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Eagle Beach

Palm - Eagle Beach
#42 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Eagle Beach also is the perfect place for your VOW renewal - World Class Wedding Venues has been honored to watch all of these amazing couples renew their wedding vows on this special beach - Eagle Beach - in Aruba.
You can rent lounge chairs, get a palapa, go snorkeling, get a drink, eat some food, take pictures to make your friends jealous of the weather back home, get a sunburn and just lap up the amazingly warm sun!
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Manchebo Beach

Palm - Eagle Beach
#54 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Palmthatched huts at the beach, each with enough private space from each other, coconut trees, only 2 floor hotel, nice well equiped rooms, wonderful terrace / balcony with sea view, perfect clean beach, very help...
Enjoy a palapa as you stay at one of the resorts lucky enough to call this beach part of their home, you will enjoy the best kind of vacation....the one you lazily watch the day go by, sunning, sipping and swimmin...
#56 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
This trip we also found barracuda, French angel fish, long Trumpet fish, Chub, rainbow parrot, squirrel fish, spiny lobster, and the usual characters, including sergeant majors, palometo, blue wrasse, spotted ange...
Some of the best snorkeling in Aruba, we saw turtles, starfish, French Angelfish, porcupine fish, and huge schools of grunts, sergent-majors, etc. Catamarans like to bring their cusomers here.
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Palm Beach

Palm - Eagle Beach
#59 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
This is the part of Aruba where we stayed and is perfect pristine paradise.... well looked after by locals and visitors alike and has a great vibe... great activities and amazing bars and restaurant life!
... time, the sea is...... heaven and lots of pelicans diving for fish, sun sets about 7pm, can of beer watching the day pass away, you have to visit and you will always return, one happy island ️️and lizards
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#62 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
This beach is also good for snorkeling because there are lots of rocks so there are many fish.You can go from beach to beach in Aruba and enjoy perfect water, white sand, and friendly people.
This beach is really wonderful, you can have a peaceful time or you can hire one of the many activities that are around, the place is very close to the resorts and the mall with a casino and a Cuban restaurant, re...
#64 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Arashi is a hidden gem! Best beach on the island - calm waters, beautiful clean beaches, views of the light house and "Beverly hills" or Aruba.
Crystal clear and warm water, white powdery sand, you swim among fishes in perfect harmony meaning the snorkel is excellent and some days you just see fishes with your eyes in the shore.
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Malmok Beach

Palm - Eagle Beach
#71 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Some lovely shell memorials for loved ones passed on who once shared many Aruban sunsets at those very locations-Great waterfront properties here too-Safe to walk on-beach is rock so use water shoes!
A Favorite stopping point for all of the snorkeling boat, Melmark beach has excellent reefs and a rocky shore teaming with fish.
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Baby Beach

San Nicolas
#72 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Our family absolutely loves this calm, beautifully pristine beach— we saw more of a diversely wide range of sea life & different colorful species of fish in one small area than tons of other Caribbean locations we...
The easy depth and mild waves ensured that the kids had a great time while enjoying the nature in its pristine beauty... Extremely clean, white sand... if you are a novice looking for a proving grounds in snorkeli...
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#73 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
If you want peace and tranquility stay on the beach and enjoy the sunset, if you want snorkeling and diving simply dip into the water, if you just want to swim and relax stay along the shore - exceptional place!!...
Beautiful spot in Aruba, crystal clear water and plenty of fish, it is a relatively vast lagoon-type gulf which gently slopes down in the coral reef.
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Surfside Beach

#91 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
The people were great - attentive, welcoming, friendly, the DJ took my dance music requests so we could merengue on the beach, and we had a perfectly chilling morning, afternoon and sunset before we walked back to...
Great place to have some fantastic burgers and inexpensive drinks while watching planes land, cruise ships depart and sunsets.
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Rodgers Beach

San Nicolas
#92 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
There aren't too many sandy peaceful stops in the south of the island where you can simply park the car and jump into peaceful water and enjoy gorgeous beach pretty much right next to Baby Beach is a hidden gem -...
Aruba has some great beaches we travel from one end of the Island ( The High Rise Hotels ) to the other Roders is the BEST My wife thinks it's hers clean sand Cristal clear water and you can have it all to yoursel...

Andicuri Beach

Arikok National Park
#104 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
This beach is near the natural bridge so you'll either need to drive to the natural bridge and walk or have a UTV or Jeep to drive right up to it.
For an ocean lover, its paradise as you can just relax to the sound of the magnificent waves hitting the shore.
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#105 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
Nestled within Arikok National park, Boca Prins is a very short walk from a parking area.
You can park and walk near the edge for some spectacular views of the waves crashing into the rocks.
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Boca Grandi

San Nicolas
#113 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
We stopped here along our island adventures and this beach is beautiful We took a long walk down this very secluded beach and found some great areas for swimming.
This beach is particularly known for kite-surfing but you could just as easily dive into the pristine water or lay back and catch some rays while reading a book.

Dos Playa

Santa Cruz
#116 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
At Dos Playa, you’ll be entranced by the sound of big waves crashing against its coral limestone coves.
The two beaches are separated by a large coral formation, you'll need sturdy shoes to cross it.
#125 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
It's a very popular stop for water sport enthusiasts; as a matter of fact it appeared to us that they even have a windsurfing school/classes right on the spot - it was really great to sit down and relax on the sho...
The island is so small that you can explore all of its beaches and I recommend doing just that...explore and be happy.
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Grapefield Beach

San Nicolas
#149 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba
We knew that there were very strong currents here so we didn’t get in the water, but we enjoyed walking this beach, exploring and finding some treasures along the way.
I love to sit on the beach, take the breeze and waves in, and watch the kite suffers do their thing here.
#167 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba

Divi Beach

#187 of 203 Outdoor Activities in Aruba