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Virgin Mary Church, Midyat

Virgin Mary Church
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Erhan Yildirim
Turkey1,693 contributions
rose of tur abdin
Mar 2021
currently, the Church of the Virgin Mary is located in the south of the village of anitli, a village in the district of Midyat in the province of mardin.the village is accessible by is located on the highway between dargeçit district and midyat district.I would like to share with you some historical events related to the church, which can be visited for free.


tur abdin region with the largest number of churches in the the same time,more than 20 different religions,languages, races lived together for thousands of years in the ancient,it includes mardin,midyat(matiate), dara, nusaybin,(Nisibis),cizre(kardu) and hasankeyf(cephenia) regions of the southeastern Anatolia(mesopotamia-upper fertile crescent) region of the Republic of Turkey.the region covers the regions called izala(izla) mountains and kashyari in early Assyrian sources.tur abdin region is home to about 80 villages and 70 churches and monasteries founded on different dates.the region has been famous for its olives and grapes since prehistory.
the history of the first settlements in the region goes back to 4000 BC.Sumerians-Akkadians,Hurrians, mitannis,Hittites,Assyrians,Arameans,Medes,Persians,Alexander the great,Seleucids,Romans,Parthians,Sassanids,Byzantines, Islamic period.…
some sources say that the original name tur abdin is "tura ela" "abocle". Abocle, meaning "about monastic life"
but most sources say that the area of tur abdin means the mountain of slaves or believers.
there is a story told about the origin of the name of the region of tur abdin.

Persians; Romans when they invaded the region They expelled him from Dara, Nusaybin and surrounding areas. Some of the Christians of the Tur Ahdin region took refuge with the Romans in a city called Rumania in the western part of the Euphrates. After a while, during the reign of Emperor Justinian, the Romans took their revenge on the Persians, invading places such as asw; Nineveh, Beth-Nuhadre, Beth-Garmay, Beth-Sluk, and captured most of the pagan people there. Watch them, between Arzun, fenik, Savur Castle and Mardin Mountains.they planted it. a caravan of pagan prisoners placed in the area because of the Tour Abdin, the name "Mount of prisoners" derives from.
The earliest Christian building in the area is the Nusaybin baptistery, built during this period, 313-320.
Syriac Orthodox Church, Imperial see during the time of Anastasius ( 491-518)
it has gained legitimacy. Jacob of Burudan, appointed by Theodora (527-548) ,
27 Metropolitans assigned to the region more than a hundred thousand members of the clergy, Monophysite
it has guaranteed this tradition, which is valued as. Anastasius and Theodora
many buildings were built during that period. hah village, which is 30 km away from midyat district, is called cathedrals village in has 8 churches.
The Virgin Mary Church is located in the south of the village. It is the most beautiful and monumental church in the Tur Abdin region. Sources say that the church was built in the early 7th century.Mor Sub, Mor Samuel Church, Sarkis and Bakos Monastery are other important churches in the village.a legend about the foundation of the Church of the Virgin Mary is as follows.
In the land of Judea, the birth of a king The twelve kings who traced the bright star they believed to be heralded, set out from the east.
they leave. When they reach the king of Hah, Hanna, they send three of them to Jerusalem. Three The king finds the newborn child and he offers him presentations. Themselves of the child given as a memory when they bring your diaper to Hah, burn the cloth and ashes among them they decide to share. Aleve discarded cloth, twelve locket transforms. Witness this miracle
when they are, in the name of the Mother of God will survive forever
they decide to build a monument. Lying beside the pond hah field, even today "Parpuso" referred to as (in pieces).the church, built in a closed cross type with a square plan, is the pupil of tur abdin region with its different architecture and decoration.
Written April 1, 2021
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Beirut, Lebanon57 contributions
The greatest old church i have ever seen
Aug 2019
this church is greatest I have ever seen in old churches.the architecture and the old stones are unique.a must-visit.check the rooftop of the church
Written September 9, 2019
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Erhan Yildirim
Turkey1,693 contributions
Jul 2019 • Couples
legend surronds the origins of the church of the mother of god in hah; its foundation is linked directly with the birth of jesus: twelve kings came from the east,following a star which they understood as sign of newborn king in the land of judah they came to king hanna of hah and sent on from there only three of their number to jarusalem the three kings fount the child and offered him their gifts as a keepsake they recevied on of the child's swaddlingbands when yhey arrived back at hah they were unwilling to cut the strip of cloth into pieces they pieces they decided to burn it and share out the ashes amongst themselvesinstead the fire turned the cloth into twelve golden medallions seeing this miracle the kings decided to build a memorial in honour of the mother of god a building which would endure until the end of the world the field nevt to the pond at hah called parpuso (shredded)is believed to be where the miracle happened
Written July 15, 2019
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Ali E
Maltepe, Turkey76 contributions
One of the hidden treasures of Turkey
Feb 2019 • Friends
Mardin is absolutely a unique hidden treasure of Turkey and that church is not just one of the oldest churches in earth but also a unique square roof. It is not in a tourist attraction road but a perfect treasure waitng for discovery. The local village Assyrian (an Ancient nation) kids enjoying their fre time and learning their language and culture in this church. The doorkeeper Bunyamin was also very helpful explaining everything to us. Great place great people...
Written April 17, 2019
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Haifa, Israel122 contributions
A beautiful church and an extraordinary community.
May 2018 • Solo
While only 30 k from midyat, this church is not only out of time but also out of public tra
nsport reach. You will need your own vehicle or- as i had- a great hitchhiking day.
This is without argument the most beautiful of assyrian churches in turkey and its the center to the remains of the decimated community of anatli (hah) after a century of persecution.
The people are very welcoming but lack any english and its best you have some turkish -or aramaic- speaker with you. I was invited for tea and shown 2 more churches in the village.
Their main festival day is august 15. The closest a dolmus gets there is the one from midyat to dar gechit but that still leaves you far away.
Written May 20, 2018
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London, UK7 contributions
Oct 2014 • Family
everyone must see this amazing church of Virgin Mary in Anıtlı village. great architecture and friendly welcome.
Written March 21, 2015
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Julide T.
Bodrum City, Turkey50 contributions
The best church in Midyat!
Oct 2012 • Couples
Inside you will see how it is different and beautiful. It might be off the route but you should visit that place.
People are helping. The architecture is magnificent. Look thoroughly on the animal statues and their symbolism. Make sure you see this place.
Written November 5, 2012
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