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Bow River
#1 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
By walk, bike, for relaxing and visiting the park around the river, very well signposted, with wonderful views of the crystal clear water river , bridges from different eras.
Whether you stroll along the river on the city pathway system, by the zoo, the bird sanctuary or the Bow Valley park -- there are endless places the you can enjoy the river as it courses through Calgary.
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Heritage Park Historical Village
#2 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Very good interpretative guides offering history and stories of some of Calgary's founders....the train ride around the park is great fun as is the ride on the paddle wheeler around the reservoir.
The staff are so dedicated and friendly, and the park itself is a large and beautifully landscaped gem nestled in the heart of City.
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Fish Creek Provincial Park
#3 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Excellent park with river crossings, deer, pathways, picnic spots, hiking and biking trails galore.
The park has something for everyone: Enjoy a picnic by the water, watch wildlife, enjoy a bike ride, have a casual walk, partake fine dining (the Ranche), tour the historical Bow Valley ranch area, have a beach da...
Calgary Pathway System
#4 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
The Bow River which goes through the entire city, including the downtown, the Elbow river which connects several parks and beautiful residential areas, Fish Creek which is a preserved prairie and riverine ecosyste...
It can take you almos everywhere in the city you can take the Bow river pathway from Bowness park all the way to the Zoo or the science centre it integrates with the down town bycicle lanes and it goes through sev...
Prince's Island Park
#5 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This park really was wonderful, it's perfect for a walk, perfect for families, perfect for sports, perfect for children, perfect for dogs, perfect for bike riding.
A beautiful park surrounded by the Bow River, just steps from Eau Claire, with ample nature and views of the cityscape, pathways for walking and biking, live music, food vendors, a cafe and a great playground for...
The Calgary Zoo
#6 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
There are many different buildings that house a variety of animals, plants, reptiles, etc. Dinosaur Park is a great creation and links to Drumheller Tyrell Museum, The Milk River Canyon area, Horsethief Canyon and...
5 separate destinations to explore: Africa, Canadian wilds, prehistoric park, Eurasia and the Dorothy Harvey gardens, butterfly gardens and exotic gardens.
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Bowness Park
#7 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Nestled along the Bow River with lots of big trees and greenery, this park offers lots; play parks for the kids, trails for the bikers and joggers lots of green space to play outdoor games, and great picnic areas.
The park is so peaceful and yet there is plenty to do with it's bicycle paths, children's parks, rafting or canoeing on the river, the little train that you can ride around the park, and more!
Nose Hill Park
#8 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
But due to its vast size, The City has made great trails for exploring the many environments in the park, and has allowed even more informal trails that are great for jogging, mountain biking, or just trying to fi...
There are so many reasons you may want to visit this park: to ride your bike, take a hike, learn about nature, walk your dog or have a picnic, all with the best view of the city and the mountains.
Edworthy Park & Douglas Fir Trail
#9 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
The douglas Fir Trail is wonderful as well an inner city hike or ramble and you feel like you are out in the mountains but without the long drive of need for a park pass.
Great for walking, I love to park up top and take the stairs down into the park....its a great hike back up!
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre
#10 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This is a very educational place to bring young kids to observe nature and wildlife in a gorgeous treed setting near the pond and river at Inglewood Sanctuary.
An easy walk around the park on the gravel/dirt trail, you can encounter deer and many species of birds.
Confederation Park
#11 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
I love Confederation Park in many different ways: it's a beautiful place to take a walk, jog, or cycle through, whether alone or with others; it has a wonderful new natural playground that my daughter really enjoy...
It is a great park with winding pathways, bridges, tunnels, a creek, a pond, benches, playground, and much more.
Bow Habitat Station
#12 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
In the last 10 years there has been lots of changes, like the new water education programs, fisheries education programs, the kids fishing activities, the park and how they made it into a mini natural conservatory...
Great Park in a Fantastic setting.
North Glenmore Park
#13 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Excellent inner city park for biking, hiking, picnics, walks and excellent playgrounds for children.
There is a playground for children and if you are an avid hiker then you can carry on to the Weaslehead and enjoy some fantastic bird watching and nature along the streams.
South Glenmore Park
#14 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
I try to bike through South Glenmore park on a regular basis as it is an easy getaway to awesome natural boreal forest and secluded wetlands around the Elbow river and a number of small streams in the area.
Whether for a leisurely stroll by Heritage Park or a ride around the Glenmore Reservoir, I love how Calgarians young and old make use of this wonderful park
Fort Calgary
#15 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
it looks like an old theme park, but once you get in, you will forget about it and just enjoy!
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Riley Park
#16 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
At the base of a hill it is nestled between busy 5 th ave NW and a quiet residential street Riley park has walking areas ( wear your boots in the winter) and wonderful,safe play areas for children.
Riley park is a beautiful park with lots of open areas to play a friendly game of football, soccer, or frisbee.
Carburn Park
#17 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
For some that's a bonus, because within Carburn Park, you get wonderful tranquility, two beautiful ponds that reflect the light when the air is still, lots of people, and amazingly, lots of birds and wildlife.
We have seen owls, pelicans, Canada geese, various ducks, Ospreys, beavers and deer in the park.
Weaselhead Flats
#18 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
To see the most of the park quickly, cycling is best, but to get a real feel for the wildflowers and wildlife, walking would be recommended.
The park here has some great paths around the environmentally sensitive area where the Elbow flows into Glenmore Reservoir.
Reader Rock Garden
#19 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This historic property has an incredible many flower gardens and the restored home was originally owned by the Superintendent for Calgary Parks from 1913 – 1942.
It's a gem of a park sandwiched between the Stampede Grounds and cemetery.
Calgary Sandy Beach Park
#20 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This park is great for - Families, even with smaller children, as the river is shallow and fun to play in - Picnic Parties! - Chillaxing - Reading a Book - Staying in the Shade - Playing Outside Games - People Wat...
This is a beautiful park in the elite community of BRITANNICA.There is a point that offers great view of calgary.
St. Patrick's Island
#21 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
The part of the island we visit most includes the lagoon, where young ones can easily paddle, the hill (which our 4 year old loves rolling down) and the play-park which is really nice and quite different from the...
There's lots to do, with nature ponds, sculptures, paths, a children's playground, picnic areas, a performance space, and lots of seating.
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Elbow River
#22 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary is along its shores, our zoo's home is on St George's Island, and Prince's Island, to the west of St George's, is home to a most lovely downtown park, a strolling path set of its own,...
The City, however, has done a great job of building a bicycle path that parallels the Elbow River, so walkers and cyclists can enjoy the adjacent parks and tony neighbourhoods.
Devonian Gardens
#23 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This City park located in the bustling Core shopping mall is a must-see for any visitor to Calgary and should be a curriculum visit requirement for all city planning students.
A quick trip to Tim Hortons for a coffee and then we found a park bench, delightfully secluded and talked for hours.
Central Memorial Park
#24 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
This is one of Calgary's best downtown parks: gorgeous floral beds, beautiful paths, some huge, gorgeous trees, lots of benches, so inviting and very popular with locals and visitors.
Just a couple of blocks south of the downtown core of office buildings, and amidst densely populated blocks of apartments, Central Memorial Park offers a little tranquility, a chance to stop and smell the roses, a...
Stanley Park
#25 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
I love Stanley park! Can start at Sandy Beach.
Went for a very long walk in the park and I found it very soothing to the eyes when you are walking barefoot it relives the eye's
Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area
#26 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
But this is all worthwhile, as this gem of a park on a high point land offers gorgeous mountain views to the west, as well as trails through prairie and woodland settings.
This is a great nature reserve near Calgary.
Chestermere Lake
#27 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Very nice Park right on the Lake for picnic or kids playing water and sand nice enjoyable park to visit and little bit of parking available.
There's a nice picnic area at Sunset Park where people can enjoy being by the lake and watching everything happening on it.
Baker Park
#28 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Bowness Park, with all its hub-ub and frenetic picnicking, splashy wading pools, tooting trains and boisterous playgrounds is across the river; but Baker Park is just the opposite.
It is a beautiful park with wild areas and pathways, as well as groomed gardens, gazebos, stairways and structures that would all be so potentially great for family or wedding photography.
Glenmore Reservoir
#29 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Great for birders, nature enthusiasts, trail runners, bikeriders
Park is well facilitated for picnics and simply enjoying a YYC environmental phenomena !
McHugh Bluff Park
#30 of 58 Nature & Parks in Calgary
Although most people associate McHugh Bluff Park with the strip of land next to the wonderful staircase zig-zagging its way up the hill, this park is actually quite large, extending west from Centre Street, almost...
It's easy to get to - take the footpath by the Sheraton Suite Eau Claire across Prince's Island Park then up a series of stairs (or take the easier paved pathway) to the top of the bluff.