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#1 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Beautiful stars at night, land and marine Iguanas, lizards, fur seals, sea lions, sharks, turtles, tortoises, birds, dolphins, millions of fish, a pod of whale sharks, orcas, tuna, all kinds of rays, flamingos, vo...
This island is spectacular with wildlife (Blue footed boobies and babies, Frigate birds full blown up courting and their babies, Land iguanas and lots of sea lions) in their natural habitat.
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#2 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Tortuga Bay has gigantic waves for Surfing, perfectly preserved beach that is forbidden to swimmers and is preserved for the wildlife where many marine iguanas, galapagos crabs and birds are seen dotted along the...
... free and 30-45 minutes walk... Marine iguanas are there, seals as well... you can have a swim too, either on your own or with the seals if lucky enough... the beach is beautiful, really nice walk to the beach.
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#3 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
breathtaking scenery, the lava fields, megalithic rock formations, wildlife including Galapagos Penguins, Sea Lions etc. Great walks across the lava fields and up to the panoramic vista point.
After this visit we sailed a short way around the island to a cove where we snorkeled with Galápagos penguins, fishes, a marine turtle and a ray, and saw sealions basking on the rocks including a very cute baby se...
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Reserva El Chato

Puerto Ayora
#4 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
These beautiful giants enjoying their natural habitat is a truly wonderful sight to see and with the added bonus of being able to walk through the amazing Lava Tunnel.
This huge reserve with walking paths and an excellent restaurant, and the best Ecuadorian volcanic coffee ever, is one of the the main attractions of the Galapagos, so be sure your tour includes it!
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Cerro Tijeretas

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
#5 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
The snorkeling here was my favorite on San Cristobal (excluding Kick Rock) as it's in a private little cove full of sea turtles, sea lions, and cliffs full of frigate birds that dive around you catching fish.
Great diversity of wildlife - sea lions, marine iguanas, blue footed boobies, sharks, sea turtles, pelicans - I’m sure I’ve forgotten something!
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Puerto Chino Beach

San Cristobal
#6 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
It's a beautiful natural garden with huge Galapagos Tortoises freely moving around, and a breeding and hatching center where you can get up close and personal with smaller baby Tortoises.
On the way there you will find a couple of towns where you can stop for food or water, El Junco (the only fresh water lagoon in Galapagos) and La Galapaguera (a breeding spot for Galapagos tortoises).
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La Loberia

San Cristobal
#7 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
For free you will swim with large schools of small and large fishes, with super friendly sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas... Do go in the afternoon or high tide as more creatures tend to visit then.
On these cliffs you'll find lots of amazing bird life -- boobies, frigate birds, etc. -- and in the water you may see turtles (we saw six!).
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#8 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Galapagos tortoise breeding center that rescues and raises hatchlings and keeps them in a safe, protected environment for several years until they are old enough to release and have a much better chance at surviva...
A nice trail, although potentially muddy and rocky and hilly, meandered through the reserve leading to tortoises sometimes hidden in the brush sometimes out and about on the trail.
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Las Tintoreras

Puerto Villamil
#9 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
We got up close and personal with land and marine iguanas, white tipped reef sharks, sea lions and, on our snorkeling nearby we saw many sea turtles, colorful fish, colorful starfish, etc.
... fun seeing a huge eagle ray glide beneath the kayaks, sea turtles swimming along and bobbing their heads up at the surface, a lone penguin on the lava rock and another in the water just ahead as we paddled along.
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#10 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
We visited Elizabeth Bay where we saw sea lions sunning themselves on the roots of large Red Mangrove trees, lots of Galapagos Penguins and pelicans diving for food, sea turtles and dolphins.
we walked very new lava fields, checked out lagoons and beaches and saw all forms of wildlife like blue-footed boobies, penguins, sea lions with stunning backgrounds of huge volcanoes.
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El Garrapatero

Puerto Ayora
#11 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
This is a lovely beach with lizards and sea turtles and dunes where the turtles lay eggs...Not to mention the gorgeous sand and water!
We arrived as part of our tour, but you can even go without a tour guide, just get a taxi( white ban) and enjoy this beautiful beach close to Puerto Ayora, bring your towel, your hat and some water.
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Concha de Perla

Puerto Villamil
#12 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
... chip sea stars, a sleeping marble ray, about 60 black-tipped reef sharks, hundreds of sardines/mackerels(?), marine iguanas swimming (which is really cool to watch), and sea lions swimming with us! Amazing!
This place is amazing for snorkelling and a quick swim, you can find lots of colourful fish, marine tortoises, iguanas and sea lions and plenty of sea life, and the best thing is that is Freeeee!!
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Las Grietas

Puerto Ayora
#13 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
15-20 min hike on a well maintained and decently marked path from Finch Bay Hotel Its basically a small canyon where fresh and seawater mix a bit slippery getting in and out but v refeshing after the hike Worth a...
next stop by cliffs to see blue footed boobies and frigets, next a little hike to see lava beach full of marine iguanas(very cool) then a snorkel (but bay was cloudy) then option to stay on boat or go for hike.
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#14 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
This naturalist-gudied tour introduces gives you an amazing experience and introduces you to the real beauty of Galapagos islands!
We booked it with Pahoehoe on Isabela island and would highly recommend them - great guide, good price and very helpful office staff.
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Playa Mann

San Cristobal
#15 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Only a short walk from the center of town this is a great little beach to go for a swim and share the water with some of the playful local sea lions.
Bring sun protection and a snorkeling mask, the best way to interact with sea lions is in the water!
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Cerro Brujo

San Cristobal
#16 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Beautiful soft sandy beach with loads of sea lions, marine iguanas, and turtles.
We took a dinghy ride around the cliffs of Cerro Brujo and thought the rock formations and blue footed boobies were really beautiful.
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#17 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
You can spend a whole day here, learning about the history of the Archipelago, admiring very tall cactuses or wandering among turtles, land iguanas and Darwin's finches, small birds characteristic to the island.
Excellent, informative exhibits about the unique Galapagos ecosystems and the important conservation and restoration work of CDRS on the islands.
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#18 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
After a walk through the breeding center we went to the trail and the elevated boardwalk has common gallinules, flamingoes, iguanas, great blue herons, black necked stilts, finches, dragonflies, galapagos carpente...
It’s great to see the conservation efforts up close for this endangered and critically endangered species, and a quick chat to the park rangers gave us the information we needed (the signage could do with improvem...
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#19 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Here we found the best places to serve ecuadorian dishes cooked from local ingredients, fresh caught fish from the ocean, souvenir shops, bike rental centres, travel agencies for various last-minute trips, pharmac...
The journey across the island took us from a dry and arid environment up through dense cloud in the Highlands into lush green and wet tree lined roads before descending into the seaside town with a veil of cloud r...
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#20 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
An oportunity to walk on a relax way aand truly found and enjoy the natural greatness of Galapagos Many little gems brach out from the main path and is possible to get across tortoises and iguanas on it as well as...
Beautiful flamingoes punctuate the lagoons, with several other bird species and of course iguanas sunning themselves on the boardwalk or rocks in the lagoon.
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Laguna las Ninfas

Puerto Ayora
#21 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Las Ninfas is a place where you can enjoy the peace of Nature few blocks from the movement of Los Kioskos street, it is a place to enjoy birding an fish sightseeing and if you have a good camera you can take very...
It's a beautiful, tranquil place providing an easy path around the laguna with informative signs explaining the mangrove ecosystem.
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Lava Tunnel

Santa Cruz
#22 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
This is a lovely place to visit, especially if you can combine it with the visit to the Rancha Primicias (with giant tortoises).
It was chilly inside the amazing tunnel to see how nature was formed.
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Laguna Salinas

Puerto Villamil
#23 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
we saw lots of flamingos and beautiful birds and little crabs as well as multiple marine iguanas, worth it
The boardwalk starts next to the Iguana Crossing Hotel and continues 1.5 km to the tortoise breeding complex, also well worth a visit.

Santa Fe Island

Santa Fe Island
#24 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Then the second spot we saw stingrays, blue footed boobies flying over us, sea lions on the beach and on the rocks and then swimming with us!, pufferfish, yellowtail damselfish, green sea turtles.
Enjoy the beautiful white sandy beach before and after taking a walk along the rocky trail which leads to some great views and the glut of wildlife.
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#25 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Amazing scenery in Galapagos Islands and close encounters with animals, both on the hiking trails and snorkelling, fabulous service and food (kudos to the captain Angel, cook David, barman Manuel, and the whole cr...
The boat carries a max of 16 passengers with a crew of about 6, plus captain, cruise director (Carlos), and naturalist guide (Elizabeth Coral).
#26 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Nice beach so child can swim You can even do snorkeling on the side with big colorfull fish Totally worh it
Quick trip from harbor for $0.80 each way by water taxi to path and then a short walk.
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Darwin Bay

#27 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
Along with the frigatebirds there are various kinds of boobies and the Galapagos Mockingbird and the rare lava gull in a small beach with a mangrove area by the water (which you can wade through and potentially se...
We took a short hike in the area of the landing (populated by sea lions on the beach), and immediately saw frigate birds with their red chests puffed out, and boobies and chicks.
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Los Gemelos

Santa Cruz
#28 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
A main feature here is the Scalesia (giant daisy tree) which grows as shrubs or trees and is endemic to the Galapagos Islands.
The huge holes that are now covered by endemic vegetation, were formed with the island by the collapse of two underground chambers created by volcanic lava.
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Isla Lobos

San Cristobal
#29 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
This boulder strewn small island is home to nesting frigate birds and blue-footed boobies.
Once off the landing rocks, we were greeted by sea lions on the sandy beach.
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#30 of 79 Nature & Parks in Galapagos Islands
... our naturalist guide, Sabina on the lava/boulder terrain and saw the unique sea bird colonies, boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, red-green-black marine iguanas and the famous lava formation known as the ‘blow hole’.
We saw sea lions pretty close to us and tons of marine iguanas, lava lizards, mockingbird, galapagos dove, nazca boobies, red bill tropicbird, albatross, galapagos hawk.
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