Historical Logging Switchback Railway

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Historical Logging Switchback Railway

Historical Logging Switchback Railway
Speciality Museums • History Museums
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2-3 hours
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Very good

Ballerup, Denmark23 contributions
Rather disappointed
Jul 2019 • Family
Now at this place there are two separate things to do - railway ride and wooden skanzen visit. I am only reviewing skanzen since i did not try the train.

I visited the place on summer Sun afternoon judging 2h will be ample. First plus - parking is free. On the con side - some distance from the attraction.
Now, the skanzen consists of perhaps 20-30 wooden huts located haphazardly on a large hilled wood area. Of those almost half seem to be 'commercial' huts - containing eg. Restaurant, entrance fee place, toilets, souvenir shops. The huts are arranged around the area by a pattern quite tricky to follow for an amateur - village they originally came from (as opposed to some other key you could think of like age, style, affluence/social sphere of owner, building type etc.) and thus signs say things like 'to Rybov' which told me very little frankly, i wasn't able to find any illustrations board or map explaining those villages original location for example or history. I also saw only 2 plans of the skanzen, both near the entrance, so remember to make a pic to refer further when visiting - otherwise you will be left to some arrows pointing direction and guessing - as the area is large and 'villages' are some distance apart one oftne wonders whether certain path through the wood leads somewhere interesting or is it simply the dead end of the tour.
Half of the huts are closed and you can just peer through the bars at dark inside, those that served as people places of living allow to enter corridor and look through bars at rooms - again as bright as small windows permit. Rooms are furnished with period items, each hut has a short description on the outside in several languages.
Of the extras - there is an area with scene and benches for artistic performances, 2 playgrounds for kids, i also saw several sad sheeps closed in one of the huts - maybe they graze nicely outside at some other days?
Apparently they organize extra events on some days, see their website which seems to be accurate and up to date.

Now what really got to me - they claim to be open to 6pm - at 5:30 despite the fact several groups of people were still visiting a lady went around and closed all huts - no more peering through the bars or entering corridors. Also, if you planned to visit a toilet - haha forget it! Now it is your problem, it seems they operate in old communist model - 6pm means the personnel leaves for home at that hour so have to prepare earlier! Sorry...

Last year I visited Orava village skanzen in Zuberec and would definitely recommend that one if you are somewhere in the middle and can choose - they give you plan and descriptions to read while visiting, darker places are lighted, buildings have more variety and are more condensed - see more with less walking (or maybe Kysuce villages were so scarcely populated?), there are extra animals and period garden around and when they say they close at 6 or whatever they do - I visited till last moment without a problem. And Kysuce hills you can walk for free elsewhere i guess...
Written July 29, 2019
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15 contributions
The true experience of narrow gauge forest railway
May 2016 • Couples
Although frustrated at first with staff not selling us tickets because they were expecting some group of children to arrive and couldn't tell us if there will be room onboard the train things started to look up. We were told that we could go with "derezina" train which is a small gasoline powered rail car that holds up to 8 people (you can see it in pictures section).

The regular trains go from Vychylovka Skanzen (open air museum at the end of track in town Vychylovka) for some 3 km uphill and then return down. There must be at least 10 passengers for that train to go and the trip is about 30 min total. This is a potential problem for visitors that come unannounced. Call in advance to confirm that train will actually go on selected time and date. May is off peak season so that is probably the reason they don't drive according to schedule.

We took the derezina tour. Derezina drives if minimum of 4 passengers buy tickets. You can buy 4 tickets (total 28 EUR) and get a private ride in derezina car if you like and it will take you the whole way to the top of the hill which is 7 km ride to the Sedlo Beskyd station (regular train only goes 3 km!). There you can switch to the Oravska lesna zeleznica (another narrow gauge railway). The whole return trip Vychilovka-Sedlo Beskyd-Vychylovka took us about two hours and it was the best two hours spent in Slovakia.

The experience of driving on this narrow gauge through dense pine forest is really breathtaking. If you are a narrow gauge freak like me it will be a dream come true. Don't miss it. I've managed to convince train driver to stop the derezina in the forest to take pictures and that made the whole experience even better.

Historical Logging Switchback Railway and Oravska Lesna Zeleznica (Orava logging railway) are connected at station Sedlo Beskyd. They are two separate companies and that can be confusing since they share the same track at that station. I would suggest to first visit Vychylovka-Sedlo-Vychylovka (with derezina) and then go with your car (about 30 km) to the station Tanečnik, which is the starting point of Oravska Lesna Zeleznica, There you can take the ride from Tanečnik up to the Sedlo Beskyd and back. It will take you more time, but you won't get stranded.

Staff doesn't speak english (one girl tried) so this was a bit frustrating but it all turned out great at the end.
Written May 29, 2016
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Michal N
Tvarozna, Czech Republic7 contributions
Very good day trip
Aug 2015 • Couples
We visited the whole Skanzen Vychylovka and it was great.Old historical local houses surarounded by wonderful nature.I am not sure if guide tours are in any foreign language.Anyway there are signs written in English German etc.But the guide will tell you more than signs
Written August 20, 2015
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Bratislava, Slovakia169 contributions
One of rare working example in Europe and one of the last in the world.
Jul 2015 • Family
Description from Wikipedia
The Historical Logging Switchback Railway in Vychylovka (near Nová Bystrica, Slovakia) is preserved section technically most interesting part of the former narrow-gauge zig zag logging railway located in Kysuce and Orava region. The railway was closed in 1971 and disassembled, except an 8 km section from Chmúra to Tanečník. Currently a 3.6 km section is used as a heritage railway for tourists.

The historical railway is part of open-air museum of folk architecture and living in Kysuce. It is great attraction for children and lovers of steam.
Written August 11, 2015
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