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#1 of 99 Museums in Naples
The chapel's more than 30 great works of art include statues by Raimondo, Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, A Christ Veiled Under a Shroud by Giuseppe Sanmartino, Disillusion by Francesco Queirolo and Madonna con...
The Veiled Christ is one of the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen.The two sculptures that Prince Raimondo de Sangro of Sansevero chose to depict his parents, Chastity and The Disenchantment are amazing as w...
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#2 of 99 Museums in Naples
It is indeed small, but holds a fascinating collection of specimens through the ages, and is very educational as well as being morbidly curious and good fun!
This is a gem of a museum and it’s interesting for scholars in the history of medicine as visitors without former knowledge about medical history.
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#3 of 99 Museums in Naples
... creepy but the atmosphere of this church was so much more comfortable and loving and you could feel the care put into caring for this burial space and respecting these old tombs and a slice of naples' history.
We had a guided tour with Massimo who was very informative and obviously passionate about the work being done to renovate this landmark.
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#4 of 99 Museums in Naples
I've been there twice, the first time I made the standard historical tour, but the second time I made the amazing adventure tour with our guide Marco who led us on a raft along a small underground river until a ma...
See amazing excavated underground tunnels and water cisterns and listen to captivating stories spanning thousands of years of Naples' history.
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#5 of 99 Museums in Naples
Fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC tour by passionate volunteer guides who will explain the important history of silk production in Naples but also take the visitor unexpectedly to the underground crypt where they re...
Spectacular chiesa with big pillars, beautiful roof paintings, this is the most beautiful and special chiesa in Italy.
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#6 of 99 Museums in Naples
The underground tour along Naples' Roman aqueduct provided a kaleidoscope of Naples' history, showing us how the Romans provided ample water to the city, but also how the system had to be quickly shut down in the...
The tour was amazing and we really experienced something unique which embraces centuries of history.
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#7 of 99 Museums in Naples
He shared the unique history of the wonderful family who cherished dolls and the children who loved them and continue the legacy .
Tiziana has so much passion and is able to truly covey all the history that’s behind this landmark.
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#8 of 99 Museums in Naples
An enthusiastic and very well-prepared guide lead us in a 2-hour tour ranging from the history of medicine of the Reign to the breathtaking Pharmacy dating back to 1700.
The tour goes to both the pharmacy and the Museum of Medical History.
#9 of 99 Museums in Naples
For an extra 1euro you can watch the splendid new Bayard movie on the history of the railway and believe me, it was so entertaining with splendid extra 'bells and whistles' -kids will love it.
Many trains to visit in this fantastic museum and kept in excellent condition, friendly staff and very low cost! a breathtaking view of the sea and Naples!
#10 of 99 Museums in Naples
There are several different areas to visit including a picture gallery, the original Gothic church with wonderful frescoes, a little museum of church artefacts and the more modern church with great ceiling art and...
Beautiful church / museum with some fascinating objects but the real glory of this place is the second church accessed through the main church with the most stunning frescoes.
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#11 of 99 Museums in Naples
Thanks to the Director of the "Casa dello Scugnizzo" foundation (literally: "house of the street urchin" foundation), the museum is now enclosed in a few square meters steeped in history, art, theater, cinema and...
Mr. Bonelli is a friendly host and can tell wonderful stories on the history of Naples, and of the culture of its inhabitants.
#12 of 99 Museums in Naples
The guide, Cara, was very excellent, she explained us the history of the city, the greek and roman origins and a lot of curiosity.
We did the guided tour (our guide Alessia M was very knowledgeable and fun) which is fantastic.
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#13 of 99 Museums in Naples
in the bowels of the small treasury of this great Cathedral dedicated to Naples patron saint...a dazzling collection of sumptuous crafted gold and silver reliquaries and figural sculptures which date from 1300s to...
is undoubtedly the greatest treasure in the world even more than the treasure of the crown, as well as having silver busts of the patron saints of Naples has priceless jewels it is said that even Napoleon took for...
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#14 of 99 Museums in Naples
The great mosaics of William Kentridge, the Olas in relief by Oscar Tusquets, the light boxes "of the sea" by Robert Wilson and a photographic intervention by Achlle Cevoli are the artistic installations of the st...
how odd - loving a metro station - but it's full of interest, history and gorgeous mosaics, worth a stop just for the station!! the road above pretty fun too!!!
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#15 of 99 Museums in Naples
A short queue on Sundays- it's free enry, & you are transported to a beautiful building with stunning interiors which house quite a few old paintings including something rare by Caravaggio.
The Museum is private and very well maintained, so you will be surprised on how clean it is, well displayed art is and how interesting the history of the building is.
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#16 of 99 Museums in Naples
The one you can see from the outside is free to enter and stroll around but the oddity is the paintings all seem death related and there are skulls everywhere?
Steps lead you down to an underground cathedral and crypt of more bones
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#17 of 99 Museums in Naples
Treasures gotten from Pompeii .... amazing frescoes depicting mythological tales, others just give you insight into every day life of the Romans centuries and even millenia ago... the mosaics are exquisite in thei...
Many of the frescoes and artwork from Pompeii resides in this museum and I recommend visiting prior to exploring Pompeii as it helps you to visualize it's splendor as you meander through the ruins of the city.
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#18 of 99 Museums in Naples
We felt privileged to be walked through the museum by 2 young history specialists whose enthusiasm for all things social and cultural is infectious!
I had great time visiting this museum: I found real historical certificates of the bank activity in old times, documenting every and each expense private citizen and social institution faced during their history,...
#19 of 99 Museums in Naples
Once the summer home and hunting lodge for Naples’ rulers this early 18th century palace has since 1950 been a National art museum containing paintings by Titian, El Greco, Raphael and Caravaggio among others.
For example, having the Caravaggio at the end of a very long corridor of doorways was so tantalizing and perfect for the very large and compelling Caravaggio painting.
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#20 of 99 Museums in Naples
... attraction -- an over-the-top baroque monastery gushing with fine frescoes, stunning inlaid stone floors and mosaics, intricate wood inlays, plus a wonderfully interesting art collection and on-site museum.
The Certosa di San Martino is a church which is amazingly richly ornamented - an abundance of inlaid colored marble, sculpture, and paintings, set at the top of the hill overlooking the city of Naples.
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#21 of 99 Museums in Naples
The red room, the blue living room, the dining room, the library, the ballroom, the Pompeian sitting room and the neoclassical veranda bring you back in time, in 1700, the most sumptuous era of the Neapolitan nobi...
Located in Riviera di Chiaia in a garden nearby the sea this neoclassical house is very impressive as it still has a feel of how the high society of Naples lived sometime ago.
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#22 of 99 Museums in Naples
Located just one underground ride from the city center, in the middle of the old part there is Madre, a museum of contemporary arts, exhibition the, most exciting things from the art world.
This is a great modern art museum which anyone visiting Naples with an interest in contemporary art should visit.
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#23 of 99 Museums in Naples
A marvellous repository of objects including weapons, furniture, medallions, porcelain, coins and costumes.
This is a small museum that we discovered as part of the Via Duomo museum route.
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#24 of 99 Museums in Naples
I discovered this museum by accident and it was one of the most interesting parts of my trip to Naples.
Small museum with side skirt.
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#26 of 99 Museums in Naples
Located in the heart of Naples, inside the Galleria Umberto I and near to Piazza Plebiscito and San Carlo Theatre, this museum is a masterpiece of the Neapolitan culture and if you are passionate about the coral a...
Museo del Corallo features exquisite, hand-crafted coral jewelry and retraces the history of local coral processing, a once flourishing industry in nearby Torre del Greco.
#28 of 99 Museums in Naples
The museum is open in the evening and will bring you in the discovering of a micro universe.
we received a guided tour from a lovely lady who was in charge of the museum.
#29 of 99 Museums in Naples
There’s a great exhibition of actual artifacts found in the tunnels and in the back of the museum exhibit hall there’s a wall from a Roman house and some Greek stone foundations beneath the Roman stones.
The first levels are a museum, just under the level of the current church which was a Roman house.
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