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#1 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
From the dark days of WWII in Poland through the early years of the State of Israel and beyond, the humor and sheer energy of this multi-talented man shines through the loving descriptions given by his daughters,...
Their daughter Hadassa, retells their story from Joseph's pre-war studies of art and calligraphy in Poland which helped to save his life during WWII, to the unlikely love story and marriage between Joseph and Rebe...
#2 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
It's very conveniently located between the Palmach Museum and the Eretz Israel Museum so go up there and stay the whole day with these museums The Rabin Center beautifully details the life of Yitzhak Rabin in chro...
The Museum is very well organized with information from Rabin's life, his role in the military and politics, all set against world current events and the development of Israel as a state, There are very good audio...
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#3 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
The museum was magnificent, the combination of videos and the corresponding setting worked perfectly and it made every video entertaining and a learning experience it was very interesting to how each scenes coagul...
Unique experiential approach to relaying the beginning history of the State of Israel before and up thru the war of Independence covering the Hagganah, Palmach and formation of the IDF.
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#4 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
It is situated in Jaffa's old city city and has a secret part to it that unfolds fascinating archeological findings found there.
what a great place to learn about this unique jewelry and the historical building it is housed in. the staff is friendly and very helpful
#5 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
With art and sculptures by Ms. Goor and things she has collected including an attractive rooftop sculpture garden, definitely worth a visit if in Jaffa climbing the outdoor steps filled with art galleries and jewe...
The museum sits on the hill overlooking old Jaffa and the Mediterranean Sea and contains a fine collection of antique furnishings, sculptures, displays of tribal art, drawings and paintings.
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#6 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
An extraordinary assembly of work from the impressionist and post impressionists, Israeli art both new and old, occasional pieces by O’Keefe, Pollock, Bacon, magnificent Miro and Dali, et al and a magnificent temp...
A worthwhile visit to the Tel Aviv art museum showcasing classic modern Israeli Architecture, native and immigrant Jewish - Israeli Artists and other world class art work.
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#7 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Our visit to here gave us great insight into the history and formation of the modern state of Israel - well worth it if you are interested
I found this little treasure of a museum with its immense historical value charming and was very emotional the entire visit.
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#8 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
There were multiple Museums inside this plot of large land ranging from the history of coinage Post, immigration museum , glass, pottery, art WELL worth a visit with interesting range of topics.
You need time to try and see the various pavilions here; coins, glass, postal history, philately, ceramics, discovery of copper ore, ethnography and the Tel Qasike excavations, plus the Planetarium!!
#9 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
There are models of synagogues around the world, an informative yet humorous film explaining the difference between Ashkenazi and Sephardi customs, a video installation with scenes from synagogues around the world...
This unique museum is tucked away inside the Tel Aviv University Campus and can be difficult to locate We spent a fascinating and educational afternoon in the new wing of this Museum We only had time to see the 3...
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#10 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv's newer Palmach Museum gets much attention these days (deservedly so), but we found the Hagannah Museum to be even more informative, covering a larger picture of pre-State Israel's efforts to protect Jewi...
The photographic material is really extensive and fascinating as are many other exhibits.
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#11 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Educative, background informative & well organised walking tour to the treasures of Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv.
The walking tours are easy to do and give you a nice feel for this part of the city which is full of cafes, parks and shops.
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#12 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Great club for great fun!
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#13 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Fascinating and mesmerizing are just two of the adjectives that pop into my mind when I think back upon my visit to this amazing and wonderful Natural History Museum (two more adjectives) at the Tel Aviv University.
In addition to superb dioramas and various exhibits using specimens selected from the museum collections, the Steinhardt well-crafted explanations placing the exhibits in their evolutionary and ecological contexts.
#14 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
The silver filigree work you will see here represents an age old, traditional skill and visitors can watch master craftsmen as they create intricate and exquisite jewellery and larger items such as candlesticks an...
Situated a short walk from the Main Square in Historic Jaffa, this workshop and jewellery store exhibits the best in the methods the Yemeni Silversmiths plied their trade for many centuries.
#15 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
A unique and colorful gallery full with amazing pop art by talented Israeli artists, full of colors and light, it’s really brightened my day Visiting this gallery was a wonderful experience, fun and so very Int...
Highly recommend - it is colorful, fun, modern, with a great collection of cool and interesting pieces from Israeli artists.
#16 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Starts with a glimpse of the life of this great visionary, founding father of the state of Israel and continues showing Israel as a startup nation and then a virtual reality experience of the future Really worth t...
The exhibits are terrific and really showcase Israel’s innovation culture including helping visitors to understand the background to Israel as an innovation nation.
#17 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
With the help of an excellent museum guide we learned much about Gutman as artist and as one of the earliest residents of the nascent city of Tel Aviv.
The museum is a small jewel and well worth a visit!
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#19 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
We just arrived in Tel Aviv and we were lucky to find this wonderful shop!! Beautiful selection and we purchased some pretty rings!
Highly recommended and very nice service from shop assistants, attention to detail and great service.
#20 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
#21 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
The home, the street (one is surrounded by history and beautiful White City icons), the video, the photos, and of course the art...it is like a visit with Rubin himself.
In this museum you see the house he lived in, his workshop and many works of his artistic works.
#22 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
This is an oasis of modern design on the fairly tatty Ben Yehuda Street, with beautiful silver gifts, jewellery, objets d’art and ornaments- my favourite shop in Tel Aviv.
The relevance quality- price is appreciable ...Judaica ,trendy jewels ,pieces of art or small souvenirs ,all in one place !
#23 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Nirit, the artist, uses so many different kinds of recycled materials to create truly fabulous sculptures.
We loved very much the small and larger "dog" sculptures.
#24 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Cool designer souvenirs, high quality t-shirts and digital prints, very welcoming service, highly recommended to stop by
I would recommend this shop for people who are looking for something unique and practical to use in everyday life (totes, T-shirts, postcards...)
#26 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
very unique and powerful exhibition
#27 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
#29 of 127 Museums in Tel Aviv
Jeffrey, the gallery owner and antique toy dealer, is happy to present and explain the unique history of antique toys through the unique collection he holds in this magnificent gallery.
The Antique toy gallery is an amazing space, which includes a various toy collection, from trains to cars, to a unique collection of amazing antique toys.