Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur: Address, Nandi Hills Reviews: 4/5

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This was once the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. It’s a good place for hiking and birding. The hill also has temples dating back to the Chola period. It gets extremely crowded on weekends. The hills offer great views of the surroundings, though.
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Very good

Madhya Pradesh, India1 contribution
It's very nice
Apr 2021 • Business
Best place to visit in banglore and it's very near to Bangalore International airport. And don't go at summer time.
Written April 17, 2021
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Bengaluru, India80 contributions
Great sunset view from top of the hill
Mar 2021
Most people line up there to see the beautiful sunrise with splendid valley view, but I want to avoid the crowd so went in the afternoon and enjoyed a sunset with family. Other reviews might already be covering about what is there to see and do so not covering that as part of this review. Driving up is not that difficult, even for me this was first time "ghat" drive. You can see lot of monkeys on the way and great valley views. On reaching top there are two options. Either you can park your car in the outer parking and take the walk further up, or you can drive further up to the upper level parking and reduce your walk. Difference is in the charges, taking car up will cost you more. However I got a great place to park (just before upper level parking there are couple of arches made for the sunset view, if crowd is not there you are in luck) as I was early for sunset so we just stood outside the car and enjoyed the sunset. Work of caution : too many monkeys there so be careful with food items as they tend to snatch them. View of sunset is breathtaking. There are nice and clean washrooms near the outer parking and also some at the top. There is a garden, few temples, caves on the top as well, however my objective was only to enjoy sunset so did not explore them.
Written March 17, 2021
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2 contributions
Food and Restaurants TAPPAL BIRIYANI
Feb 2021
Nandi hills is the haven for nature lovers, had wonderful time in Nandi hills, we couldn't find good restaurants to complete our day out, had wonderful non veg food at Tappal Biriyani its bottom of the hills.
recommended to have tasty nati style Biriyani at Tappal Biriyani Restaurant.
Written March 17, 2021
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Bengaluru, India138 contributions
Nature soaked experience
Nov 2020
Imagine on a cool breezy afternoon you drive through your car passing through fields on both sides and then sailing up through sineway roads to reach on top of a hillock. Sounds interesting?? It was a fun filled ride for my family whenever we reach Nandi Hills. Its a must weekend getaway. I have not targeted sunrise sightseeing so far as I heard it gets really crowded during that time.
There is an entry free to park your vehicle. The management needs to invest into making the parking place better. there are big trenches on the parking areas and its definitely not a good experience to hear your car bumped into trenches every time when you try to park / move out.
Written February 25, 2021
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Bengaluru, India223 contributions
Sunrise @ Nandi Hills
Jan 2021 • Family
Inspite of being an old Bangalorean, never did the sunrise trip to Nandi Hills before. The gates to Nandi Hills opens @ 5.50 am & when we reached around 5.15 am, there were already about 10 cars & a dozen bikes. Parking before the gates are very haphazard.
Once the gates open, one has to drive to the top & buy tickets. There is a nice viewing platform to view the sunrise. The sunrise itself is stunning especially on a clear day. The Elevation on the top is around 4850 ft so wear warm clothes. Can be very chilly in winter. There is also a bit of sightseeing to do after the sunrise. Do
hire a guide for comprehensive tour. There is a decent restaurant on the
bottom of the hill. Lovely experience but the authorities can do a better job in organizing the cars in a orderly way before the gates open.

Written January 23, 2021
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Hiral Amodia
Bengaluru, India718 contributions
Bengaluru's best Sun Rise point
Dec 2020

Date of Travel: 25-Dec-2020.

Nandi Hills is one of the most common names among Bengalurians for a quick refreshing weekend break. For years this has remained as the most sought-after location for a family picnic, couples spending some leisure time, bikers, trekkers, cyclists, joggers, and travel enthusiasts.

This was my first ever picnic post-Covid. We were extremely worried about the covid situation and hence purposefully avoided the sunrise time which is the most sought-after time to visit Nandi Hills. We started around 6 AM in the morning from our home on Bannerghatta Road and reached Nandi Hills around 10.30 AM after taking a short break at the foothills.

When we reached there we were stunned to see the crowd. The place was highly crowded and so many people were roaming without masks as if there was no Covid at all. Vehicle entry on top of the hill was stopped as the parking was full, so we parked our car in the big parking place adjacent to the shops. We further waited for the crowd to get less and spend an hour here munching on the breakfast that we had carried from home. By now a lot of people were retreating after watching the Christmas day sunrise.

We decided not to take our vehicle on top and hence we started walking towards the top of the hill. After crossing through the entry gate, we have two options - either take the old steps through dense vegetation or walk through the vehicle road. We decided to take the steps. This was another amazing experience. Even at 11 AM, it was very cold. Steps are steep, irregular, and surrounded by dense vegetation. One will surely become breathless by the time one reaches on top. Yet, this is surely a 'must-do' adventure. I strongly recommend that park your car and take steps to reach the top. You will enjoy the climb and will also get amazing spots to click your photograph as well as click some natural beauty as the sun rays pass through dense green vegetation.

On top of the hill, there are some treehouses, but all are in shambles. There is also a park which is maintained well. But the two major attractions on top of the hill are - valley view and ancient temples.

The view of the valley from the top of Nandi Hills is mesmerizing. You feel mist and clouds around. The view of town and villages through the fade of mist and clouds is a treat to the eye as well as for photography enthusiasts. One can spend a good time here amidst nature while the cold wind breezes through. The authorities have made many canopies where people can sit and enjoy the magnificent view.

Also, take out some time to pass through the ancient temples and admire the art with which the stones have been carved. Imagine how people of that age would have created such amazing work of art on top of this hill when reaching here would itself have been difficult.

Also, on top, there are few attractions like - Government guest house and Tipu Sultan's vacation home which can be watched from the outside. There is a big pond of old times which again is a great work of art to be admired. One can see a lot of beautiful flowers growing around.

There are enough public washrooms at Nandi Hills, but I am not aware of the cleanliness of these washrooms as I avoided using those in current times. There is one small hotel on top of the hill and few shops here and there, but I am not aware of the taste/hygiene, etc. as I avoided eating here in current times.

One strong word of caution - There are too many monkeys on top of Nandi Hills and they are extremely mischievous as well as super daring. Please don’t take any food or any other belongings along. Monkeys have trained themselves to come and snatch anything that they see in your hand. We observed them snatching - food, water bottles, and purses. So be very careful about this. They don’t come near if you are not carrying anything. So, you can feel safe if you are empty-handed.

Important notes:
* There is enough vehicle parking space at Nandi Hills
* In current times, people are being extremely careless, and many people are seen not wearing masks. So, plan your travel by avoiding the peak hours
* Reaching here is very easy and the complete route is very scenic
* Drive very carefully while climbing up as there are many bikers and cyclists who may be slower
* Don’t stop on the way and put yourselves as well as others in danger
* Be careful from the monkeys
* While returning buy something from the local vendors selling fruits, corn, etc. on the way. They highly depend on tourists for their livelihood

Enjoy and have fun in Karnataka - One State, Many Worlds!!

Signing Off
Hiral Amodia
Written January 2, 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

ASHMEET batish
Ludhiana, India8 contributions
Nandi hills
Oct 2020 • Friends
Great views at the top, clean and green , but doesn't have any restaurants and nd all but great view of sunset and sunrise nd u can't enter after 6 pm
Written October 10, 2020
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Ghaziabad, India237 contributions
Day Trip from Bangalore
Oct 2020 • Family
The place is around 2 hrs drive from Bangalore city. I found this place a bit too hyped. One has to start at 4 am to view the sunrise at Nandi hills, to my surprise there were so many people just at the foot hills that they closed the check post to go up the hill. The traffic jam was for about two hours. I came to know that they allow vehicles to go up at 8 am. This has happened after Corona lock down. I will suggest that you confirm the timings before embarking on this trip. Once, at the top, one can get good views from top, a garden, a temple and some places to eat. Won' t rate this place too high.
Written October 3, 2020
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Bengaluru, India8 contributions
It is wrongly declared on net that it is open!
Sep 2020 • Family
Do not visit now. It is CLOSED! They are wrongly announced it as open so that hotels can make some business. Pls read latest public reviews and then plan your visit.
Sep 6, 2020.
Written September 6, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Earth The Spa
Bengaluru, India6 contributions
Winter season will make Nandi beautiful
Jan 2020
The biggest hill near to Bangalore and the main tourist attraction place. The best time to visit is winter. Best weekend place for a family outing
Written August 22, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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