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  • John Jackson
    Singapore, Singapore918 contributions
    One of my favourite places to hang out, cycling, jogging, walking or to have a barbecue by the beach.

    Since I got to Sg , I'm going there every month and it's always a good vibe, the view and just a fresh air.

    You can book a barbecue pit or rent a bicycle,Boat , etc.

    It's quite a few of bars and restaurants around the area as well.

    If you like to exercise that will be a good spot to run or play some volleyball.

    Written March 1, 2022
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  • J&S_Singapore
    Singapore, Singapore3,457 contributions
    We just love the East (SG) and that meant the Changi area.. think Changi (Point) and one will conjure up its popular holiday chalets, sailing clubs, nice fix of nasi lemak (malay rice), clubs at the food centre… but the beaches are equally alluring. We were at CC for a staycation so there’s more time exploring and to reminiscent some fond memories.
    The Changi Point Coastal Walk is a favourite spot for many, from avid photographers, exercise craze, fishing enthusiasts or just friends & families gathering.
    The broadwalk portion near Changi Cove is under renovation till 2022 so access to the Sunset Walk, Kelong & Cliff Walk are limited. We started off after a lunch at Le Xuan HK Dim Sum restaurant, from the Changi Beach Park a main meeting point as it is near to the famous Changi Village food centre and also bus terminal. Crossing the busy yet narrow Changi Creek Bridge (overseeing the Changi Ferry Terminal) this is the highest activity area ! And we begin our walk upon hitting the beach, strolled towards the east. The Changi Beach Park was improved over the years and it is a nice stretch of walk with a cyclist/skating path. One can veer out to the beach to have the sun, sea & sun feel else stay under the well-shaded path. . A continuous scenic route with the occasion roaring of airplane taking off nearby, makes a wonderful walki. A few toilet-washing facilities adds convenience.
    Still Pandemic period and supposed to have max 5 person gathering. There will be the usual picnic, small pitch tent, kiting flying (actually prohibted) and we passed the memorial of the Shook Ching Massacre (a page from SG WW II). The leisure walk along the broadway offers a beautiful view of the coastline.
    Further beyond it will be the Aviation Park Road & Nicoll Drive, where SG used to host the Singapore Airshow 2020. We did not ventured further, so we missed the Lagoon Village Food Centre and beyond. We also skip the sunset, next time perhaps..
    It was a great leisurely walk experience for us. Come try the scenic and relaxing walk yourselves.
    Written December 21, 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Krubee
    Singapore, Singapore507 contributions
    Little did I know that there is a wonderful island just 15 mins boat ride from mainland SG. Located south of Singapore, it is uninhabited and boasts the cleanest, serenest, and longest stretch of white sand beach in SG. It's a totally secluded getaway away from the busy city. On the island of Lazarus lies this long stretch of white sand horshoe shaped beach and it is indeed stunning. I found out about it during the pandemic and first thing on my mind as someone who love to go to beach and enjoy the sand, sun and sea. I've been here 3x and its a very relaxing, chilling and fun experience. To get here from the mainland take the ferry from Marina South Pier Terminal. Take the Red line to Marina South Pier and there are only 2 ferry companies serving to the island Marina South Ferry & Singapore Island Cruise. I've taken the latter 3x and so far I had some comforting experience. Tickets costs 15 SGD for a return trip and on weekdays the first ferry departs at 10 AM from Marina and 5 PM from St. John's Island. You could book your ticket online or buy directly at their office in the terminal. In between those timings there are 2 rides to Kusu Island as well. The terminal is huge and spacious and serves many kinds of ferries and boats. There are some food stalls and vending machines inside the terminal. There are no food or drinks stores in the island so you need to bring your own food. The terminal also hosts immigration and customs so there is a division between local ferry and international passengers. The boat arrives and departs on time so better not be late. There is no direct ferry to Lazarus so you will need to go to St. John's first. The ferry is air-conditioned and a modern vessel but it has no open-air upper deck seats. On my next visit would like to try the Marina South Ferry which has an open air seat. Once you arrived in St. John's you will be able to see the classic welcome site on wooden dark brown platform entrance saying Welcome to St. John's Island. As part of SG, QR check-in is mandatory as you enter. The long platform walk is quite scenic with seas on both sides. I have never explored St. John's that much but I've walk the same path thru the causeway traversing through the coastlines dotted with mangroves, people fishing and breathtaking breakwaters. I haven't been to the right side but going to Lazarus you must turn left and there is also some maps and direction pointing to Lazarus Island. The paved path follows the coastline leading to Lazarus. On the right side there are picnic benches for you to eat, drink and relax. As I walk along the coast I could see Singapore's skyscrapers on the left which is quite near yet I am already on a secluded island. The sea around here is clean and I could already see some animals like the Monitor Lizard and Macaques. There are no resorts or food stores here so everything is truly authentic raw nature. However, there are showers and toilets provided for your convenience. After passing the mangrove area, you will notice tall trees lined up ahead of where some monkeys can be found. Then you will approach the breakwater with fast moving currents and decks provided for you to enjoy the view, take some lovely photos and video and/or used the spot for fishing. Ahead on your left there is already some nice beach but not many people are there. Still on your left the high rise buildings of SG are still visible. Further walking to your right there it is the entrance to Lazarus island and as you made your way to the beach you will be in the center and behold one of the longest fine white sand beach I have seen. Very much comparable to other popular beaches yet just right here in our shores. You're free to take your picnic or relaxing spot and it stretches all the way on both sides. The same is very soft, smooth and not too hot. The sea is amazing - clear blue water breaked by patterns of waves with some boats and ships quite visible from the beach itself. I took a spot in the center and prepared my food. I usually bring 2 1.5 L of water, sandwiches and bananas. I also brought some books for good read. It is indeed really relaxing here. It feels like im outside SG in a different island yet I'm still here. I could see boats and yachts of different types are also docked near the beach Strolling along the coast of this Horshoe shape beach with the smell of the sea, gentle warm air breeze and the sound of waves and nature is my perfect beach getaway. Sea has many healing benefits due to its salt and mineral contents. So swimming is highly recommended but be careful to watch for Box jellyfish and advisable not to swim aloe. There are some algae and seaweeds at the beach but it is not rocky so very ideal for swimming. Some days especially during high tide and cloudy weather the waves could be strong but on a perfect sunny day there are little or no waves at all and the sea is even clearer. I took all in all about 3 hours from picnic, to chilling, strolling and swimming. But if you wanna spend more time and take the last boat then you can take your own time and even take a quick nap by the beach. There are no garbage bins in the beach so you must bring back your trash and outside in St. John's you would see plenty of them. Other essentials recommended include Sunblock, Swimming Goggles, and Picnic mats are recommended to bring with you. For shower please bring plastic, soap and shampoo. There are 2 toilets on both sides of Lazarus: turn right and there is another terminal. The toilets and showers are very clean and well maintained. Water pressure is also very strong. Make sure to arrive on time before your shift departs since they are always on time. As I made my way back to the mainland, I could see the deep waters with big containers ships, ferries, yachts and all kind of vessels moving and docking around SG. Looking at the sea makes my trip de-stressing, relaxing and comforting. I really had fun, relaxed and savored the moment being with Mother nature where sometimes calls us to take a break from the busy city life. Truly, a recommended beach to visit in SG - Lazarus Island.
    Written March 7, 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
    Singapore, Singapore6,340 contributions
    It was sometime back in 2015 when I last visited this park. 5 years later, it seems the park has not changed much. The only change is that we are now in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and I had to put on my face mask as I roamed around and kept a safe distancing with the rest of the visitors.

    We have obtained prior approval with NParks for our brisk walk and we are allowed to come with 40 residents. We had our warm up exercises at the open space near the car park keeping a 2 m safe distance from one another while stretching our limbs before embarking on the walk.

    The 40 of us were divided into 5 groups of 8 each led by a group leader. The group leaders kept urging participants to maintain a safe distance from one another and avoid getting too `intimate'. We made a big loop around the park ending at the jetty. We enjoyed the calm and relaxing sea view overlooking Johor.

    I noticed few groups of visitors laying their groundsheets enjoying their family picnic. The pandemic restricted many of us from traveling and we longed to enjoy our times with our loved ones in nature and in the greenery of the parks and able to breathe in the fresh air.

    One of my Indian residents draw my attention to a cannon ball tree beside the Beaulieu House. The beautiful radiantly bold orange flowers grew from tentacled branches that spiraled out of the trunk of the unique tree. Indian devotees would offer these lovely flowers to Lord Shiva during prayers. This is the first time I saw such a blossomly beautiful holy tree at a park.

    I was also impressed with the Victorian architectural Beaulieu House which was very well maintained. I understand that the current tenant spent about $30k every year to renovate this restaurant. With the current pandemic, the restaurant must be hard hit in her business with less tourists coming and less functions to organize.

    As I walked down the staircase to the jetty, I can feel a strong sea breeze caressing my face. Just hope that the pandemic will be over soon so that we can regain our normal life.
    Written February 27, 2021
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
  • Low C
    Jurong East, Singapore878 contributions
    It is small in size but quite a long beach and the view is nice. NPB is now building toilets in the park.
    Written November 29, 2020
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.
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