishing.
I was lucky enough to go with a privately-hired guide who was extremely good at spotting the monkeys as well as a whole host of other wildlife (birds, lizards, sloths!) Really great time cruising the lake from isl...
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Back at the visitors' center, there are hummingbird feeders serving several different types of hummingbirds, and there was a very knowledgeable staff person who was able to look at my blurry photos and tell me the...
We saw birds, butterflies including the elusive blue morpho, tiny frogs, lovely orchids, and our favorites the baby sloths,.
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Playa Ejecutiva

Contadora Island
You can relax at the sand, the water is super clean and if you want you can also take a boat trip to do fishing or whale watching.
If you have more time and can visit more beaches, I'd recommend that, but this was still my favorite, where I'd recommend you spend the most time.
Highly recommend a guide to learn about the flora and fauna from a native Panamanian and with our tour through Boquete Outdoor Adventures our guide Ed took all the pictures and they were later available free on th...
There’s also some bird feeders there frequented by beautiful hummingbirds – we rested there watching the birds after we completed the hike.
With naturalist guides, two mature ladies visited the Embera up the Chagres River, leisurely hiked the rain forests of the National Parks near Panama City and then were off to Boquete to enjoy hiking at the Rio Cr...
It has all levels of dificulty, from flat paths, to heavy hills, but every part is possible if you take it with calm, have good trekking boots, trekking poles, enough water, and medium to good physical conditions.
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The waters are warm, calm and very clear making our snorkel adventure fantastic, teaming with plentiful species of fish, turtles and white tip sharks.
Research the history of this island (a former penal colony) and it will help you understand why this is a gem.
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Overall had a memorable family experience and would very highly recommend visiting this park to anyone visiting Bocas town.

Gatun Lake

Panama City
Walking trails are a great opportunity to discover the wonders of the rainforest closely, to hear the sounds of the rainforest around you, to see the great variety of birds in the area and simply enjoy the special...
... Kite, Osprey, Mangrove Swallows, Blue Morpho Butterfly, Yellow Orbed Spider, Green Spiders, Purple Galinule, Great Necked Woodrail, Red Crowned Woodpecker, and Ruddy Ground Doves populated the trees and jungle.
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(5) Pipeline Road: Wonderful Place to See a Variety of Birds Easily We were on the Pipeline Road 2 January 2019, and, according to records, almost 1000 species of birds can be found in Panama in the month of January.
You are able to get up close & observe the wonderful creatures in their natural habitat, then a short walk to the Butterfly Sanctuary lets you walk among hundreds of beautiful butterflies in their natural environm...
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What a wonderful area The drive up the volcano thru the cabbage patch farms- great vistas - healthy looking people - a wonderful Change from the hot coast -
The forest vegetations changes as you gain altitude and the diversity of flowers and plants is staggering.
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The Sleeping Indian Girl

El Valle de Anton
The 1.5 hour car trip from Panama City to the base of the mountain enabled us to learn much about the country of Panama and it's wildlife from Juan.
Lovely walk through the jungle along a creek with some waterfalls, passing petroglyphs from a long time ago.
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Isla Iguana

La Villa de los Santos
We spent the majority of time on the main beach but also walked around the island and it's absolutely beautiful with hiking trails, secluded rocky beaches, palms, black iguanas lounging around, remnants of U.S. mi...
Thousands of frigate birds, tons of iguanas, hermit crabs everywhere and nice snorkeling right off the beach.
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The wide high sided canyon adorned by very old and new trees and thick jungle captures the whole of the length of the trail which finishes with a stunning ‘horse tail’ waterfall cascading from the top of the canyon.
Definitely worth the entry fee and getting as far as you can though as there are great vistas and chances to see interesting birds and nature (including some huge trees) in the surroundings - this contrasts with L...
This is a beautiful little horse shoe bay with everything from: 1. Selina - a fun and truly unique hostel for digital nomads and young adults from all over the world 2. Playa Venao Resort - a higher end but reason...
The beach by Eco venao hosts the dive shop and a cute cafe Dojo with fresh coconut juice, Surf lessons and even a restaurant dive bar.
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We saw salamanders, iguanas, beautiful blue butterflies, exotic birds, leafcutter ants, giant termite houses, exotic trees, fantastic views of the city and the ships in the bay for panoramic pictures, heard howler...
The trail in the park is basically a giant loop and if you are willing to follow it to its furthermost point, you will be rewarded with wonderful views of the city as the summit is the second highest point within...
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San Blas Islands

Guna Yala Region
We stopped on islands with incredible snorkeling spots, had delicious food prepared by our co-captain Cindry (which is Paul's Colombian girlfriend) and even spend a night on a island including hammocks and bonfire...
The cool waters complement the warmth from the sun that hits your skin and takes your busy life (if you are having one) away from the modern civilisation to the best that nature has to offer: breeze and beautiful...
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Red Frog Beach

Isla Bastimentos
You can walk the beach and on the Far East end of the beach there is a nice walk path through the jungle along the ocean where you can look-out at the beautiful blue sea.
Red Frog Island is probably one of the prettiest beaches I have ever visited - perfect sand, punctuated by coconut-trees and not-too-vicious waves for children to play at water's edge.

Boca del Drago

Bocas Town
Loved the bus ride here...driving right along the beach....great restaurant with superb drinks and hammocks, chairs, swim beach.
The restaurant there had great fish specials and the atmosphere was fun. the beauty of the area is unforgettable!

Finca Dracula

Cerro Punta
We had an amazing tour guide who was informative, interesting, patient with questions and allowed some hands-on experiences as well.
Cerro Punta is a beautiful place overall, but make sure to spend a bit of time here to learn about the plants most especially the orchids.
Raquel is amazingly welcoming, and she’s very articulate in describing the animals wild lairs and habits in addition to the ways she makes them feel at home in her sanctuary.
If you visit Panama, want to experience wildlife up close,-really close- and see Panama's tallest mountain, Visit Raquel's Ark in Volcan.
We had a great VRBO right on the beach, nested among fishing boats and families.
10$ for the four of us, gave us our picnic table under a little cabana with a hammock.
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Canal de Panama

Panama City
Gift shop is expensive and you can buy all that anywhere in the Panama city, so spend wisely.
Great Engineering!
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Starfish Beach

Bocas Town
Ok, Whoosssaaaahhh… Playa Estrella is a Caribbean heaven on earth to chill and take it all in, including the incredible sky and mountain views.
If you are in Bocas make sure to take the time to visit this amazingly beautiful beach but be sure to bring your snorkel gear to really enjoy all it has to offer.
If you are driving on your own to the beach hotels in the Panamanian Pacific, I do suggest you take a quick detour to this National Park, there is photo stop within 15-20 mins from the Panamerican Road, worth the...
If you are a lucky - you will meet a local finca (farm) owner who will show you his crops and around the trail.
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The boat tour takes you to sloth island, dolphin bay, Zappitilla, and snorkeling.
The bay lies between mangroves and the water is calm.
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For anyone who has limited time in Panama I would highly recommend this park, we saw three sloths, iguanas, starfish, frogs, sea turtles, raccoons, fish and many species of birds.
I thoroughly enjoyed the frog exhibit which was informative and remarkable to see such diversity and incredible colours.
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