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  • Jemima W
    Stratford-upon-Avon, UK31 contributions
    I picked this scavenger hunt because it was the only one I could find that you could do with just one smart phone (I was with my 11 year old children who don't have phones). We went on 'Santos-o-Velho‘s Downtown Dash'. Once I had worked out how to redeem my code (which is tricky) we were presented with a succession of 8 locations. Each was shown on a google type map along with our current position so you just follow the map rather than solve clues. Once at a location you simply have to take a photo and then answer a question (answers easily found online) in order to progress to the next location. And that was it. I had been hoping to have puzzles to solve by looking at our surroundings, but it was clear that the creators of this 'hunt' had no local knowledge - nothing quirky, no added value. One of the locations was a museum that was actually closed for refurbishment and at 2 of the locations duplicate questions popped up. Very disappointing.
    Written August 30, 2023
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  • Alexhaefliger
    1 contribution
    Me and my friend really enjoyed being guided by linas friendly and popfessional way. She explained the history of the buildings and the wonderful areas of lisbon in a very joyful way. I totally recommend this girl as a guide through lisbon and sintra. Furthermore her german is perfect!!
    Written October 17, 2019
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  • Tanya D
    2 contributions
    We did the World City Trail Lisbon - Escape Game. We did this tour with our two teen boys, who enjoyed this much more than the traditional walking tour we did on our last visit to Lisbon a few years ago. We visited 10 points of interest around the city, places you would definitely visit on other walking tours. So I wouldn't do this trail and another walking tour on the same visit.

    The boys enjoyed solving the puzzles, which were pretty easy to solve but fun. After you solve the puzzle, you get a Google map point for the next location, which is easy to follow. This is better than other puzzle trails we've done, where we have to do a lot of guessing to find the next clue location.

    It's a lot of walking (about 4km), so best with older kids. It took us about 2 hours to complete.

    The historical info about each destination is interesting and concise, and thankfully easy to skim quickly as my kids wanted to hurry to the next destination.

    - I suggest taking public transport to the starting point (which is on a hill). We walked there from our hotel and ended up walking some of the same streets we later walked on the tour, which seemed like a waste.

    - You only need a ticket for each phone you want to use the app on. After buying the tickets, you get a separate activation code for each ticket you purchased. You install the mobile app on each phone and enter one of the activation codes on each phone.

    It's more fun if each person has a phone, so you can each separately look at the puzzles and clues on your own phone (our group was competitive and tried to solve the puzzles before each other). But if you have a child without a phone, they don't need a ticket, they can just look at the parent's phone.

    - Each phone needs mobile data during the tour for it to work. So if only one person if your group has a data plan in Portugal (the case for many travelers), they will need to hotspot the rest of the group.

    - Make sure all the phones are fully charged and bring portable chargers. Our batteries drained quickly since the phones were basically on during the whole 2 hours and we were using apps like google maps to navigate.

    Room for improvement:
    - The only negative was that point 1 and point 4 were very close to each other. But after point 1, we had to walk down a big hill to reach points 2 & 3, then back up the big hill to point 4. Plus we had already walked up the big hill at the start to reach point 1. Everyone in our group was discouraged by this and wished that they had reordered the points so we only had to walk up the hill one time. We suggest they reorganize the tour to start at point 2, then 3, 1, 4.

    - Our boys wished there was a team ranking at the end as we have seen on other similar puzzles, showing which teams finished the trail fastest with the least amount of clues. It would have given them a better sense of accomplishment.

    Overall we liked it and would probably try World City Trails in other cities.
    Written February 20, 2023
    This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
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