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The best historical place in the world Fabulous Fantastic An environment full of positive energy Magnificent palaces A sacred place The embodiment of Persian and Persian authority in the ancient world
You can see how artists carved the stones and made beautiful reliefs while they didn’t have any knowledge of perspective and finally you can see Persian Empire as the most powerful empire of those days.

Nagsh-e Rostam

Engraved on the façade of a mountain range considered sacred in the Elamite periods are the rock-cut tombs of Achaemenid rulers and their families dating to the 4 th and 5 th centuries BC, as well as richly decora...
This place has four royal tombs carved in the cliffs belonged to Achaemenid greatest kings and also some Sasasanid reliefs that are closer to the ground and have stories about the glory and triumphs of the Sassani...
New cemetery located next to Towers of Silence which was at the time (19th century) well away from the urban areas, displays two distinct ways of Zoroastrian burial tradition.
It is a really great and interesting place if you like history The place was used as a cemetery like area for the zaratostrians to leave the deceased for scavanger birds to eat; sounds brutal!
If you look for silence and old buildings with nice view of farming land and mountain, you Must visit kharanagh It’s about 70 km from Yazd and usually tourists take a driver guide or driver for visiting here and i...
The abandoned village is a network of streets, tunnels, passageways, a mosque, a “shaking” minaret (to withstand earthquakes) and a caravanserai that housed merchants and pilgrims centuries ago.

Taq Bostan

this place is perfect who love history and art! it has many rock reliefs from sassanid era, which shows the old kings Achievements,such as huntings or war victories againts romans.
When you enter the site at first you'll see a big garden with a lake in center, tall trees and nice birds singing, when you go on, you'll see Hekmat tree (the oldest tree of there) and a beautiful pattern ( relief...
The archaeological site of Chogha Zanbil is an exceptional expression of the culture, beliefs, and ritual traditions of one of the oldest indigenous peoples of Iran.
One of the things that makes this ancient temple different from other ziggurats is that there are writtings on the bricks used in building A must visit while taveling iran Its also the first iranian monument inscr...


It includes Cyrus the Great’s palaces, a monument that is believed to be Cambyses’s tomb, remains of the ancient city’s fortifications and most importantly the tomb of Cyrus the Great.
Pasargad is an outstanding ensemble of palaces, gardens and the tomb of Cyrus the Great and represents exceptional testimony to the Achaemenid civilization in Persia.The position of the site is also denoted in its...
This was very interesting to see how the Persians used to hammam - it is a large venue with different rooms and you get a real feel of being there with life size models and music.
Vakil Bathhouse is a perfected example which was praised with the most advanced architecture techniques of its time.Visiting this place you will get familiar with how Iranian used this kind of public bathhouse by...
the spaces had been divided between king , aristocracy and common people that obviously shown the sotial strata's dividing .You are allowed stand on the roof and watch the nice design of the castle and gorgeous ca...


... which is figure as the divinity of the Waters and hence associated with fertility, healing and wisdom Try to go there with a local guide who they explain completely about history of this amazing ancient city.
Take time to wander around and notice the architectural details of the city in the columms, the zoroastrian temple to the water goddess and... .Also you can see ruins of a castle on the nearby hill.
Especially if you go close to sunset you can havea beautiful castle, houses, ruins with dramatic shades of the sun!
Let us just watch, and pass very gently by these ruins, because beneath every place you tread, there may lie a king, a swordsman, an old sage, a lover, a mother... Be careful, beware."
Discovering that the king and prophet Solomon in the Islamic tradition has a reputation as a great traveler, builder and "tamer of monsters" (see the "Zendan-e Soleyman", a few hundred meters from the pond) has se...
I think go to the 4000 yeras ago as a travel to history for many years We can see various period of architectural building in this region And amazing lake that it's water , 21 degree tempreture for all of the year...
This is an interesting experience to explore worlds longest underground tunnel or cities .
Nushabad has about 7 kilometers distance from Kashan.


Kish Island
This unique man made underground city allows you to traverse the ancient Qanat, the underground waterway that provided water to ancient vessels in the Persian Gulf.
You feel pleasant and cold air in qanat when kish island weather is hot The structure of qanat is interesting and beautiful Tunnels that cross each other ,underground silence many dark places in corners and cool w...
It enjoys stunning scenery and eye-catching views with the best people and culture!
when you walk around, you see the river and the carvings and a majestic feeling you will have.
You will be hosted by a local family and will enjoy a healthy, traditional food which is cooked with fresh and mostly organic ingredients.
That was an Amazing night with very good traditional food.
Shahr yeri was one of the most secrecy place that I see before, more than 8000 years old with lots of unsaid truth, visit this place and also the cave under the temple and the magic gate of temple.
You can also see the cave and go through the stone gates.
Historians believe that all the forts with this name, built on the even older temples belong to pre-zorastrian Era or Mitraism' when water and girls (wemen) both as symbols of fertility and life considered sacred.
One can reach to castle with staircase which give you different angles from the castle.
Walking all around these part of city is recommended.nice
Archaeological Site of Shush

Haft Tepe

Khuzestan Province
The spectacular and insightful details of this tomb that archaeologists have noticed is a mass grave found at the foot of the great platform at the southernmost part of the tomb and right next door to the entrance...
Atashkouh fire temple is one of ancient monument of Mahallat city and is one of the most important works of the Sassanid period, located 5 km from Nimour Road and near the village of Atashkh Nemir.
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