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Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Imam Reza Holy Shrine
Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
Tabatabei House
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Architectural Buildings
Ancient Ruins, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Jameh Mosque of Yazd
Sacred & Religious Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Sites
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Fatima Masumeh Shrine
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Chehel Sotoun
Architectural Buildings, Castles, Historic Sites
Rayen Castle
Castles, Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Tabatabei House
Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Architectural Buildings
Niavaran Historical Cultural Complex
Architectural Buildings, Historic Sites
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Well, it was my third time visiting this awesome square; and everytime it makes me more surprised whenever I come here This historical place has such a magical power which reminds me of boudanath stupa in Nepal!
This place is one of the most beautiful sites which you can see islamic art and architecture,great tiles with various designs and colors,also a beautiful bazaar which full of art and craft goods,I think everyone c...


The best historical place in the world Fabulous Fantastic An environment full of positive energy Magnificent palaces A sacred place The embodiment of Persian and Persian authority in the ancient world
Joseph is an Archaeologist and Historian and has the most amazing (and passionate) in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of Iran and the Middle East.
... his family (and once joined to the Ali Qapu palace by a tunnel under the square) is simple enough in design but the intricate tile decoration, both inside and out, defies description for its beauty and intricacy.
I think it's the most beautiful mosque whole the world with a very clever and amazing combination of Islamic Iranian calligraphy and miniature.
this is one of the UNESCO world heritage site in Iran, and surely a must-see attraction in west part of Iran. it is really amazing to discover what ancient people made about 3000 years ago.
I saw one of the most wonderful watermills of the world,the river was divided into many parts each one went through a tunnel curved in the stone about1000yrs ago then moving the watermill and ground the wheat.
With its colored glass arches and polychrome faience, Nasir al-Mulk Mosque showcases a mesmerizing blend of rainbow colors and intricate shapes.
What a rich architecture at northern iwan of Nasir-al-Molk historic mosque… It has roots in Islamic art, architecture, Persian Vault ceiling, tile working, geometry, patterns and other arts that flourished in the...
We visited four times in just a few days at different times of day and night, marvelling at the Holy Shrine's enormity and beauty, and absorbing the atmosphere created by the faithful, the pilgrims to this shrine,...
Imam Reza holy shrine is a very spiritual place with plenty of lectures of most common languages, a well taken care of place that kept clean and relatively new all around the year with big peace and all the servic...
When we visited, our guide encouraged a local to stand in the centre of the highest dome and sing - his harmonious voice perfectly echoed so everyone was able to hear him.
It is beautifully decorated with cobalt, turquoise and lapis lazuli mosaic tiles and intricate stalactite moldings.
Stroll along its alleys and find a profusion of beautiful courtyards, with teahouses, shops, art galleries, cozy hotels, hammans (arab baths), mosques, temples and even synagogues.
... has recently been registered on UNESCO is a perfect spot to go for a stroll and to get a feel for the region's rich history.Additionally,don't miss climbing the rooftops to get an amazing view of the wind towers.
The Friday (Jame) mosque of Isfahan (so called for historical reasons because the Shah Mosque in Naqse Jahan Square now acts as the official Friday mosque) is a fascinating journey through history - well illustrat...
If you are really eager to live and visit in a few different dynasties, this Mosque is the unique admirable and inspiring one!
It consists of four courtyards, wall paintings, elegant stained glass windows, and other classic features of traditional Persian residential architecture, such as biruni (the public, common area) and andaruni (the...
With all beauty in details and architecture you will also get amused with the story behind this place.
Families and groups of friends are out to see and be seen - kites are flown - and most wonderfully in the arches under the bridge, aided by the acoustics, men sing tender traditional songs or rousing choruses acco...
I like so much to walk ont he bridge to get a feeling and I also like to walk along the river which was stunning with the view and peacefulness around ! Recommend to get a walk from here to the next few bridges too .
... - she serves us tea in an office and shows us a slide-show of the inner part of the shrine - so much beauty and glory - in its way this is even more than you can fnd in the most baroque of baroque-churches in ...
Religious place in Shiraz & is a funerary monument and mosque in Shiraz,The site is the most important place of pilgrimage within the city of Shiraz.

Nagsh-e Rostam

This place has four royal tombs carved in the cliffs belonged to Achaemenid greatest kings and also some Sasasanid reliefs that are closer to the ground and have stories about the glory and triumphs of the Sassani...
Naghshe Rustam is a magnificent complex that has saved three eras of history and this is definitely one of the most invaluable wealth of Iranian heritage.
New cemetery located next to Towers of Silence which was at the time (19th century) well away from the urban areas, displays two distinct ways of Zoroastrian burial tradition.
For sunset go on top of the bigger mountain and you'll have a wonderful sunset and afterwards perfect view on Yazd at night!
Its beautiful dome room, platforms, iwans, chambers and prayer niches, a grand one decorated with elegant mosaic tiles, are worth visiting.
This mosque is very old and it is one of the fantastic mosque in Iran and i think that it is the best mosque jn Yazd of it's architectural and beauty.
This bridge joins two parks of the city, LOTS of activities around for kids and adults, planetarium, lakes, walking, skate parks, kids playground ... The bridge itself is great architecture, modern , it brings mod...
Tehran, is located at shore of Alborz mountains, a busy city with almost 12 million inhabitants, a green hill was maintained as a wood in heart of city is connected with a new bridge to a new modern development co...


The people are very cultured, coffee shops, everyone is really laid back, coffee shops, the city is very artistic, coffee shops, lots of historical sites, coffee shops, amazing architecture, oh and lots of coffee...
I'm private driver and visit all cities in Iran , Shiraz is my favorite , very beautiful city with Rich history , you need 2 or 3 days for visiting Shiraz , one day for visiting persepolis and pasargad and other d...
If you look for silence and old buildings with nice view of farming land and mountain, you Must visit kharanagh It’s about 70 km from Yazd and usually tourists take a driver guide or driver for visiting here and i...
The abandoned village is a network of streets, tunnels, passageways, a mosque, a “shaking” minaret (to withstand earthquakes) and a caravanserai that housed merchants and pilgrims centuries ago.
Qavam house among the sights and landmarks of Shiraz is an earthly paradise in this month (May) for the beautiful courtyard planted with beautiful flowers, shrubs and greenery.
A traditional and historical house called "Narenjestan e Ghavam" for its garden full of sour orange... It's beautiful garden is designed with fountains, date palms, plants and flowering with a very nice pavilion i...
Shah Abbas, here for the first time, celebrated the Nowruz (Iranian New Year) of 1006 AH / 1597 C.E. Ali Qapu is rich in naturalistic wall paintings, highly ornamented doors and windows and the 18 columns of the h...
but be patient and climb it up to the sixth floor where you’ll see a fantastic music room with impressive niches on the walls.
Two sections, or bands, of murals run around the interior walls: the top section depicts events from the life of Jesus, while the bottom section depicts tortures inflicted upon Armenian martyrs by the Ottoman Empire.
Unexpected treat to find an Armenian cathedral and museum in Esfahan!! Well worth a visit, lovely inside and out, and museum is well worth a visit
... her brother Imam Ali Reza A.S. Early in the 19th century, Fath Ali Sha lavishly restored and embellished the shrine and the buildings present today, including the magnificent golden dome, date from his reign.
here is enough beautiful like as other similar places , colorful ceramic tiles, mirror , Gold, mosaics and all other handcrafts that one can see in a religious shrine.
Lovely stone park in the north of Tehran with a fountain and a pond.Couples enjoy walking the stone steps while families picnic in the alcoves.It was raining and the misty landscape was awesome.The restaurants wer...
As you climb, you see human made Artistic Stones, small lake with red fishes and geese and further up several Traditional restaurants in different levels that could be reached by taking the stairs.
Tajrish Bazar well thats unique very crowded wear a comfy shoe explore bazar of gold iranian handy crafts spices restaurants breath fresh air but watch it in general as this famous place is always loaded of crowds...
Tajrish Bazzar is one of my favourite place.The combination of traditional and modern shops is very intresting.There is a small square inside the bazar with lots of small shops around and lots of fruite,vagtables....
... information Registration number 1090 [1] National Registration Date August 30, 1354 The historic and tourist city of Masouleh is one of the historic, lush and cool weather areas of northern Iran with foggy wea...
You can walk into the town and buy some delicious local foods or some beautiful handicrafts and visit some historical places.
... visits a bathhouse it may be too repetitive to visit any other but the truth is that each bathhouse has its own tile designs and it's always a "treat" (that is, if you like architecture and decorative designs).
Sultan Amir Ahmad Hammam is one of the nicest historical attractions famous for its architecture in Kashan.
If you’re fan of photography, architecture and cultural beauties this would be your fine heaven, this place is full of small and beautiful details ,the vakil mosque and Saraye Moshir is connected to Bazaar therefo...
In this place you can see and buy many kinds of Iranian arts, spices, and many other things and you can interact with local people and other tourists.
All in all, the panoramic views of the garden, the aroma of flowers, the splendid view of old cypress trees and the grandeur of ancient building enchants visitors from all over the world and these are some of the...
This is a beatiful botanical garden with a historical building.It can be reached by metro and a little walk.There is a shop selling natural stones and gifts which I purchased.There is also a coffee shop.I liked th...
The architectural design of this shrine is magnificently beautiful with colourful dome.
The most breathtaking point in this shrine is the walls and the roof which are skillfully adorned with mirrors.
A great place to be with your loved ones......very historical design....can see its architecture as a modern design to this date...... we truly had great fun.
Though it's much more beautiful if the river is flowing that usually happens in the first month of Spring, the bridge is still a great place to walk through and see the beauty of the place.
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