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Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Kinkakuji Temple
Sacred & Religious Sites
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites
Koyasan Okunoin
Cemeteries, Sacred & Religious Sites
Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Sacred & Religious Sites
Ogimachi Castle Old Site Observatory
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Kiyomizu-dera Temple
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Chureito Pagoda
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Mount Fuji
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Ogimachi Castle Old Site Observatory
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Katsura Imperial Villa
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Ise Shrine Geku
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Nijo Castle
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Himeji Castle
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Matsumoto Castle
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This is a fantastic shrine set on hills just ten minutes from central kyoto ideal for those enjoying temples and walks outside,the views are amazing and some greats shops and stalls available nearby
Most people, including us, visit the shrine because of all the amazing images you see associated with its thousands of vermilion torii gates, The red torri gates are incredible, so are the crowds visiting.
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Has all the views that you imagine about Japan - the serene lake with temple reflecting beautifully on the surface surrounded by a zen garden, perfectly manicured trees and grounds, koi fish swimming to and fro, t...
The golden pavilion , the rocks and the trees cast a perfect reflection upon the water and the newly opened blue iris and tender young leaves of the Japanese maples provided me with a moment of pure joy.
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The Kiyomizu-dera Temple was one of our important sights to visit- the day tour was fantastic and our trip on the Bullet Train to Kyoto was an experience in itself, Yes, we highly recommend this adventure, you wil...
Kiyomizu "Pure Water" Temple, is a major temple and prime site to see for many reasons: A spiritually important Buddhist site where worshippers believe the Goddess of Mercy resides, lush grounds to explore, and an...
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We were lucky to have a fascinating monk lead us around for the day, pointing out the burial sites and historical references to almost every revered figure in Japanese history from Toyotomi Hideyoshi to Takeda Shi...
Although most people wouldn’t think about visiting a cementera, a stroll trough this one is a most; moss covered gravestones and shrines will provide you with amazing sight surrounded by ancient cedar trees.
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After a leisurely and fun stroll in Nara Park with my memorable deer encounters the pinnacle of my journey is the Great Todai-ji temple (Great Eastern Temple), one of the 7 Great Temples in Japan built in the 8th...
Tōdai-ji (東大寺, Eastern Great Temple) is a Buddhist temple complex that was once one of the powerful Seven Great Temples, located in the city of Nara, Japan.
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Really impressive... quite the best temple in Kyoto in my view, the prayer halls are just out of this world.. the gardens superb... luckily its a bit of a hidden gem as its a slightly off the beaten track and seem...
... which the corridor can be seen beautiful rock garden am 4) Tahoto Pagoda, the 2 story pagoda on the top of the hill where you can appreciate a bird eye view of the whole complex of the Temple plus Kyoto city.
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I discovered Otagi while researching sites for a private tour of Kyoto and saw pictures of the charming stone statues, each face being unique, some happy, some sad, others contemplative.
Entering through the big gate, you see about several small temples but the highlight are the 1200 statues that are carved stone figures of raken (the disciples of Buddha).
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ISE GRAND SHRINE Another display of pure Japanese culture and tradition with an incredible Use Grand shrine at the center surrounded by beautiful woodland, a very very clear river that is also worshipped and lots...
Even though there's a tendency for groups to rush from shrine to shrine, I took time to enjoy purifying myself in the river, walking up the unusual volcanic steps leading to the main shrine and appreciating the el...
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Very impressive display, 1,001 side-by-side statues, very beautiful and well done,You will find how peaceful and quiet the Temple is compared with other Temples & Shrines in the city of Kyoto... We highly recommen...
Surrounding the temple are shrines and network of homes and little shops selling antiques, delicious food and desserts and the Kyoto National Museum is also located opposite to this temple.
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Mitaki Temple

... the most special in terms of a spiritual experience because of quietness of the place, and the way the path weaves up the side of the hill, past trees, waterfalls, ponds, statues and buildings of various types.
Mitaki-dera is a 2 stop train ride from Hiroshima on the JR Kabe line and a long 15 or 20 minute walk uphill from the Mitaki JR station, OR a bus ride from Hiroshima station to the Mitaki Kanon bus stop which gets...
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Daishoin Temple

... nice garden areas , and dont forget to visit the Buddha walkway nr the giant bell , hundreds of small Buddha statues with little woollen hats of various colours, its a very peaceful and tranquil area around th...
The side path with little statues is absolutely amazing, I also love the fact that you actually have to explore this place to see all of the wonders rather than just standing in one spot and seeing everything at o...
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I loved the chance to get pictures of the stunning architecture and surroundings without a bunch of strangers in my shots, and as the shrine opens at 6:30, I recommend an early morning visit for this shrine.
We visited the shrine on a day trip from Matsue - very easy using JR pass and a bus from right outside the station - about 700 Yen depending on where you get off the bus as it makes a few stops on the approach bef...
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Anyway, Hasedera is glorious - little pools, paths, beautiful flowers and trees, excellent view of the sea from Prospect Walk, a restaurant with gorgeous food (try the Temple Curry!), a fun little shrine that's in...
Hase-dera has beautiful gardens with flowers and littles streams, also has nice views of the ocean, a intriguing cave and ofcourse the masterful crafted sculpture of goddess Kannon.
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Sanzen-in is a spectacular, secluded temple featuring pristine gardens and stunning sculptures nestled within a gorgeous location.
Sure, it has beautiful rock and moss gardens and is at its best in Autumn, but the sheer volume of people pushing their way through it kind of ruins the atmosphere.it's the most crowded temple I ever been to by fa...
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The temple is one of representative spots of autumn leaves, of course the precincts turned in red and yellow also beautiful, but the precinct covered with rain fog are too fantastic!
There are so many buildings of varying size and beauty that make up the complex, but the main hall at the top must be the best and has the amazing view.
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This is a truly unique shrine, I highly recommend visiting at both high and low tides, the timing for these is easily found online but if you plan to spend a full day on the island you should be able to catch them
In line with Hiroshima being ultra welcoming to tourists, you can get the train (26 minute journey) and the JR ferry (15 minutes and only a 5 minute walk from the train station) for free with your JR Pass.
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This brilliant red pagoda sticks out very clearly throughout Koyasa and after the complex at Okunoin, was the highlight of our trip to Koyasan.
We headed up there in the late afternoon, and were lucky enough to catch the monks on their daily chanting ritual.
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The second major stop on our epic two-week Iseji Kumano Kodo hike, Geku Shrine is every bit as serene and gorgeous as its counterpart.
You can end up in little trails in the forest, and really feel the nature around you.
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It is such an important national treasure that a larger modern structure was built around the Konjiki to protect it from the elements.
The building serves as a mausoleum containing the mummified remains of the leaders of the Northern Fujiwara clan: Kiyohira, Motohira and Hidehira, and the latter's son, Yasuhira.
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Accessed through a walk and climb up some steep stone steps in amongst the forest I found this place to be quieter and more spiritual than the other over-crowded shrines and temples within the Nikko complex.
... some great carvings on the temples and huge buildings that adorn each side of the stairs to the main shrine/temple, great photo opportunities to be had around here and seems to be a quieter area than other tem...
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Unlike the new shrine (which is very fancy, colourful and dedicated to the founders of Japan), the old shrine is much more modest - and is the shrine which is dedicated to the wolf said to have guided the prince t...
The walk up to the shrine had beautiful coloured trees and red lanterns as well as a torii and two stone dragons (look like lions) flanking it.
Definitely one of the most stunning viewing point in Kawaguchiko area.
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Very easy to access, the five storey pagoda at the entrance to the Toshogu Shrine is at the end of a wide pathway lined with huge trees, and, in autumn the colours are magnificent.
The architecture and ornamentation are uniquely different from other Shinto shrines in Japan as this was built in the period when Buddhism mixed with Shinto in a special way.
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Udo Shrine

While Udo Jingu is best known for a section of shrine that's built into the cliff-side cave, there are multiple sites, including some buildings and torii, that are well worth visiting as you walk along the beautif...
the thing i liked about this shrine was (a) the drive enroute to the shrine itself was AMAZING! it's a coastal road so you already get a really good and scenic drive along the way.
It had vast grounds 165,000 square meters which included a number of towers, halls, trees, shrubs, statues, engraved stone monuments, a sculpted large pond, waterfall and fountain.
The tour made my visit to this attraction so much more meaningful and I’d highly recommend accessing a guide or tour here, it is a great place to visit and the surrounding gardens are very tranquil.
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The buildings are big, beautiful and very interesting and there is a peacefulness about the place as you gaze out on the huge trees surrounding it, which is I guess, the plan in a Zen temple.
After satisfying yourself with the main temple complex, you can walk the grounds under the canopy of tall cedar trees (cryptomeria), along the gravel path to the upper area with statues, a bell tower, and a small...
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The building is inspired by Turkish culture and it's really fascinating for me because I've been to Turkey before and seeing something similar in Japan shows the diversity in Islam.
The beautiful mosque is a replica of its Turkish inspiration and the largest mosque in Japan.
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We were so happy to visit this beautiful shrine in the early evening with lights lining the stairs up to the main shrine.
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A visit includes Karesansui, Zen gardens, Zazen, sitting meditation (with extra fee) and to be awed by Japan's national treasures, Fujin and Raijin, the iconic Japanese Gods of Nature, and the twin dragon mural pa...
The most memorable part of this temple is definitely the gorgeous ink painting of dragons on the ceiling, but there is also a beautiful garden with a tiny tea house to look at, and multiple buildings with lovely s...
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Horyu-ji Temple

It will take a little extra effort, including a 15 minute train ride from Nara's central station as well as a short taxi ride after that but it is worth the effort.
Historically the Horyuji is a very important temple: it was founded in 607 CE by Prince Shotoku, who is credited with the early court promotion of Buddhism in Japan.
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