Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple, Tumkur

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple

Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple

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Very good

Bangalore District, India191 contributions
Sharadamba Temple
Nov 2018 • Friends
In India there is less Sharadamba temples out of them this is one of the famous Sharadamba Temple this is also most beautiful place and you will feel very happy very com and your mind will relax with some devotional feelings this is one of the best place to visit and remove our negative mindset.
Written November 20, 2018
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Yogesh Kumaraswamy
6 contributions
Kamakshi temple - Srichakra peetha
Nov 2018 • Couples
This temple is situated in Hebbur - between Tumakuru & Kunigal. Srichakra us the main attraction here. Chandi homa & other Jonas are also performed here basis advance notification.
Written November 19, 2018
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Devesh P
Ahmedabad, India174 contributions
Visited Very Peaceful Temple
Jan 2018 • Couples
Peaceful visit in the morning to Shri Kamakshi Sharadamba Temple. Happy to be there very clean calm and decent place for devotions. Did pooja and wished for wealth and peace.
Written February 22, 2018
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126 contributions
Sri Kamakshi Sharadhamba Temple
Dec 2017 • Family
Shri Kamakshi Sharadambha Temple is a peaceful place.In this temple goddess kamakshi is worshipped.The temple has a lot of historical background.
Written December 24, 2017
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Ajay K
5 contributions
A divine & serene visit to Hebbur Shri Kamakshi Temple
Sep 2017 • Family
The Mutt is affiliated to Shri.Sringeri Sharada Peetham. The story of how the Mutt came into existence especially the Shri Chakra which is housed in the Sanctum where the beautiful idol of Goddess Kamakshi resides is quite fabulous. The Mutt has a Swamiji & follows the tradition as laid by Shri Sringeri Sharada Paatham. The devotees are served hot, delicious lunch as Naivedyam/ Prasadam. Good quality roads lead to this pristine Mutt.
Written October 13, 2017
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Bengaluru, India4,921 contributions
Temple built on Sri Chakra, Must Visit place
Aug 2016 • Family
Sri Kamakshi Sharadamba temple is located in Hebbur, Tumkur district. The place has a beautiful temple built on Shri Chakra and has Kamakshi Sharadamba as the presiding deity.
This place is easily accessible bu bus from Tumkur and Kunigal. Road is food for driving our own vehicle. The roads are under repair in some parts, but is good overall.
The temple has idols of shankaracharya, Ganesha, Shiva and other small deities. There is a big hall where homas and other poojas are performed. The temple is neatly kept. '
Temple closes in the afternoon after managalarathi and then again opens at 3 and closes at 8. Poojas are performed throughout in the morning and we have to see the pooja in the morning which is very grandly performed.
Quiet place, go and visit and meditate if you want to. Some days prasada will be served to the devotees.
Visit this beautiful place and pray Kamakshi Sharada.
Written August 21, 2016
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Bengaluru, India546 contributions
Hebbur Sri Kamakshi Sharada Temple
Jan 2014 • Family
Hebbur is a village in Tumkur in the state of Karnataka, India. It is at about 23 kms from Tumkur on the Tumkur Kunigal road and at about 85 kms Bangalore via Kunigal on NH-47 (Bangalore Mangalore road). Kunigal is a Taluka and well connected by road. Many private buses ply from Kunigal to Tumkur via Hebbur. It is neither a town nor a village but in between having a population of about 6000 as per 2001 census. You can find either a good hotel or decent lodging for that matter there is no lodging facility. There are many good persons to take care of visitors to the town. Among them Sri Rangaiah, an agriculturist, contractor and director of Milk Federation of Kunigal taluk for some years, is one. The name of Hebburu is the modified form of its old name 'Ghanapuri' in Sanskrit whose Kannada version is Hebburu. There is another story to say that once upon a time there were large number of tigers as such it was identified by name as Hebbuli ooru and the Hebburu. The town seems to have more than a 100 temples but most of them are in a bad shape now.
You may wonder that when so many negative aspects are prevailing how ‘Hebburu’ could find a place in website.
My daughter Dr N Shylaja after completing her MBBS got appointed and posted to Government Primary Health Center at Hebbur during 2002. She earned a very good name as Gynecologist. But destiny directed or took her to Forensic side of Medical science. She completed M D in Forensic science and now posted to Madikeri Govt hospital as Forensic expert. Hebbur was a strange for us but fortunately a common friend of Sri Rangaiah introduced my son-in-law. That was sufficient for Rangaiah. He forced my daughter and son-in-law to stay in his house as guests, providing food, shelter and security until they got a suitable accommodation near the hospital. We cannot forget his services and help in this regard. I saw a photo in his house which Rangaiah and his wife Smt. Manjulamma were facilitated by a Swamiji and when asked he said that it was taken in a function at Hebbur Kamakshi temple. Then I came to know about the wonderful and attractive temple in that small town. I visited the temple several times thereafter with great devotion and faith in Mother Goddess Kamakshi-Sharade. The deity is identified by the combination of two names.
It is interesting to know the description of the temple before I narrate its history in brief. A devotee who has known about this town has said that “The town is famous for Sri Kamakshi Sharada Mutt, with the goddess Kamakshi Sharada being the presiding deity. A very rare piece of Hindu iconography, called the 'Shri Chakra' made of panchaloha (an alloy of five metals), is installed in the shrine. It is supposed to represent the Divine Energy from which the whole universe issues forth and is held very auspicious by many a Hindu. This icon is believed to have been found in a deep well in this tiny town”.
The old mutt was called and popularly known even today as ‘Sri Kodandashrama Math’ in Hebburu where the said temple came to be built in 20th century. The Sringeri Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Dakshinamnaya Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetha performed the Kumbhabhishekam and the consecration of the Sri Kamakshi Sharadamba idol in May 1994. Again the present chief priest of Sri Sringeri Sharada appreciated the efforts of Sri Sri Narayana shrama Swamiji in developing Sri Kamakshi Sharadamba temple.
The stone idol of mother goddess Sri Kamakshi Sharada is beautiful and attractive to see. The idol has four hands holding the Pasha, Ankusha, Pustaka and Akshamala as per the silpa Agama rules. This main deity is consecrated on a stone Sri Chakra Peetham on a square block consisting Pancha Pretasana or Pancha Brahma Manchasana (Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Eswara and Sadashiva), as described in the Sri Lalitha sahasranama sthothram.

There is a spacious prayer hall in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple, built on 16 pillars representing Shodashakshari manthra of mother goddess Sri Lalitha. There are Navavarana Devathas around the 16 pillar hall. This is also used as lecture hall for the upanyasa of Swamiji of the mutt, periodically, particularly on Fridays and Sundays and on important occasions. The visitors are served food in the name of Mahaprasada daily.
The present Swamiji of Hebbur Math, Sri Narayana Sharma Swamiji, who is an erudite scholar in Vedas, Agama, Sanskrit and Jyothisya, is said to have contributed in a great way for starting a Veda - Sanskrit school here.
You will be wonder to know that this Sri Chakra shrine sits on a Tortoise (Kurma Peetha) and Bhoopura thereon. The eight elephants around, in a standing posture, looks as though they are carrying the entire pyramidical structure of the Chakra. A long serpent along with eight Sakthi Devathas is also seen in between the two elephants. There are two more Bhoopuras forming the platform for the upper structure. There are two Lotuses one above the other containing (if you can count) 35 and 25 petals, followed by other Lotuses with 22, 18, 12, 8 and 5 petals respectively.
There is a circle upon this. Above this circle you will find circles of 14 triangles in the lowermost round and two rounds of 10 triangles, then circle of 8 and 3 triangles. The peak point in Srichakra is called Bindu, in the form of Shivalinga to signify the Shiva Shakthi. This is said to be the abode of goddess Sri Lalitha. The outer surface is covered with Gold, which is said to have made during 1998.
This Vimana contains nominally Sri Chakra Avarana Devatas namely, Dasa siddhis, Ashta Mathrikas, Dasa Mudra Devatas with Nava Chakreswaris, Bala, Maha Thripurasundari and Bhuvaneswari.
There is garden close to the temple where different species of flowery plants, coconut trees, and teakwood plants are planted. A significant aspect of this garden is Sri Bharathi Thirtha Pushkarani, a pond is filled with water. The pond is named so to commemorate the visit of Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharada Peetha Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Thirtha Mahaswamiji to Hebbur on 6.5.1999. The cow shed (goshala) accommodates more than 30 cattle.
Written June 22, 2014
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chandra shekar s
bangalore804 contributions
Good temple
Jun 2014 • Family
We family of fourteen went to this temole on our way back from davarayana durga.We have taken tumkur-kunigal road.In this road we visited kaidala temple which is on the dame road.After this you have to travel about 20km and you ger hebbur.But chances are you may miss the deviation.Even though temple is good located in a small and narrow road.May find even mini buses difficult to go.Temple is good,calm besides also a mutt.kunigal is about 10km from here.Roads are good .
Written June 16, 2014
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