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Vatican Museums
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Sistine Chapel
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Doge's Palace
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Su Zurfuru Mine
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Welcome to Rome
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Museo Egizio
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Galleria Borbonica
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Ex Stabilimento Florio delle Tonnare di Favignana e Formica
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The museum collection includes the most known, best preserved and perfectly exposed papyrus scrolls of the world, among others the most famous Turin King List, the Turin Judicial Papyrus of Turin, The Turin Erotic...
It is always a pleasure to go visit one of the loveliest Museums in Europe, The Egyptian Museum in Torino is only second to the one in Cairo and if you book on line you can get a guided tour by one of their Egypto...
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The chapel's more than 30 great works of art include statues by Raimondo, Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, A Christ Veiled Under a Shroud by Giuseppe Sanmartino, Disillusion by Francesco Queirolo and Madonna con...
The Veiled Christ is one of the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen.The two sculptures that Prince Raimondo de Sangro of Sansevero chose to depict his parents, Chastity and The Disenchantment are amazing as w...
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Amazing art gallery with the best Florence has produced, a large collection of high quality, starting with the worldwide famous "Birth of Venus" and moving to a incredible list of masterpieces really worth seeing.
A great palace filled with beautiful works of art by many of the greats including Leonardo, DaVinci, and Donatello as well as beautiful sculptures and all in a gorgeous building that has its own ornate history.
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Our tour focused on 2 main things: The amazing Bernini sculptures, Caravaggio paintings Most notable were: Apollo & daphne David Rape of Proserpina Our guide was so passionate and invested in art, and made the tou...
After being overwhelmed by the extensive riches of the Vatican Museum, enjoy this stunning boutique museum with an extraordinary collection of Bernini sculptures, including the famous Apollo and Daphne, plus young...
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A "go-back" from a long-ago visit to Florence, took the time to visit the Accademia and marvel at Michelangelo's the David!! Words simply cannot describe - a definite must-see on your visit to Florence (we were of...
However, the Statue of David by Michelangelo is the outstanding sculpture in my opinion.Michelangelo's masterpiece is amongst the the best demonstrations of the perfection of sculpture in the world - in my opinion...
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The tour takes you in time from Hadrian's mausoleum and extant poetry to the Loggia of Julius II and its history with Michelangelo, the sumptuous apartments of Pope Paul III Farnese, and the Castel's history with...
Beautiful decorations in the Palace, changing art exhibitions in one section of a very high standard, breathtaking grand hall frescoes, military fortifications and weapons, and a fantastic bar café with charming s...
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Sistine Chapel Vatican City
We were very pleased that we took a private tour of the Vatican through Jewish Roma tours and Silvia gave us an excellent picture of the history, complexity and symbolism of the paintings in the chapel.
The paintings inside the chapel are amazing and overwhelming , although its restored to the past glory the paintings are adorable and i was just spell bound gazing at the marvelous intricate paintings of Michelang...
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Vatican Museums Vatican City
Start here on your Vatican City tour to see four miles of the most mind-blowing collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Etruscan statues, pottery, frescoes, sarcophagi, tapestries and painted maps on earth, endin...
Enjoy art from Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman temples, and explore how art has evolved through the centuries, and as the artists skill improve, creating such exquisite pieces such as those of Michelangelo, Raf...
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I highly recommend the guided tour which is included in the ticket price.Me and my wife have enjoyed listening to an expert tour guide, Massimo, he showed us the beauties and the masterpieces of the palazzo with g...
Marble and precious stone, frescoes throughout, inset classical fragments and spolia, furniture, mirrors, antiquities, embroideries, paintings, chandeliers, tapestries and sculptures everywhere; more is more!
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Fabulous to see the preserved living space from the 1500s and working space from the 1800s, as well as learn about the process of creating stained glass masterpieces.
It is only open a couple times a week for dropping in, but one can call to schedule a private tour with Maddalena - the artist who is a direct descendant of the genius Francesco Moretti, one of the co-founders.
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Fantastic, and I mean FANTASTIC tour by passionate volunteer guides who will explain the important history of silk production in Naples but also take the visitor unexpectedly to the underground crypt where they re...
Spectacular chiesa with big pillars, beautiful roof paintings, this is the most beautiful and special chiesa in Italy.
Paolo provided a very interesting tour of the 2 floor museum where in addition to the posters, quite a few film props were also included.. Thanks again to Paolo for a wonderful insight to the history of cinema pos...
Fabulous & unique collection of cinema artwork and original posters owned by Paolo Marinozzi at Museo Cinema a Penenello in Montecosaro MC Italy.
Love Tropea every year i go there gor hollyday...thise shop is the best you can find in thise areea is all hand made I visit every year with my daughter she loves all those creations and we buy present's for all o...
We were in Tropea for a week and visited this pleace every single day, our kinds were so delighted with the animated scenes and i Nasocchi!! Catalin and Francesco were very friendly and told stories about characte...
... it offers a surprising variety of attractions ranging from remnants of an ancient Roman street to a chapel with magnificent frescoes as well as an impressive collection of art from the Antiquity to the Baroque.
Stunning mosaics, Roman bronzes and the 'Winged Victory' Sculpture' The Monastery Garden with the remains of the two Roman townhouses is massive and quite breathtaking.
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A very interesting Museum, see the old Etruscan history, a lot of old artifacts, pottery and all grave foundings arranged excellently in the old wine cellar.
The Etruscan Museum of Chianciano was built over an Etruscan archeological site, but I have heard over and over that if you put a shovel in the ground in Tuscany you would very likely come up with an Etruscan relic.
We enjoyed the excellent tour of the museum - examples from hundreds of years of artistry, beautifully illustrating the wide range of people and cultures that have inhabited (and inhabit) Sicily.
The great taste of the owner and the museum’s curators, their love to Sicilian art, history and culture, their attitudes to visitors made my time in Palermo unforgettable!
The museum specialises in Roman archaeology, with fabulous statues, mosaics, frescoes, coins and jewelry, beautifully set out and very well explained, particular emphasis in relation to the development of the vari...
This museum is a must: the finest collection of Roman artifacts from excavations in the City: fabulous mosaics ,gorgeous wall paintings, jewellery , coins and ancient sculpture- including two versions of Myron’s D...
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