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Very good

Raj Mosas
Klang, Malaysia28 contributions
The sekret hotel sungai kolok Thailand
Mar 2020 • Solo
As name this hotel was so sekret of their location. I was spend 30 minutes to find it with my taxi driver. Once arrive i realise i was choose accured place to stay. The newly build 2 storey building. Large room with clean and good presure of hot and cold water. Big fridge and cold and quiet aircondioter. I have good sleep because the bed so comfy. Located in residental area so very quite at night. Beside hotel have a muslim food stall sell breakfast and lunch. Mosque about 3 minutes walk from hotel. So this hotel is ideal place for muslim traveller. Wifi so good in room and also lobby area. Have small veranda for each rooms so could be advantage for smokers like me. Overal nice place for stay and worth the money i paid about Rm86 (Usd 22) Highly recomended for those who travel to sungai kolok thailand and looking for a new room. Please choose this hotel. Thank u
Written March 10, 2020
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Wes T
18 contributions
Town of little interest to tourists except for the curious
Jun 2019
I used to live on the Malaysian side of the border town, Sungai Golok, meaning River Golok, but this is confusing because the river that separatee Malaysia from Thailand is actually Sungai Golok! To avoid that confusion locals call the town Golok. (Note to Trip Advisor, get rid of your mistaken spelling, it is Golok, not Kolok. I used to live there, just a few miles from the border!) Locals know that it is a "smuggling town" - not drugs or firearms, etc., mostly food products. The products flow in the direction of cheaper side to cheap side. Cars can cross the border but don't be stupid. Cars can quickly vanish when parked in the streets of Golok. Hence observant travelers will notice 2 things: (1) lots of parking spaces on the Malaysia side for rent (cheap) and look after by parking attendants, and (2) on the Thai side - only the Thai side - just outside the customs office are full of taxis, motorcycle taxis are waiting to take tourists and locals to the center of town, a mere minutes away for nominal fare. If you go out of curiosity, do plan to eat in Golok; it has a few good restaurants. Other products are dirt cheap and of very poor quality. Manufactured products thus move from Malaysia to Golok, from Golok to Malaysia come in fruits and rice, among other things. Avoid nighttime visit at all costs: there is a Malay insurgency going on for decades now in southern Thailand.
Written December 15, 2019
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Sandakan, Malaysia25 contributions
Small town
Jul 2019 • Friends
Its Thailand border town with malaysia. There is a railway station. We had a random drive around. Good to have wifi/data plan, to check google map. People are friendly. You can use malaysia ringgit.
Written August 17, 2019
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Khartoum, Sudan146 contributions
Nov 2018 • Friends
It was my first time to visit this research and educational Center, located about 5 km from Sungai Kolok town. This swamp area consists of variety of plants that grow in the area. The swamp is a nursery place for marine life and there are many bird species around as well as monkeys high up in the tree. Visitors can enjoy the nature by one km wooden bridge that could walk along while watching the nature without step out into the surrounding nature hence to preserve its originality.
Written November 20, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia21 contributions
Day Trip
Oct 2018
We went for a day trip over from Rantau Panjang border by car. Since it was trip around kolok we did not purchase travel insurance and we have advise from Thai Immigration too. Unfortunately by the time we reach almost half of the shops were closed except the night market. The night market don't have much to shop.
I mainly went to buy cashew nuts which is cheaper compare to rantau panjang duty free zone. So I would sum up as Sg.kolok not a tourist spot.
Written October 23, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia49,977 contributions
Shopping Haeven
Oct 2018 • Family
The best place to shopping during weekend, especially at night time. A numbers of household products, restaurants & entertainments selection. Price are very reasonable
Written October 20, 2018
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia6 contributions
2 hours in Thailand.
Jun 2018 • Solo
Me and my dad parked our car at a car park just in front of the Rantau Panjang checkpoint in Malaysia. We walked into it, got our passports checked and proceeded to Thailand. While walking across the border, we passed by the infamous Golok or Kolok river. We saw locals crossing it by small boats without any travel documents at hand! You can attempt to do so, but I really do not encourage that especially if you go beyond Sungai Kolok town.

Upon arriving at the Thai checkpoint, we searched for arrival/departure cards, and turned out that we had to enquire for them over the desk in the customs office. After filling out the required details, we SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW for an immigration counter. We almost gave up and had thoughts of walking into Thailand without an entry stamp, but we asked for help at the immigration vehicle toll stations. We were directed back into the entrance for pedestrians and found the immigration counters, which were not obvious at first sight. The lack of dedication by the officers to help us, no clear path for pedestrians to pass through immigration and inadequate barriers made the Thai checkpoint the least stringent border control I have ever seen.

Relieved after all these headaches, we walked towards Sungai Kolok town and saw a sign to Bangkok, which shows a distance of 1250km imprinted on it. We felt that it would be a really long way ahead to Big Mango, as we came from Kuala Lumpur which is considered quite far away (6 hours drive via the fastest route). The distance travelled from KL to Sungai Kolok and back will be less than the one-way journey from the latter to Bangkok!

After a few more yards of walking, we rested at Doi Chaang Ko-Lok café (I hope the name is accurate enough) and ordered two cold drinks and two slices of cake for 225 Baht (almost RM28 when I checked the exchange rate there). But we did not have any cash in Baht and requested to pay with Ringgit, so we had to pay RM30, as traders have to charge higher in order to exchange any foreign currency revenue into Baht. Nevertheless, the taste of our food and beverages, very strong free WiFi, total price and the overall café experience beat Starbucks any day. We wholeheartedly thank the owner and staff of this place for everything.

Feeling satisfied with our tea time, we walked past Genting hotel and were surprised to see a room rate of 560 Baht! This shows that almost, if not everything in Sungai Kolok is cheaper than Kota Bharu. I checked the room rates of Sungai Kolok hotels in Tripadvisor and they have really low room rates of 1500 Baht and below. The street food there is indeed cheaper than Kota Bharu's.

We reached the town's railway station which is one of the national Thai railway's southern terminus. Seeing how dodgy Sungai Kolok looks, my dad suggested to me that we should return back to Malaysia. I agreed with him as the town is only interesting at night. We made a U-turn back to the Thai checkpoint, completed the exit procedures and crossed the bridge back to Rantau Panjang. Finally, we retrieved our car after paying a car park fee of RM3 and left immediately for Kota Bharu.

To conclude my review, I would not mind returning back to Sungai Kolok town and stay at least one night there in order to witness its infamous nightlife. I hope that Thai immigration gets more stringent yet helpful in the future.
Written June 5, 2018
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Royal B
Mendooran, Australia613 contributions
Over and back... 3 hours Thailand visit.
May 2018 • Solo
I went over the border for a beer and a curry. It was a simple process getting stamped out of Malaysia. I didnt even get off my Malaysian registered motosikal.

On the information card, I actually wrote " < 3 hours - Beer and Curry" on the Thai address area.

Interesting that they gave me a month? I thought overland was 15 days.

They were not interested in the Malaysian registered bike. I said I had hired it from a freind.

It did irk me that the woman on the Thai side crossing back referred me to the office, when if she actually looked she would see I just needed a stamp!

No costs.
Written May 19, 2018
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15 contributions
Going to live here..
Oct 2017 • Couples
I love this place.. yes it has some issues, but apart from that the people are friendly and kind.. Drop in and say hello: )
Written October 1, 2017
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Malaysia1,889 contributions
A border-crossing shopping
May 2017 • Friends
We traveled to Rantau Panjang all the way from Kota Bharu with a local bus for more than an hour. From the Rantau Panjang immigration building, we walked towards the border, crossed through and got to the Sungai Golok (Thailand) immigration building. The crossing process was smooth.

During the process at Thai's immigration, thank god we brought along a Kelantanese friend to show us the correct ways to fill in the entering form. That way, we did not need to pay "ulat" to fill in the form correctly.

From the Golok immigration building, we each paid RM5.00 for a motorcycle taxi (moto sai) to take us to Pekan Golok. The ride was short, about 5 minutes. It was a little bit scary because we did not wear a helmet and the riders themselves have little priority towards safety on the roadways. So if you have a trauma or phobia of getting on a fast flying ride, please do not try it. Ekekeke *syukur we alls selamat*

During our walk around the Golok Town, we visited the railway station which look like the the train stations in the old days.. The entrance to the train was guarded by a soldier but seeing us the tourist, he let us in for a quick visit and welfie.

In the middle of the town, I saw a high building which was a hotel, getting old and vacant. Nearby we found Masjid Pakistan. From time to time you will see a group of military personnel with weapons guarding some check points. However it worried us not as we freely walked around the busy town. The town seems to look no different than any small town we've been in Malaysia. Sometimes dat feel make you forget about your surrounding or situation.

Shopping: A lot of cheap but fashionable second hand clothes available here. That's one of our main points of coming here. I found a beautiful winter jacket at RM25 which can cost me hundreds of ringgits in Malaysia. This is perfect for my next oversea's backpacker trip. I bought a sweater too; it looked so brand new and made me think why the owner sold it. I saw in a Malaysian clothing store not long ago and the price was RM80; and here I bought it for RM10; with the original brand tag still on it and looked brand new. Another friend found some used branded sport wears and bought a few pieces for her family outdoor activities. We visited some boutiques with brand new clothes but nothing caught us.. having budget in mind. LOL

After walking around the town for hours, we stopped for a late lunch at a local Malay restaurant and ordered the Siam food and drinks. After lunch, we went to Golok Market to buy snacks, goodies and fruits (mango, lychee and local limau).

We returned to the borders by motor taxi again but this time we were charged RM12 for the helmet ^_^ and they took us straight across the border, into the custom office and right in front of the Rantau Panjang's taxi station.

This trip took us about half a day; we took the earliest bus to Rantau Panjang from Bus Station Jalan Pendek Kota Bharu and the ride was about 1 hour 15 minutes. From Rantau Panjang back to Kota Bharu we decided to take taxi because of our heavy loads ^_^" which cost us only RM40.00. We arrived in KB just a few moments before the Asar prayer.

It was a satisfying trip and we promised to come back again for the train ride next year. That.. after we finished our other backpackers trip around Malaysia and oversea in 10 months.
Written May 30, 2017
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