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#1 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Extensive priceless collection, from paintings to sculpture, ceramics, ornaments etc. Massive Waterloo painting, Night Watch from Rembrandt, detail VOC ship replica, preserved library, Diponegoro painting, and on...
The museum is stunningly designed and houses an incrediable range of artworks, paintings, sculpture, Jewellery, porcelain, silver and just about everything else! Highly recommended!!!
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#2 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
The staff were very knowledgable, I can highly recommend the pre tour talk and the museum provided an amazing and fascinating insight into what life was like for Anne and her family during the rein of Nazi terror.
This is a must-see to anyone visiting Amsterdam, it’s a very emotional tour but it is truly eye opening, you listen to an audio tour which has a variety of languages to chose from and you can walk and listen at yo...
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#3 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Fabulous art gallery - with some stupendous works on display - and as an added bonus a David Hockney exhibition which is included in the price of admission - outstandingly good - breathtaking - worth the trip to A...
Excellent set out with an extensive collection of art by Van Gogh, very informative and detailed multimedia guide is available in many languages for €5, which allows you to explore the museum at your own pace.
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#4 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
This thought provoking, fun and fresh take on a museum is a must-visit for everyone who lives in the modern "social media-centric" world.
All and all, a great new exhibit of contemporary art on a topic that has transformed the way we display ourselves and communicate with the rest of the world.
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#5 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Super fun day out, a great way to play and interact with art.The convenient barcode makes it even easier to get great group shots, a great indoor activity on a rainy day Loved the exhibition, definitely recommend...
It's a museum that works just a little bit different than usual, touch and grab everything to take the best pictures!
#6 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
My boyfriend and I visited this exhibit for the first time today and were greeted by an excellent and knowledgeable curator who explained the works of Mykola Syadristy and Hasan Kale.
That is the reason how a perfect combination comes alive; a wonderful exhibition that was as detailed as the works on display.
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#7 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
A real hidden gem in Amsterdam - just a fascinating and extraordinarily museum with an incredible an beautiful church on the upper floors - and absolute must see!
We loved visiting Our Lord in the Attic, learning about the Protestant Reformation period and how Catholics managed to practice their religion in these ‘secret’ churches in homes.
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#8 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
The museum itself is like a work of art - amazing modern cabinets, beautifully lit, housing an incredible collection of Victorian bell jars containing curious, amazing anatomical specimens.
It was fascinating to learn about Vrolik's interest in anatomy and botany, and to see his incredible collection of specimens, in beautiful old display cases.
#9 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
We were welcomed by a very nice guide from the museum, who gave us an awesome private tour (no other guest were there) through the four decorated rooms of the beautifully restored building.
Set up in a beautiful intimate canal house,this museum houses a fine collection of pipes dating from pre Colombian to 19th century, spanning all different cultures.
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#10 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
It is nice to really see these little creatures come alive and it gives an insight to many on how these creatures live, are important, ... True, it was really peace and quiet out there and (like NEMO) ot is probab...
I will say the best thing you can invest in before your amsterdam visit is an I am Amsterdam card it gets you free entry into so many places or discounted entry it was brilliant!! Artis zoo and Micropia are includ...
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#11 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Moco Museum in Museum Square.So we went from Rijksmuseum to Moco museum in 2 mins .Great little museum to see Banksy and other off the wall Art (literally...!) My teens loved it,I had downloaded moco app which mad...
... truly lovely experience,my kids were really excited.I bought the tickets online so we entered immediately.The outdoor exhibition was lovely.I warmly recommend the moco museum to everyone who loves modern art!
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#12 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
His art includes modern art prints of Amsterdam's canals and bicycles and there is also a small clothing line.
I was drawn to his shop windows,the colours and techniques he uses to capture the old but with a modern tweak...I fell in love!
#13 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
The trail map can be found at the Anne Frank House you can pick up a (0.50 EUR) brochure/map at the Resistance Museum outlining a walking trail of "persecution and resistance in Amsterdam" at the time of WWII (it...
I made a point of visiting this museum and as humbled by the vast array of mementos, narrative, historic artifacts and the educational approach to this era in our world history.
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#14 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Excellent museum about the real life and activities of Rembrandt, inside his house...realistic and with a great attention to details! I suggest this amazing experience in Amsterdam, but I advice about the e-ticket...
The Rembrandt House museum is much smaller than a regular museum but really fascinating to see the place one of the world's greatest artists lived and worked in -- many of his major works are in other museums in A...
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#15 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Enjoyed our time in The Body World Museum in Amsterdam Lots to see and activities for children ( and adults ) to try Very interesting to see and read about how different parts of the body and our organs work
Easily accessible by everyone, this museum is informative, interesting, well laid out and very thought provoking as real people have donated their bodies to inform and educate.
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#16 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
The house is beautifully presented and the museum provides a great amount of detail on the house via its placards and a fairly comprehensive audioguide.
For €1 we rented audio guides and learned a lot about family history, various rooms at the house, lovely garden, and extensive art and porcelain collection.
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#17 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
What a fantastic museum, located in a beautiful historic building- a great way to spend a few hours, with very interesting and informative exhibits detailing Amsterdam’s important maritime history - a must see
One of the stops on the Hop on Hop Off is the National Maritime Museum.My wife who is museum averse loved the guided tour of the Amsterdam sailing ship replica which gave one a good insight into the real life on a...
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#18 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
I highly recommend this little gem of a neighborhood museum that provides a history and overview of the Amsterdam School of architecture, art and culture.
Take a tram 10 out towards the west of Amsterdam, walk through Westerpark and you'll arrive at Het Schip, a fascinating area with examples of the Amsterdam School of architecture and a museum.
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#19 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
We spent several hours studying these as there was a wealth of ethnographic information provided as context for the costumes, which provided an excellent cultural introduction to the variety of traditions, customs...
It was great going to traditional villages and seeing folks dressed up in their conventional dress, but coming here to the Museum gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation for all that we saw on our tours.
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#20 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
I really enjoyed my visit to the Van Loom museum, a delightful canal house, which gives a great idea as to how the wealthy lived (still live today) in Amsterdam.
Beautiful house and great collection of dutch paintings - a real insight into life lived in the house from 16th C to almost modern day.
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#21 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
great place to learn about the Russian history and the 17th century history of Amsterdam as well as abstract art. in addition to all that the building itself is very beautiful and serene with helpful and happy staff.
Located along the Amstel river we found this museum to be very informative and if you have kids with you there were a lot of kid activities and interactive exhibits as well celebrating Amsterdam and Dutch history.
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#22 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
... , but moving National Holocaust Museum, and moving, understated Hollandsche Schouwburg, transit point for Jewish deportation from Amsterdam during WW 2 and the nearby perfectly preserved Portuguese synagogue.
Entry to the Jewish Historical Museum includes admission to four separate sites: the historical museum, the Portuguese Synagogue, the deportation museum and the national holocaust memorial.
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#23 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Beautifully curated exhibition of bags through the ages, displayed in an elegantly renovated and atmospheric merchants house on the Herengracht.Delicately appointed cafe serves simple but top notch food stylishly....
The lovely delicate purses and bags from the past through to the glitzy designs of more recent times show a fantastic level of craftsmanship and you learn a lot about social history.
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#24 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Extraordinary, suprising, enchanting, passionately designed exhibitions that will definitely give you a thrill whether you are passionate about ethnic music, oriental artifacts, seeking for a a good place to educa...
We had a great experience visiting one of the largest museums in Amsterdam, which is an ethnographic museum which houses collections for many geographical areas such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia & Nort...
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#25 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Very happy with how this museum was put together, it was very informative and interesting I reccomended that everyone comes in with an open mind to learn about the history of hemp and its great cultivation through...
I enjoyed learning about the history and the changes in perspectives over the years, but for those who already know this, there was a lot of memorabilia (historical and pop culture) to enjoy as well.
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#26 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Great for kids to play & interact.. Took tram to Central station and walked along waterside to museum, its a bit of a walk for younger kids, but weather was great so it was a pleasure, with great views looking bac...
It provides visitors of all ages with an interactive, informal learning environment where people can appreciate the fabulous extent to which scientific phenomena and technology impact our daily lives.
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#27 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Using video and amazing models, helpful audio guides, along with the experience of being in a canal house, I really feel that we gained a solid understanding of the history and design of these remarkable Amsterdam...
Came home to try to find Puppet On A String - loved the speedboat scenes! - Lovely garden behind the museum is a great example of HIDDEN Amsterdam; most of the houses have such gardens behind them.
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#28 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
This was such a scary experience but was brilliant actors were amazing and the stories were great definitely worth a visit.
We found this a fun tour to go on and broke up the usual museums and shopping trips we had done while in Amsterdam, easy to find and was with discount after going to Madam Tussaud's, lasted around 2 hours and prov...
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#29 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Amazing things to look at and so many floors with a 3d cinema at the top!! Loved the experience and always talk about this place good memories!! Also for smokers there is a smoking dome too at the end so don’t wor...
During my visit to Amsterdam I visit many places and museums Ridleys and Nemo was the best by far... difficult to describe ... many amazing and unique things happening inside there’s ... we spend more than 2 hours...
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#30 of 203 Museums in Amsterdam
Great (free) museum style history in basement ... but the real experience is the large choice of fabby cheeses to choose from.. I loved the fact that they let you sample them all without pushing you to buy, and we...
The staff were super friendly and very informative when required The museum is a small insight into how the cheese is made and you can even dress up and have your picture taken for free Worth a visit!!
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