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You will live the land, understand the full scope of the culture, be it via: history, daily life, culture(s), culinary history (and finds!), archeology, religion(s), agriculture, industry, geo-political climate an...
From the moment she stepped into our bus after crossing over from Jordan, Maya exuded friendliness, confidence, elated and proud that we came to Israel to tour the Holy Land.
Israel is a place full of history, religion, culture, and politics, and Jeremy seamlessly wove everything together, creating a comprehensive experience I know many of us will take with us for years to come!
Jeremy's love for Israel, incredible sense of humor, knowledge of local politics and history, and knack for logistics made for unforgettable tours in Jerusalem and beyond.
... with a remarkable depth of history, our visit was particularly enhanced by our wonderful guide Shimon Mizrahi - Best Jerusalem Guide - and his remarkable knowledge about Jerusalem both ancient and modern history.
Exhilarating, informative, and fun! Shimon is a great tour guide, we did a full day walking tour in the old city of Jerusalem, Shimon took us to see exquisite views of the city – 50% of the biblical story happened...
It was a blend of off the beaten path vistas of the old city, the key historic sites, a perfectly timed visit to the grounds of the Temple Mount, an excellent lunch , great recommendations / visits to shops, coffe...
He met us at our apartment at 7 am and took us on a full day tour of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods, Old City Quarters, Temple Mount, rooftop photo opportunities all with extraordinary knowledge and a fun sense of humor.

Gadi Ben-Dov

I recently completed a 10-day trip in Israel with a focus on historic Biblical sites and Gadi was amazing!!! His knowledge of each site we visited added to a more complete understanding of both the modern day and...
He has a remarkable ability to deliver a breadth of information regarding the complex history, religion, politics, cultures of the region, offering different perspectives with an almost academic unbias, He makes i...
... Tel Aviv, Haifa, Akko, the Golan Heights, Masada, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem over nine days) - his enthusiasm and passion were infectious, his humor was wholly engaging, and his storytelling was spellbinding.
Joel’s depth of knowledge of history, religion, politics, art, social trends plus his ability to read his audiences needs, enabled him to consistently pitch his tour program and presentations so all stay engaged.


Tel Aviv
This tour is the perfect combination of exploring the coolest and most interesting graffiti pieces, hearing insider stories of the artists behind the graffiti, and all throughout learning about the history and hot...
This was an amazing tour of graffiti around Israel and the guide was so knowledgeable about the background and meanings of the art and the artists themselves!
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I spent a day with Elad exploring the old city of Jerusalem.He gave me a fascinating insight into the different cultures of the city .He was extremely knowledgeable but also very unassuming and humble .It was a da...
He brings layers of knowledge, appreciation, and understanding to the rich and complex land of Israel, in terms of the interplay of history, politics, religion, geography, etc.
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He guided us from Tel Aviv north along the Mediterranean coastline (Caesaria, Akko, Tsfat, Haifa) and throughout the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights, selecting the most interesting and informative sites.
His understanding of Israel's culture and history is excellent, and he has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor that makes it feel as though you are visiting with a friend.
Our group (73) are Catholics traveling in a Pilgrimage with two jesuite priests, our tour guide Shuki and Ana are very knowledgeable historians very kind, respectful, patient and mainly we felt very safe with them.
He ensures you immerse yourself in the culture by facilitating the culture with his impressive command of Biblical and Israeli history to the delicious foods traditional to the land.
At each place we visited he was full of insight and humor, weaving together ancient history, modern politics, humorous anecdotes, and a philosophical perspective on the rich culture and history of Israel, all deli...
Even though the 3 of us had varied interests and personalities, Samuel was a very astute observer/listener, being flexible and cleverly tailoring parts of each day to ensure all of us were engaged and having fun.
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Tel Aviv
Our guide Eyal Carmel was so knowledgable and super friendly, he really went the extra mile to show us all the best secrets of Jerusalem and to explain the history of this amazing city and unbelievable country.
Bossee is a great person who has shown us Jerusalem in his own way ... he played ukulele and sang enchanting to it ... he visited with us a super good tasteful restaurant in a foodmarket ... exquisite :-) and that...
From ancient ruins, urban markets, tel aviv neighborhoods, religious sites, Christian history, Jewish history, modern politics, etc. Ori was able to give us an educated overview on everything, focusing on facts an...
Knowledgeable, sincere and enthusiastic about his job and country, Ori gave us many insights into the Israeli culture and way of life, including a brief overview of the country's complex history and relationship w...


Ryan, our tour guide, has an amazing wealth of knowledge and a great sense of humor.The tour is done from a cultural and historical perspective rather than a religious one which suited us perfectly.
They shared their vast Knowledge of and passion for the historical/religious/political backgrounds of the sites as well as lots of helpful hints and insights for „daily tourist life“ in Jerusalem.
The knowledge Ishai has and shared with us about Israel’s history, politics, land and agriculture was vast and imparted in such a way that has helped deepen our initial, limited knowledge.
He was unbelievably knowledgeable about the history, culture, politics, food, customs and every other aspect of life in Israel.
... it special Important note: I dont want to forget to mention that she works with Virginia Manor from VTS & Services, a fantastic travel agent who helped create our itinerary and helped to create the amazing trip!
Her depth of knowledge about each and every site we visited in Israel is extraordinary and her ability to convey this knowledge to our family of seven spanning three generations was equally outstanding.
... for our group, he has amazing knowledge about country, region, culture and the ability to use knowledge in an interesting way :) It was definitely a great experience and we recommend it to anyone visiting Eilat!
As my title already suggests Luis was the best guide I have met in my life so far.Eilat has lots to offer, but a day with Luis gives you a taste of everything there from history, sights, snorkeling, offroad advent...
We appreciated his understanding of Israel's politics, landscape, religious traditions, archaeology, socio-economic diversity, and myriad international influences over thousands of years.
This vacation far exceded all my expectations, as Gilad proved himself to be a true expert in the history, geography, politics, religion and culture of this amazing country.
My first tour was in 2010, and I had only one day, and we left Haifa and visited Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee Christian sites and the Jerusalem Christian sites -- and shopping in the Old City all in one day!
Ika did an outstanding job of weaving together the centuries old story of Israel, including the geography, people, religions, culture, and politics.
He guided our family through a very special trip of 3 days, in which he expertly blended historical and outdoor sites, fun kid-friendly activities, personal perspectives on Israeli society, and deep knowledge.
He is very personable and social with those we met along the tour, making us feel welcome and of interest to the many cultures and faiths of this amazing country.
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He is highly professional, personable and thorough, and takes pleasure in planning customized tours, to both well known tourist sites and places that are less traveled.
Hands down the best tour guide in Israel I've ever had! Asaf poetically brings his deep cultural and historical knowledge of the region to every stop on his tours.
James was an excellent tour guide one of the most professional guides, really enjoyed every minute he provided the most valuable information exploring the old city of Jerusalem to the three monotheistic religions...
We toured Jerusalem, the desert, Dead sea and northern Israel for a 10 day trip and throughout it all, Emmanuel kept us engaged with information, relevance, jokes and an overall great experience.
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Joni went above and beyond to ensure the group experienced all the culture and fun Israel has to offer, while still dropping knowledge and providing the group with impeccable history lessons that were anything but...
I highly recommend Joni as your tour guide in Israel - if you want a great unforgettable experience!
Both “Hands on Israel” guides that I had — Shachar and Amos —were outstanding and provided in-depth information about the history, religion, and politics of Jerusalem.
My brother, niece and I traveled to Israel this February with our "senior citizen" mother (and grandmother), and Shachar helped make this memorable trip a great success, with his excellent, informative guiding, wo...
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He expertly guided us on the Biblical sites that we looked forward to seeing with our own eyes (Caesarea Philippi, Nazareth village, the Sea of Galilee, the Mount of Olives, Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, City of Da...
Moti is very organized and a great tour guide, very considerate, great sense of humor and most of all very knowledgeable on the historical significance of every site we visited.
We definitely recommend Jerry as a guide for Jerusalem as we can feel through the tour that he is really passionate of the city and its history making the visit a real pleasant moment!
He has a deep knowledge of Israel history and archeological sites.
Maayan is the best guide for Jerusalem and Israel!! His encyclopaedic knowledge, in depth accounts of history, nature, geography and socio-political understanding of Israel and it’s surroundings makes every minute...
Maayan provided two terrific half-day trips to the Old City of Jerusalem that were perfectly suited to our seven-year-old granddaughter visiting for the first time and her Israeli cousins, while being genuinely in...
She knows very well the history and she can make you a customized tour around the most important places in Israel adapted to your personality and what you want to see and learn, which is nothe easy.
She answered very precisely all questions of the participants, who really enjoyed their visit, which was short but gathering all they needed to know about the Holy city.
He is very knowledgeable about the history, politics, landscape, religion, and culture of Israel, and he is an experienced tour guide who knows how to work well with groups and provide an unforgettable experience.
He was flexible and helpful in many ways introducing us to women working at the grass roots and enabling us to visit Bethlehem with a delightful Palestinian guide called Noor as well as a trip up the north coast v...
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