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Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
The Royal Tombs
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Historic Walking Areas, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks
High Place of Sacrifice
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites
Quseir Amra
Ancient Ruins, Castles, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Qasr Azraq
Ancient Ruins, Castles, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
The Royal Tombs
Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, Historic Walking Areas, Scenic Walking Areas, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Quseir Amra
Ancient Ruins, Castles, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
The Great Temple
Ancient Ruins, Architectural Buildings, Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Sharif Hussein Bin Ali
Points of Interest & Landmarks
Church of St John the Baptist
Churches & Cathedrals, Sacred & Religious Sites
The Great Temple
Ancient Ruins, Architectural Buildings, Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites, Points of Interest & Landmarks
Ahl Al Kahf
Sacred & Religious Sites
Temple of Hercules
Ancient Ruins, Sacred & Religious Sites, Historic Sites
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Petra Petra - Wadi Musa
We had the perfect day marvelling at both incredible centuries old cultures treasures and breathtaking landscapes and views ... all in a one day walking adventure, particularly when taking the more daring hikes (r...
Petra is an incredible site - we were blown away by the incredible, mostly well-preserved architectural features carved into the rose red sandstone, the ingenious water channels, the amphitheater, the tombs - like...
334 Ways to experience it
Al-Khazneh Petra - Wadi Musa
The treasury is the ultimate in mountainside carving in this valley that remained hidden for centuries until rediscovered by a Swiss adventurer who was guided to this site by a local sheep herder.
One of the most amazing sites I have ever visited in my whole life!!voted among the seven new world wonders!for the amazing photo you have to climb around 20 mins but first you have to hire a local Bedouin guide!
14 Ways to experience it
Monastery (Al Dayr) Petra - Wadi Musa
Brave the Winter elements of Petra and you will be rewarded with unforgettable and amazing sights and sensations along the Silk Road! Hot tip: hike to the Treasury and then hire a donkey to help you get to the Mon...
The features are amazing and you can climb just a bit further past the monastery to see a fabulous view over the mountains and deserts of Jordan (small hand-written sign posts direct you to 'the best view'.
3 Ways to experience it
Jerash Ruins Jerash
Astonishing how well preserved this city is and we did get a tour guide, Zaher, who did a fabulous job in explaining the history of the site, the various groups that have conquered the site and he immerses you int...
The beauty and incredible state of conservation of its Roman ruins, remained buried for centuries by the sand, are very rare and elect it as one of the most interesting Roman sites of all the Middle East.
89 Ways to experience it
Siq Petra - Wadi Musa
The walk through the Siq - either on foot, horse or camel - we tried all three (definitely worthwhile) is a must "do" in Petra to see the amazing sites of the Treasury and Monastery, all carved out of the mountain...
The most worthy walk you will di Amazing view amazing place hot in summer but worthy as said in such an amazing place you stay mesmerized in every step
22 Ways to experience it
The Royal Tombs Petra - Wadi Musa
Though smaller, the ornately decorated Silk Tomb derives its name from the silky rich colors of sandstone that are the most spectacular in Petra, truly a tomb with a view.
Takes about an hour to an hour and a half to visit all the tombs and you have fascinating views looking upward as you walk along the ridge
14 Ways to experience it
High Place of Sacrifice Petra - Wadi Musa
The path to climb to the Altar of Sacrifice and the descent through the Wadi Farasa is an unmissable path in Petra, to be done in the morning so that the path is partly shaded and the view over the Theatre is wand...
By continuing along the Wadi al Farasa trail there are a number of special sights such as the Roman Soldiers Tomb, Garden Triclinium and a carved lion water fountain.
1 Way to experience it
Obelisk Tomb Petra - Wadi Musa
it just the start to see the view of historical view of many century where this paradize before been created by those humanoid fantastic creation..i was amaze by what to see nest it just so amazing place to walk a...
Shortly after you enter the world heritage site of Petra, you'll pass by the Obelisk Tomb, a really impressive bit of architecture, and a beautiful sight.
Street of Facades Petra - Wadi Musa
If you can afford a guide in time and money, I recommend you get one so that he can tell you about the Assyrian history and architecture of this site (I am an architecture buff so I dig this stuff!)
There is a lot here you can see and if you have a zoom lens on your camera you can view some higher up buildings and tombs also.
2 Ways to experience it
Petra Kitchen Petra - Wadi Musa
Located on higher ground but gives a unique view and the peep in the lifestyles of the generations here who were passing by .
The kitchen is only a few hundred metres from the Petra visitor site and the class starts at 6pm, finishes around 9pm.
Church of St John the Baptist Madaba
Make sure you: Look at the replica mosaic, with information See the photographs of Madaba in the past Climb the bell tower for the view Visit the Moab well in the depths (can still draw fresh water from it) See "R...
You have a chance to see wonderful replicas of Mosaics ( by a local woman), old photos of Madaba, the Church and religious history, old well, tunnels and great view of Madaba from the Bell Tower.
4 Ways to experience it
Mount Nebo Madaba
There are very magnificent views of the Holy Land, a small history "museum" about the history of the area, the famous bronze monument and most importantly the memorial church which contains breath taking mosaic wo...
A lot to watch here other than the view : The renowned Brazen Serpent Monument A memorial church to honor Moses-The Byzantine Basilica , The Incredible Mosaic Map on the floor of the church ,The Mosaic Handicraft...
91 Ways to experience it
Al-Beidha - Little Petra Petra - Wadi Musa
With little traffic, we could easily stop for photos of the 12th C Al Wu'ayra crusader fortress ruins, then long views into Petra Valley focusing on the Great Temple, Qasr al-Bint, and the wall of red sandstone to...
You get caught up in the grandeur of the place in all it's awe inspiring structures, but when you walk into this little canyon and view the structures from what was the local people's view, it brings everything home.
13 Ways to experience it
Roman Amphitheater Amman
It's an amazing to visit relax get to know the past life of jordan and the Roman empire it's also great to sit and relax see the view of the city I loved it and it is safe and cheap to visit
A wonderful example of a Roman amphitheatre - Monty Python quotes at the ready!! Terrific views of the Citadel opposite and the climb to the top is worth it to feel like a Roman local at an event.
41 Ways to experience it
Quseir Amra Azraq
The museum explains the importance of the local oasis for this site and it explains from a Jordanian/Muslim perspective what's going on with the apparently secular, even naked, images in the frescoes.
... gave him this name due to his encyclopedic knowledge of the desert without the need for gps), let us into the baths, provided an explanation, and offered us tea in the bedouin tent on site following our tour.
7 Ways to experience it
The Citadel Amman
Set on the highest hill in Jordan the Citadel offers spectacular views over Amman and is a wonderful walk through tens of thousands of years from a Bronze Age Cave, to ruins of a Roman temple, a Byzantine temple a...
The panoramic view of the old city including the amphitheater from the Citadel is simply fantastic The walk around the citadel to see Amman from all the directions is breathtaking especially on a sunny winter day !
50 Ways to experience it
Byzantine Church Petra - Wadi Musa
Many of these sites blur into one honestly - the Byzantine church was good, but the best bit of Petra was climbing the 850 steps to the Monastery.
As with all Petra carvings, the time of year and time of day determine the view you get of the carvings--whether they stand out sharply or fade in the sunlight will determine your view and photographs.
5 Ways to experience it
The Great Temple Petra - Wadi Musa
It was a challenging hike from the treasury, but it was worthy, as we got some of the most amazing views as we approach the great temple.
The Great Temple is at the far end of the main "round" of buildings on the Petra site, and just before the long steep climb to The Monastery, so it's probably the furthest many go.
Al Balad – Downtown Amman Amman
During few hours, you will visit plenty of restaurants, sweets shops, souvenir shops, museums, archaeological sites, enjoy fresh drinks, local traditional dresses, buy books, movies, and listen to music.
The combination do restaurant, clothing stores, souvenirs shops, sand art booths, sweet shops, and a local market are just a few of the fun sights to see and experience in a walk downtown.
67 Ways to experience it
Ajlun Castle (Qala'at ar-Rabad) Ajlun
If u made up your mind to make a visit to the north of Jordan make sure sure to pass the castle and enjoy your time there the nature the views over there looks very charming relaxing I loved it and enjoyed the cas...
Tip: Buy a Jordan Pass which allows you access to most of the significant sites in Jordan 70 JOD which includes a full day access to Petra and for an additional 5 JOD you can explore Petra for two days.
21 Ways to experience it
Madaba Mosaic Map Madaba
Also worth a look is the Roman Catholic church - it has a fascinating series of tunnels to walk through and a superb view from the top of its bell tower (the climb up was a bit taxing but the view to Mount Ebo was...
The map is made out of 1,500 colorful pieces of Mosaics that shows the whole of the holy land, Palestine, parts of Egypt and the Bethany beyond the Jordan (the real baptism site on the Jordanian side of river Jordan)
56 Ways to experience it
Jordan River Baptismal Site Dead Sea Region
Was privileged to visit the baptismal site of Jesus from the Jordanian side in December 2017 The Baptism Site Commission had provided us with a knowledgeable guide who explained quite a bit… Worth seeing and being...
I had contacted the Bethany Across the Jordan Lutheran Church, ELCJHL - it sits on the hill above the Baptism site - and the leaders - Jonas and Kari Bodin - took us on a private tour with a Baptism Blessing at th...
4 Ways to experience it
Tomba di Seta Petra - Wadi Musa
This tomb offers a view of the different color levels of sandstone, always changing with each sunray and passing cloud.
Its almost doesn't matter where you go on the Petra site and there will something fascinating to watch.
Ajloun Castle Jerash
The Ministry of Antiquities of Jordan has done an excellent job presenting this gem of an archeological site, with discreet lighting showing off the best of the castle.
Amazing historic 'castle' with breathtaking views across Jordan into Palestine.
16 Ways to experience it
Sharif Hussein Bin Ali Aqaba
Um er-Rasas (Kastrom Mefa'a) Madaba
The mosaic remains of several Byzantine churches dating back to the 5th century AD can be visited at this site, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.. a bit off the beaten track but a real gem.
Wonderful UNESCO site preserving largest mosaic floor in Jordan.
5 Ways to experience it
Jabal Al Lweibdeh Amman
Full of middle class citizen with expat , artist and other cultural activities , a place where you can view different mountains in Amman and many nice local restaurants and cafes it is a good place to visit especi...
The view of Amman from Weibde is absolutely breath taking and you can see the citadel and the Ummayad palace as well standing there on the majestic Jabal Qila.
3 Ways to experience it
Ahl Al Kahf Amman
This is a historical, sacred burial site so dress appropriately.
It was an amazing experience to see the historical site.
1 Way to experience it
Madaba Archaeological Park Madaba
Located about 20 miles southwest of Amman, Jordan, this rich archaeological site encompasses many features, including Saint George Church and Mount Nebo, the site about 3,400 feet above Mediterranean Sea level, be...
Madaba is an hour bus ride and some parts of the city are quite difficult to enjoy but the tourist bit up the hill has some wonderful sites and you really do get to appreciate the myriad of mosaics this area is kn...
6 Ways to experience it
Qasr al-Kharrana Amman
Worth visiting for views alone
2 Ways to experience it