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We also did the canal boat tour which was very inexpensive and a great way to see the canals and sights around them-the tour guide was great with sharing different sights and giving the history of the city.
Artists painting beautiful photos of the colorful houses, the bustle of the restaurants and cafes and the innumerable boats on either side of the canal are breathtaking.
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Tivoli Gardens

A beautiful park dressed for Christmas with fake snow, plenty Christmas lights with pretry wooden huts and proper shops selling a variety of seasonal goods, snacks and drinks- a truly huge Christmas Market to beat...
Beautifully landscaped gardens are interspaced with rollercoasters (including a wooden one which is over 100 years old!) and more family friendly rides.
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LEGO House

State of the art facilities, from interactive wristband tickets which linked to the LEGO house app, the opportunity to make your own stop motion LEGO film, to a fantastic dining experience.
... served lunch by Lego robots... the staff were all lovely and there are lots of interactive points that allow you to take photos so you can take home memories of your day ... completely awesome, highly recommend.
... were so interesting, we spent the afternoon thinking we would see all we wanted to, but no, so many stories, so many artefacts and so many perspectives about how those ancient ancestors fought for existence.
... into the landscape where the entrance level of the museum opens out to a terrace in the middle of the roof where you can walk up and down the roof as it blends holistically and naturally into its surroundings .
We had a wonderful unplanned experiences after being shanghai’ed by Robert to visit the church and we got a real good experience learning about how the church was the center of the communicate back then.
An avalanche of stories of local people, shipmakers, sailors and the church life took as on a trip to the past and intrigued our imagination.
When you enter the castle’s property you can either immediately turn left (main entrance), where you will be taken to the large court yard with beautiful flowers.
Compared to others castels in copenhagen surroundings i think this is the best you can visit!
Location is simply amazing with the museum completely surrounded by nature and the sight of Swedish shores .Plus, the museum itself is a real gem thanks to its fine and large collection of modern artworks.Highly r...
And Andy Warhol is present.After admiring the collection, you can spend an unforgettable day in nature in the yard or the surroundings of the museum that has an excellent position on the waterfront Attention: Sund...
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This is my top castle on the list.I loved it so much,it has amzing architecture,big and wonderful rooms and a beautiful garden with a lake and big trees.It really transports you back in time and defenitly worth vi...
The National Museum of History is housed inside Frederiksborg Castle with outstanding exhibits of national treasures including portraits, paintings, furniture and artworks depicting more than 500 years of Danish h...
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We had a burger at Aroma and walked a few blocks of cobblestone streets and crooked old-timey buildings to rent bikes for the day!
This is a great place to visit with their old homes and over 4,000 weddings each year.


You can get a bus to the Peninsula but I would recommend walking it as it is an easy walk along the beach which takes you past some WWII bunkers throwing in some history as well as something for the children to cl...
From the car park you can either walk or you can ride on the tractor bus called Sandormen to the very top of Denmark and enjoy standing with one foot in each sea, the Northsea and the Baltic sea
(And having seen that question, yes, for dogs, too)
Here and there people were day-camping.
A beautiful park, full of nature (I suggest to go in autumn when the leaves are red on in summer when the sun is shining), full of animals and with a beautiful castle in the middle.
While you're strolling around the park, make sure to pass by The Hermitage, Erinitage Slottet, the King's stunning hunting lodge in the heart of the park.
this park has everything great rides for those who have a need for adrenalin and great rides for those who dosent the best waterpark in denmark ?
A very clean area and every single ride, rollercoaster e.g. are in top class and very thrilling.
Historic, picturesque, interactive, genuine A very nice place to go, the church is beautiful and classical, The jelling stones are encased but you can see them perfectly well We also took a trip up the mounds to s...
... the stones and Gorm the Great but to see everything for the first time up close, visiting the 1000 year old church, climbing the burial mounds and entering the museum, WOW, impressive and a must see for everyone.
Great outdoor museum of the development of towns from the 1700s Original buildings have been moved to this location to create the old town with more modern additions now been put in place Great original interiors...
very nice old house, with ancient interieur, people dressed in old costumes, horse carriages and wind mill, and a delicious cake shop in old style, highly recommended!
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... and flowers in the best Danish style, the castle has beautiful rooms with oils paintings and ornaments of great value, I recommend a visit to this magnificent building, a must see !!The car museum is amazing!!!
A great days activity - the grounds and gardens are truly stunning - something for everyone - the maze, Segways, old cars and Bike - Draculas crypt was a bit corny but overall a great day - weather helped.
An fantastic place!! It's a must see, a hidden pearl in Denmark beautiful Pack a bag with bathing clothes, food, drinks and remember to take your good good shoes on!
We went there this summer and took the 992 steps down to watch the white cliffs, it was amazing and a fabulous day trip for us.
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There are many picnic spots, wonderful coast and white sand beach nearby.
Great for kids - they can feed the deer
Really incredible and you can walk up the lighthouse for free, which gives you a really good understanding of the surrounding area.
The walk up to this lighthouse buried in a mighty sanddune is around 1 km from the free car park.
This is a world class amusement park with a great selection of rides and coasters in Denmark.
Plusses - Fun for everyone - all kinds of things to try and a nice waterpark for all ages.
The collection was installed in its present location with the help of a foundation and a group of trusty volunteers who staff the museum and offer anecdotes about the collection.
Bring the grandparents and listen to the endless anecdotes the display will inspire.

Kronborg Slot

Our visit to Kronborg castle was brilliant the staff and tour guides were so friendly and very knowledgeable, throughout the castle there was plenty of information in various different languages, The Royal Chamber...
We embarked on a day trip up the North Zealand coast to visit the magnificent renaissance Kronborg Castle (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), immortalized by Shakespeare as Elsinore (English for Helsingør - the town i...
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Mon Is

They can see the calfs, the cows being milked and play in the hay.


This is a very nice market and food hall, there is two buildings with a seating area between them There are a mix of restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and market stalls, we enjoyed the ability to sample local and i...
Excellent food market - very clean with a good choice of fresh food and grocery items as well restaurants.
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The circle walk on top gives you nice views on the city, plenty of picture opportunities and lots of fun when you walk through it as a small group... Aarhus is very small but I'd consider coming back just to see t...
It provides the opportunity to take some amazing photographs (if that's your thing) but equally it provides a great view of the city, tinted to varying colours.
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Frederiksberg Garden is wonderful - expansive and well kept, with a bit of birdlife, a Chinese pavilion, gorgeous footbridges, riverboat rides, tobogganing hills, beautiful entry gates and a 'river ferry crossing'.
It is full of sights... From the green a marvellous view of Frederiksberg castle, on the bridges Hou pass the little river with boats ( you can also get a tout in the rowing boat!).
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