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Gallery of Steel Figures
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The new NaFilM museum, located right in the heart of Prague, was a real find, and mixed fascinating details about the history of the development of film with some delightful hands-on exhibits and unexpected experi...
Great little place which provides you with tons of knowledge about the history & background of world and Czech cinema, as well as several unique interactive pieces that are enjoyable for people of all ages.
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I would highly recommend a visit to the church and crypt its free of charge, but leave a donation, the time line in the museum is very informative, and a vist to the crypt is very moving.
As part of our tour of Prague we took in this sobering memorial - free to enter and very informative - and then you enter the crypt and memorials - very sobering.
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You can visit many interesting places in the Czech Republic through this huge models: Karlštejn Castle, St Vitus’ Cathedral, Kutná Hora Cathedral, Lednice Chateau, Hluboká Chateau, Ještěd Radio Tower in Liberec an...
We stumbled onto the Lego Museum by accident while we were in the toy store, and were delighted to find a showroom with over a dozen large-sized Lego exhibits, containing castles, cathedrals and full city blocks.
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Curious as to what it was all about we went in, so glad we did amazing larger than life statues from everything to famous cars, huge figures from all the famous films such as all the Marvel superhero's Star Wars,...
We loved this gallery, the steel figures looked amazing from Cars, Marvel characters to the Iron Throne of Game of Thrones (felt like Cersei for a minute ) and the Disney figures, we had a lot of fun as you are...
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... had such a great time with Dave and Takeshi at their glass blowing workshop, both are extremely talented and use all their skills in helping you create the perfect authentic Czech souvenir to remember Prague by.
This is a unique experience that is fascinating for glass lovers (the glass exhibition is also fantastic by the way) and fun for all ages - when we went back the next day to pick up our mugs there was a youngster...
What an extraordinary museum - both from the view of the restored house (down to furniture) and the incredible photographic records.
A wonderfully organized museum that teaches you a lot about old style photography.
The Little Fortress is accessible from Prague on a bus from the bus station Autobusové nádraží Praha Holešovice This is the fortress-prison where Gavrilo Princips died, and was later used by the Nazis during WW2.
This fort should be included in your visit to Terezin.Visiting helps you understand the history and you also get a real sense of the way political prisoners (not necessarily Jewish) were treated as well as an unde...
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Wallachian Open Air Museum

Roznov pod Radhostem
The museum is dividev by three part: the Wooden Townlet, just in from of the Ticket Office, the Water Mill Valley, next to the Ticket Office and the larger Wallachian Village, 10 minutes up to the hill behind the...
Nice open air museum about the culture of Moravia.and
The staff there is SUPER NICE, she introduced me a lot about the Czech garnets and helped me choose a Czech garnet earring which I LOVE A LOT!!! Thanks for everything!
Amazing museum!! Absolutly beautiful exposition and shop with jewels from old history to the present.
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The museum is located on an old airport with history that goes back to WWII and beyond, and the good thing is that you can go from city centre with metro (station Letnany with red line "C") and after that a 5-6 mi...
This is outstanding museum full of aviation history at at outskirts of Prague founded in 1968 and based in former areal of the first first base of former Czechoslovakia, now military airport.
... professional and delightfully exquisite untouristy concert in a frescoed room .. and a museum of the significance of the family's contributions to Czech and European culture and history with excellent audio tour.
Fascinating family history told in such an elegant and informative way, with the unexpected highlight of seeing first hand the original manuscripts for Haydn and Beethoven and another anointed manuscript by Mozart...
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The display also includes a mechanical model of a rokoko parlour (Mozart and the Piano Player), of a clockmaker’s and a shomaker’s workshops, a model of a pavilion with astronomers and telescopes and a few other e...
For example, there are old cars, huge turbine machinery, Braille printing, instrument mechanics, and metallurgy, among others.
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You can spend hours in this wonderful place seeing and learning about the history of modern technolgy, about transport, household machines, architecture, astronomy, chemistry, cinema and all other things.
See the history of mankind through achievements in transportation, architecture, chemistry, astronomy, photography, etc. Lots of artifacts, videos, old newsreels, pictures, etc. Mind-boggling!
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Hidden from the massively tourist Old Town streets but still in the center you find this lovely square and, there, this amazing store and museum with so much to show also in its "backstage" and hidden tunnels.
The guide was very cheerful and knowledgeable, during the 40-minute tour she shared a lot of information about the house, its history, its inhabitants, the laboratory and its alchemists.
The Villa of Greta and Fritz Tugendhat, designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and built in 1929–1930, is a monument of modern architecture, and is the only example of modern architecture in the Czech...
The original building and all of its interior features, furnishings and technology were a brilliant collaboration between Mies van der Roe (and his life partner and collaborator Lilly Reich) and his clients Greta...
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You can see there amazing architecture, exhibition of medieval sculptures and paintings, beautiful green garden with modern art objects and fine restaurant with outside cafe bar.
The cloisters and first floor house the medieval art collection of the National Gallery of Prague Once you’ve had your fill of 13th and 14th religious paintings, alter pieces and sculptures, take a walk through th...
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Excellent place to know a huge variety of musical instruments and the story and the sound of them in the audios, in this season is also included another exhibition about the music and its relation to the literatur...
As music is a defining feature of the Czech Republic, but especially Prague, (and as good music is becoming a lost art today), I highly recommend that people visit this museum to learn and expand their minds.
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SKODA Museum

Mlada Boleslav
Lots of history tips, extensive knowledge of the manufacturing processes, tech facts and witty short stories about the inventors that contributed to Skoda's rise.
A very comprehensive museum that tells the history of Skoda with detailed information (there’s English translation so you Wun be lost), and it’s extensive car display.
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Perfect organisation including all the audio/video equipment necessary for our presentations, three guides took our group round the Museum and explained every single detail... if you need some original and unique...
Really cool place with some amazing photo ops, definitely recommend to anyone visiting Prague (especially on a rainy day)
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This chateau and formal gardens is stunning and such amazing views over the plains to the south and Austria.
The interior is a museum with very nice things from history of Dietrichstein family (dresses, family tree, historic paintings).
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Karlovy Vary
Once you visited the production site get to the museum to see wonderful pieces from different time periods and also even if you don`t plan to buy anything still enter the shop as also there you have a wonderful di...
The Musum itself offers an amazing collection of glass which varies from glasses to unique statues and bautiful engravings.
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We were seated at the inner balcony with the view on inside of the glassworks and it was awesome.
I recomment to take place with a view on a glassworks owens.
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This entire town built on a mine, if coins and ancient currency is your thing this is amazing, it also houses a bible and a choir book from the 1500's, the building itself is an artwork
And above all I loved the mine and the experience,... since they only have a few tours each day and half of them are in Czech, I would suggest you check out the time of the tours beforehand and also book your tour...
The collection is fascinating - I especially loved seeing the spy equipment that was used at the time that enabled 'Big Brother' to listen in on conversations of hotel guests (the bunker was built below the hotel...
The museum was part of a underground bombshelter for high ranking regime officials during the Cold War period, built under a hotel on Wenceslas Square (which was also built for use by regime and visiting VIPs).
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So you start your visit at Troja Chateau surrounded by beautiful french gardens , vineyards and aristocratic pleasures.After surround with all the beauty of Troja Castle you can visit PragueZOO and having fun there.
Right in front of Prague ZOO garden is located this baroque villa from the beggining of the 17th century, the french garden is nicely cut and on the way back you can cross the river and go through stromovka park u...
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A MUST-SEE for culture vultures! the collection is very impressive - a huge building, completely dedicated to Czech and international art, architecture, visual arts and design of 19-21 centuries, grouped by levels...
Then you will enjoy the inmense french collection of Toulouse, Gauguin, Rodin, Degas, Pizzarro; great art from Klimt, Munch, Miró, Picasso, the greatness of Czech’s Kupka in all his dimension, and great modern art...
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Great museum a litte bit hidden in the end of Hrandczany area. it isin't big, it's enough about 30 minutes to see whole exhibition, but for sure it's worth to visit.
The Museum of Miniatures or rather Micrro-Miniatures is in the same complex as the Shirov Library (voted the most beautiful library in the world) and 2 stops by tram up from the Castle.
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Containing extremely informative, and well-laid-out exhibits focusing on the tragic events in the horrific daily lives of the prisoners, the museum highlights the powerful recollections of survivors.
The Terezin Memorial Magdeburg Barracks, down the road, is inspirational in that the Jewish people still continued to entertain and produce art when people were dying continually or being transported to concentrat...
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During a 4 days visit in Prague, after following all of the guided tours and visiting all of the historical sites, a relaxing and emotional tour in the Apple Museum, a very interesting and intriguing trip into the...
Great place with amazing history behind !! I had so much fun Exhibition with guided by my phone made my visit more interesting than ever before
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A wonderful imaginative place, with a planetarium and many interactive activities for all ages.
Almost everything works and theor 3D planetarium is awesome as well as staggering amount of interactive exhibits.
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