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Like a history travel to computers world Very cool , geek place Awesome for rest Want to come one more
The exposition is very small, but if you take a tour guide (it is free) it will be much more intresting!
... world and jump into the amazing historical stories of the mines, cold war and smuggling in the catacombs of Odessa!! Pavel, the best and most friendly tour guide that we have ever seen, made our tour spectecul...
We also paid a little bit extra to get an own tour (we were in a party of five) and compared to the bigger tours, I think you have more opportunities to ask questions and interact during the tour.
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This museum has exhibits from across the USSR's aviation history, many of which you can enter, such as classic Aeroflot airliners (IL 62, TU 154) to bombers and helicopters.
Several other civilian aircraft including an IL-62 (you can go in), and a TU-134 (you can go in), an IL-18 and an IL-86 (can go in the IL-86), a TU-154, and a bunch of Antonov aircraft.
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Although only a small room it has the most amazing small...really really small sculptures, I was so glad me and my son went here, we gasped in amazement at the size of the exhibits and the intricacies of them.
This unique museum is located within the Lavra monastary complex and is well worth visiting if you are in the area.
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Even like that it was amazing experience.
Lots of fun !
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Not only because of her great knowledge but also because of her Russian spirit what I have always admired.
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There is an entire open air food area for lunch and dozens of windmills and different types of huts and homes utilized by Ukrainians throughout the country’s history and throughout the different areas of Ukraine!
I was impressed with new insights and learning about the historical past of the Ukraine people, especially in architecture, customs and lifestyle.
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At the end of the tour you go up 4 stories of steps which lead you to a museum where memorabilia from the WWII is displayed.
I had a private tour of the Odessa Catacombs and it was a historical and educational experience.
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Once in we were greeted by a huge hall full of capsules, rovers, rocket bits, uniforms, documents, books, space food, space suits, tools, scale models of rockets, tape recorders, models of the moon, videos of Tesl...
Such places are fascinating as the technology is incredible and what it speaks to about mankind.
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The self guided tour had some good displays on history of beer and also specifically Lviv brewery...the tasting is reasonably priced for four beers on tap...good explanations in English...worth a stop if you love...
The renovated museum was very pleased, completely updated the design and interior, everything was done in a European way, very pleased that now people with limited movement can also visit this museum, tasty beer,...
The rebuilt wooden church also operates as a real church.
Icons in the church are beautiful.
I recommend visiting the museum if you are interested in medicine and the pioneer battlefield surgical procedures developed by Dr. Pirogov.
Located on an expansive area bordering the Kiev Sea, this former Yanukovich residence offers tours showing his vast corruption including a personal exotic zoo golf courses and a retro cars collection.
The luxury of entire house, the massive gym, salt mine, massage parlour, the exotic birds around in cages to test the air the President breathed, gold plaited bathrooms, wooden floors of 17 different types of wood...
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The Arsenal Museum has a fantastic collection of arms and armour covering centuries of history, mostly regional.
The Arsenal Museum is a great place to visit to get an understanding of Lviv's history.
The Sich, located on the beautiful island of Hortytsa, is a living museum of Cossack culture and history, and is definitely worth a visit.
This is a living museum of Cossack culture from the 16th - 18th century.
Now the three full stories of the castle can be visited, with exhibitions of lots of old Austro-Hungarian objects, maps, castles, costumes, weapons, fauna and flora, the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine, etc. Now it...
Here you can see the history of the formation of culture, traditions and spiritual development of the city.
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There're so many pharmacy historical memorabilia items on display to look at, it's sometimes hard to remember that it's a "real pharmacy" too.
The inner rooms of the pharmacy have preserved bottles, equipment, herbs and other items from when the pharmacy first opened.
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I took the mid-level degustation that was offered on the tour of this famous Ukrainian cognac distillery, and it was marvelous!
Interesting history of distilling
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We’ve had a chance to walk their hidden underground ways, start their ventilation system, touch “the Satan” - the most terrific and unique missile designed to erase America from the world map - and even push “the...
After this you return to the surface where you visit the missile silo and look around various soviet cold war relics including: vehicles, tanks and a variety of different missiles.
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The history of the toilet museum Original, very informative, a huge collection of memorabilia about toilets in different shapes, forms.
There is also a small theatre hall where you can see some short videos, a souvenir shop and books on ancient hygiene and modern day hydro engineering.
It was Poltava's weather wheel which showed how many days are in each of the seasons, then there are weapons and materials that were important to learn for history.
Poltava has a very rich history, it was interesting to see, and know more about it, and to see how everything was in the past.
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It is a popular place with many treasures depicting the history of the nation: Clothing, royal carriages, guns, paintings, portraits and photographs of historically important people and much more.
You can find the artifacts belonging to the earliest centuries of history up to the contemporary ones.
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Also you should visit the building of museum with interesting exposition which tells us about USA/USSR operation "Frantic" during WWII.
There is a small museum(50UAH), and if you want to see the outdoor exhibition(the planes), you need to pay another 50 UAH.
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The display when we visited was from survivors from around the world.
Essential Ukrainian History
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We have visited the best museums in Kiev and Lviv, but the collection of 19th century art here is the best we have seen.
Located in the former palace of Count Potosky, this museum has two floors of art open to the public.
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