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... the road is red soil, rocky rock, sliperry and easy to fall, ... amazing with straight rows of coconuts, sun loungers and winds, white sand like paitings, water is crytal and clearly,.. everything is perfect!
We went to Nacpan Beach twice, once by scooter which was a great way to explore the countryside and once with a group in the hostel van, it's a pristine, beautiful beach with snack stands and we really enjoyed our...
... start walking in the most calm, clear and warm water you can ever imagine… keep walking (if you wish, start snorkeling) until you get to this most amazing and pristine beauty of the hidden beach of this island.
We were taken to this beach by Kraken's boat and found it wonderful!After you pass the hidden entrance, you can see a fantastic place with a perfect mix between lush vegetation, white sand and clear waters!
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It's even betterthan the turquoise waters of Turks and Caicos, unspoiled for now, the locals has done well to protect their beaches, the local guides picks up after themselves and takes pride of their environment,...
Our tour guide prepared the meals and indeed it was amazing to hear the splash of the waves while having seafood, grilled pork liempo and some fresh coconuts (a local sells it on the beach).
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If you want to take a break from the island tours and spend a day just lounging and chilling by the beach, reading a book, sipping mango shake, and watching the El Nido sunset, come by Marimegmeg.
Pristine white beaches gives way to stunning blue waters that are actually swimmable unlike some of the beaches closer to Corong-Corong.
it was awesome stay, The beach is accessible with everytime, so many fun things to do. and opportunity to for water activity, afternoon sunset is breathtaking, try the boatride for a fantastic sunset vew is well r...
One of the the best beach of the planet, winner of many awards, it's an incredible and breathtaking place: white sand, clear water, full of beach activities, tours, great touristic structures between restaurants,...
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Nagtabon Beach Puerto Princesa
It's a beautiful beach and has very scenic surroundings, with crystal clear waters and fantastic for swimming.
The beach is about 35km from Puerto Princesa City and I would recommend everyone to rent a scooter or a bike and drive to the beach, instead of taking a van/taxi.
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Saud Beach Pagudpud
You can spend your tranquil day here admiring the scenery whilst lounging at the shoreline while reading a book having your reddish tan and listening to sound of waves as background music then well rejuvenated aft...
... is perfect (not white though but yellow) and the beach clean with millions of coconut trees, clear water and little waves perfect for swim, in the distance you can see mountains and the first windfarm in Phili...
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Dumaluan Beach Panglao Island
So beautiful with fine white sand, gentle sloping beach, crystal clear water, nice for swimming, coconut and palm trees line the beach, gets even more perfect on a sunny and clear blue sky day.
We stayed nearby and paid our 25 pesos each each day to visit this gorgeous beach and then bought day guest passes for the bohol beach club and then just swung in their hammocks and enjoyed the view!
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... just to get the best scenic view , sometimes you just need to layback and enjoy the moment , those precious moment of relaxation! under the sun , the water waves, the sand or even the tourist enjoying the view !
Very nicely organized by the locals and with life jackets (extra)- quite cheap too * boat trip starts at 4:30am, and its advisable to come at that time before sunrise * amazing sunrise view * beach umbrellas are a...
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A gem in paradise , away from the large crowds , but so beautiful , and relaxing , had lunch here with are tour guide , shot some awesome pic's and got some exciting video , loved it
After doing a land tour to Puka beach I returned a couple days later to photograph one of the local models the day was perfect and the beach in pristine conditions this truely is the crown gem on Boracay
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Perfect conditions to relax and stress down and enjoy the beach and the sea, swim and snorkel in the warm, calm water or laze in a hammock under the palm trees with (or without) a good book.
... road past their new city hall/government center through irrigated rice fields, to a mangrove area where you take a boat (P300 per boat) down the river and out to sea, around a huge rock, and onto Sugar Beach.
Duli Beach El Nido
Turtles frequently return here after being born here some 40 years previous and Max from Duli Beach Resort collects the newly laid eggs and takes care of them in his hatchery.
You can swim in beach (enjoy some waves!) and/or practice surfing or body-boarding.
sabang beach is one of the most wonderful beaches i ve been to ,it is so peacful and so clean and it has the typical tropical flair with birds singing and the waves roaring to the shore clean waters and the nicest...
Other activities in this beach (aside from the underground river tour) are the Mangrove tour where you can try the paddle boat ride, walking tour to the Waterfalls, passing some temples and spend the day in its ma...
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A great beach to visit and relax the water is amazing only a short tricycle trip from town and if you are feeling adventurous then definitely try the zip line tour at the end of the beach
This was my favorite beach i’ve seen in El nido Amazing view and amazing sunset There were a lot of bars and restaurant to eat and drink It is also close from the town center.
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Magpupungko Beach Siargao Island
It's a ways to get there but a interesting and beautiful ride… We went late morning and what a beautiful view from the beach, notice on your left the Tidal Pool,,, Exceptional water color, a little hike to get the...
... side exposing its bed, there is a pool you can only see during low tide with amazing little sea garden underneath with colorful fish, sea plants, corals and rock formations and that is Magpupungko Tidal Pool.
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The sea has wonderful colours there, it is clean but little bit colder than in White beach, because the water is deeper and moved, so you can enjoy the waves.
... quite ..almost like a private beach .. great for spending some relaxing time and all’s good for swimming..Carry your own water and food .. you won’t be able to buy anything except coconut..but it’s a gear beach..
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Residents and tourists alike flock to the beach at the break of dawn to surf, swim, wade, or just take that long, exhilarating walk as you wait for the beautiful sunrise.
It will be helpful and a sight to behold also if the beach area shall be surrounded by lights at night so that tourists can still walk safely along the shore even at nighttime.
Expect crowds, wall-to-wall hotels and tour groups to the max in stations 1, 2 and 3. Diniwid beach, on the other hand is still calm and quiet with just enough facilities -- and the beach is still stunning.
Spider house, Boracay west cove and Nami restaurant are all at the far end of the beach, and great places to eat and drink, and just chill, while looking over the ocean, or waiting for sunset
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Our last destination in our combined tour was the 7 Commandos Beach, it was simply amazing , very nice sandy beach, with a lot of cottages to rest and drink your cold beer or you natural Buko (coconut) and enjoyed...
This is totaly a paradise ... make sure to come early to avoid crowding in ... It has a wide crystal water , spectacular beachfront view .... Bars , and volleyball court , We had eaten halo-halo and it was so deli...
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Paradise Beach Bantayan Island
Fantastic beach you can ride a motor bike their but after you leave they main road the trail is very rough with coral.Some times a small entrance some times not.They can only really charge you if your on their lan...
Quiet beach, with a few bungalows -- worth the trip, as it is literally a paradise -- clean beach, awesome views, few people.
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Talipanan Beach Puerto Galera
If you are looking for white sand, palm trees and a quiet place, you should go to Talipanan Beach.
One of the best beaches in Puerto Galera
Free beach entrance on most of the beachfront property just rent a cottage for 500 pesos and less, you can relax, cook/grill/bbq your food and enjoy the sight, sound and view of the West Philippine sea! Be ready f...
We were amazed with the beauty and cleanliness of the beach and white sand is sparkling.It is indeed the Boracay of the north.Amazing stay,we enjoyed our short vacation and will be back soon.
The beach is excellent...the place is superb...My kids enjoyed the beach so much...They had the best experience of their life since they learned to surf in an hour...They so loved the surfing experience and even a...
Entrance Fee: Free! 3 hours away from Davao city Good: Crystal clear waters, good food, hospitable locals, clean beach area, surfing, skim boarding, freediving, Ultra flying, etc! I love this place!
The ocean waves were big, the water that I have to swim was really deep, and it was just a small access going inside the secret lagoon, but the challenging swim to see the secret lagoon beach was so worth it.
It is tucked behind rocks and is beautiful and worthy of its name... a beautiful stop on the island hopping tour... nice place to enjoy in the emerald waters..
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... you on Anawangin island and take a walk up the mountain for stunning views of the pristine waters and beach.. Capones island has stunning views and if you climb to the top of the lighthouse more amazing views ...
I hope this beautiful cove will remain untouched from holiday developer for decades to come' many thanks for one of the best holiday trips we enjoyed as family!
Santiago Bay Beach San Francisco
This is a lovely beach and you can walk for miles when the tide is out great eateries on beach as well at great prices very good
Santiago Bay Beach is a must visit beach in Cebu Camotes Island, its peaceful and serene and cheap.
•Bring a waterproof bag to protect your stuff against strong waves RATING: 9/10 The dolphin watching activity is something I recommend for wildlife and nature photographers, solo travelers, couples who seek new ad...
We headed first to that part of the sea past the sandbar going to the middle of Tanon Strait opposite Oslob, Cebu for the dolphins and it was such a marvelous sight with the dolphins swimming right beside the boat...
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Paliton Beach Siquijor Island
One of the best place I visit in the Island special thanks to Charlie Tour Agency for giving us the most unforgettable experience
White powder sand beach, the clearest water you’ll ever see, quiet, palm trees, is really is so gorgeous we didn’t want to leave.
Secluded , private beach with a 500PP per person consumable via food, drinks or services.. just a few minutes away from the main trend Boracay area.
I said it also when I rated Balinghai Beach Resort.
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There's a spot that offers a great display of corals and fishes where my husband has spent hours of snorkeling and practising some free style diving together with my brother and my brother's mates.
Very nice place, the road to the beach is beautiful and picturesque, there are very few people on the beach and several small shops to buy drinks and snacks, at the end of the beach, near the rocks, you can find a...