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Riga Motormuseum
#1 of 75 Museums in Riga
As adults who love visiting different kind of museums around the world at any cost, entrance fee (10Eur) was more than acceptable for us and we really enjoyed all of the expositions and interactive way of how muse...
This is quite a small but defiantly one of the best motor museums I have been to and I have been to a few including Porsche, Mercedes and VW at Wolfsburg.
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Zanis Lipke Memorial
#2 of 75 Museums in Riga
In Europe there are a lot of museums dedicated to the 2nd WW, this one is unique in its kind.
Amazing place, and the location of it is very nice, easy to access, very interesting museum, recommended for everyone who is interested in history.
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Latvian National Museum Of Art
#3 of 75 Museums in Riga
What I really enjoyed in both Estonia and Latvia were national art museums that give you a great sense of their national artists (and history), but don’t take your entire day.
Just simply one of the more beautiful museums I have visited with a variety of exhibits covering a range of style that deal with the Latvian history.
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Kgb Building File No. 1914/2014
#4 of 75 Museums in Riga
One can visit churches & museums in almost any city.
Unlike similar museums in the old East Germany, this place hasn't been spruced up for tourists.
Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum
#5 of 75 Museums in Riga
I've been to ethnographic museums in Finland & in Takayama, Japan but this is definitely my favourite as it has over 120 incredible wooden buildings that make you feel like you've stepped back in time.
Museum established at 1924th and reflect traditions of European open air museums.
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Musee Art Nouveau
#6 of 75 Museums in Riga
One of the great art nouveau museums of Europe.
This little museum does a fantastic job of capturing what it was like to live in an Art Nouveau space at the time, in a house of that time which you reach ideally on foot via streets which erupt with sphinx or owl...
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Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum
#7 of 75 Museums in Riga
Having visited various concentration camps, monuments and museums in eastern Europe this exhibition is sympathetic and poignant.
I always feel really emotional when I visit museums such as this one.
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Museum of Riga's History and Navigation
#8 of 75 Museums in Riga
We saw five other museums after this one and I got the history in the order and then fine tuned the devastating years some of the Latvian people endured with the other museums.
The museum is housed by the Riga Dom Cathedral in the heart of the historical centre of the city; Riga old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia
#9 of 75 Museums in Riga
Both here and at the Powder Tower Museums I learnt more about Latvia, the wider region and World Wars 1 and 2 in the East than I had ever known before.
Tied to the "Corner House" KGB museum (the "Corner House" is an adjunct of the Occupation Museum, this venue focuses on the quest for Latvian independence that began in World War I, and walks a twisting path throu...
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#10 of 75 Museums in Riga
The collection of the museum cannot be compared to the great museums in western Europe but it will certainly keep you occupied for 1 or 2 hours.
This is an excellent museum in the heart of Riga, organizing fantastic art exhibitions; I visited the last one last week, this was a collection of paintings from Prado (Madrid)- Rubens and other classics, as well...
Latvian War Museum
#11 of 75 Museums in Riga
This museum, is one of the largest and oldest museums in Latvia.It is located in the Old Town, part of Riga City between the two bridges across the River Daugava and the water canal on the east side.
They went on about it for a few hours after, different things they saw and comparing with British war museums
Pauls Stradins Medicine History Museum
#12 of 75 Museums in Riga
One of the most interesting museums I've ever visited!
I like unique museums and this one is quite unique
Three Brothers
#13 of 75 Museums in Riga
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Railway History Museum
#14 of 75 Museums in Riga
Indeed a delightful surprise ... with a site that other rail museums must envy...
The railway museum has a good selection of diesel engines, many coaches and good wagons and two mainstream large Russian built steam locomotives.
The World of Hat Museum
#15 of 75 Museums in Riga
One of the best boutique museums in Riga!
The presentation is excellent, there is lots of detail to read and the trying on corner was a lot of fun! It’s a quirky museum but well worth the visit - especially for anyone particularly interested in design, te...
Fashion Museum
#16 of 75 Museums in Riga
Small exhibit as far as museums go, but fabulous eye candy and definitely worth a visit.
Crinolines and bustles to try on was an additional fun!!! Anna - our guide through yesteryear fashion - enhanced the experience at the museum tenfold!
Jewish Museum / Museum Jews in Latvia
#17 of 75 Museums in Riga
The museum focuses much more on Jewish life in Riga before the Holocaust than during or after, and this is what truly distinguishes it as a source for gaining an understanding of what was a vibrant and successful...
We visited this museum during a special appointment and met with their directors in order to discuss Holocaust history as it pertained to a particular Latvian family during WWII.
Live Silver Museum
#18 of 75 Museums in Riga
I loved the Live Silver Museum, the artist show the spiritual side of his art and it is wonderful how he writes and is worried about people and religions and the way to face life with peoe from everywhere, respect...
We went to Latvia for an erasmus meeting Before leaving to the airport, this visit, was another MUST of our stay in Latvia Amazing museum, extraordinaire hand work, an inspiration for our Portuguese group Congratu...
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International Museum of Vodka
#19 of 75 Museums in Riga
Laima Chocolate Museum
#20 of 75 Museums in Riga
The museum was the right balance of history and interactive (the kids loved being able to take photos and make gifs at the end of the tour) and the chocolate making was perfectly designed to ensure young kids can...
Done up with a lot of love and attention to detail, exceptionally friendly staff, interactive displays and much chocolate to try out :-) A nice museum to explore with and without kids!
#21 of 75 Museums in Riga
Museum of Decorative Art and Design
#22 of 75 Museums in Riga
Even if it is a bit smaller than some of the other museums, I would still say this is a must see and well worth the price of the combined ticket.
Medieval decorative art is represented by ceramics, glass, silver etc manufactured in Latvia (tradition medieval artefacts You may see in Mencendorfa house museum, artefacts in hystorical context You may see in Mu...
Riga Aviation Museum
#23 of 75 Museums in Riga
The collection consists of aircrafts, vehicules and even a visit to a tiny accessory museum (cameras, aviation memorabilia et ) where you are invited to at the end of your stroll.
The guide and museum owner gather this collection together personally, he is the pilot and aviation enthusiast.
Pharmacy Museum
#24 of 75 Museums in Riga
Super nice and familiar service at the Museum, they explained all very good and could answer all questions!
An informative museum about pharmacy
1991 Barricades Museum
#25 of 75 Museums in Riga
This is a museum dedicated to the 1991 silent revolution when the USSR was breaking apart.
This is a small private museum, easy to miss, but in the middle of the old town of Riga.
National History Museum of Latvia
#26 of 75 Museums in Riga
60+ varied museums (including the unexpected such as the Museum of Porcelain) have come together for it so it's a very comprehensive view of Latvian history and life.
Often more recent history is skipped over, but with WW 2 and the events of the past 25 years or so relating to Latvia regaining its independence from Russia so compelling, it is pleasing to see this museum laying...
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Classic Car Museum
#27 of 75 Museums in Riga
This lovely , private museum put a smile on our faces for the rest of the day.
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Glass Point
#28 of 75 Museums in Riga
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Mencendorfa Nams
#29 of 75 Museums in Riga
especially thanks to museum first floor worker - he told the history so interesting, that children was happy (they dont like museum at all).
Museum of the Popular Front of Latvia
#30 of 75 Museums in Riga
This museum is located in old Riga, in 3 floors of 17th century house, where it shows a story of events that took place roughly from 1988 till 1991 when Latvia got its freedom of Soviet Union
This museum ties in very well with the occupation museum.