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246 reviews
Very good

Christopher A
1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Family
Definitely will not be returning. Not fair on the kids, and I mean the ones working there. They are not trained to deal with complaints or and in true teenage style their response is to give attitude. Children told to get off trampolines after just 6 minutes and told their session is over because there was so many there. So many tables and chairs there and it obviously can not accommodate that many people with the limited staff there. Only orange squash there today or pay a fortune for pops and slushes and fruit shoots.knowing it’s half term. prices on food and cakes is quite steep considering it is a children’s play area. Train the staff and if someone pays for 2hours you let them have 2 hours and 2x 15 minute trampoline sessions are not 6 minutes and then 7 minute sessions.
Written February 20, 2020
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Rebecca E
1 contribution
Jan 2020
OK well my son recently had a party here; we have attended the venue on many occasions previously and I can say the service has certainly deteriorated over the years since first opening.
The food quality has deteriorated yet costs have soared. I ordered a Pepsi which was very watered down (not noticed by the server), when I complained another was given, this was marginly better however still very weak only to be told that the servers couldn't change the syrups, a job that could only be done by the supervisor who was not available. My friend ordered a hot chocolate which took quite a long time, the many staff were asking each other how one was made!
When using the laser guns, they were simply handed out to the kids without much explanation. Initially there were not enough guns to go around and some were even broken and taped up. The guns appeared to fail regularly and needing replacement.
Whilst the staff were friendly, their knowledge around their job was relatively poor and there appeared to be a lack of supervision all round. More training and organisation definitely needed.
Written January 25, 2020
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Llanelli, UK6 contributions
Feb 2014 • Family
I Recently visited the Play King with my 11 year old niece who was visiting from England during her half term. She and I were excited to be going ice skating, however we were both completely and utterly disappointed when we got on to the rink to find it is not ice at all but PLASTIC!!! And nothing at all like skating on ice! Came off after a very short time to go and speak to a young boy working on the front desk, to tell him how disappointed we were by the fact that the so called ICE rink is not ice as it is advertised. It is referred to as ICE throughout all the health and safety posters and also on Play Kings website and it doesn't mention anywhere that it is ARTIFICAL. I asked for my money back which was returned.
Unrelated to the above incident, I have also previously had poor experiences here with young inexperienced and sometimes off handish staff. Dirty tables for over an hour, overflowing nappy bins in the toilet. Floors covered in food and not swept regularly enough so children trample through it! Staff unprepared to serve coffee 10 minutes after the doors opened!! Not good!

It would also be handy to have lockers inside so that parents can leave their belongings safely while they go and play with and supervise their children. Being a mum of 2 small children, a 4 and a 2 year old, it is impossible to take my 2 children on my own without worrying about leaving our property unattended especially at very busy periods. Just a suggestion!
Written February 21, 2014
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Zoe D
5 contributions
Feb 2020 • Family
Don't know where to start!
Outside is so uninviting, litter everywhere, fag ends by front door, white pvc black and overflowing. Entrance very unkempt, empty bottles on the floor.
The place is totally disgusting, needs to have a full clean, as you go around the play area its covered in dust, sticky marks, tissues, sweet wrappers etc, this is in areas that children can access and needs to be kept clean!
Ordered food (very overpriced) settled for sauage and chips just for my daughter, after 1 hour of waiting and trying to catch a member of staff it was clearly been forgotten! No apology.
Didn't see any form of supervisor, team leader, just two young boys.
Lots of broken objects damaged and left around. There was a large hole in the plaster board of one wall and a chair had been placed up against it!
Is the owner reading these reviews?? Nothing seems to being done about everyone's comments.
Will do be returning.
Written February 8, 2020
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Simon P
1 contribution
Jan 2020 • Family
Sadly gone downhill since it opened years ago & in need of a massive revamp !! Car park full of litter, bins overflowing, arcade machines broken, poor trained staff, no staff supervision, slow cafe service (30 minutes wait for a coffee), dirty equipment, cold food, no heating & highly overpriced considering they can’t do one thing right. Glad to say my children are getting to an age where they are losing interest in these types of play areas anyway so I won’t be returning any time soon. I would rather spend my family time & money elsewhere where my custom is better valued in a safer & cleaner environment.
Written January 26, 2020
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Ashton D
Llanelli, UK1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Family
My nephew has autism and is very impatient when it comes to waiting. Instead of allowing my nephew to go into the play area with his grandmother whilst his mother paid, the teenager at the desk refused to let him in and said he wasnt allowed to until he waited in the queue and paid for it. By this point he was kicking and screaming because of the amount of time he had to wait to get into the play area, even when waiting it was overcrowded and not an environment which a child with autism can wait in. The kids working here have no consideration for parents with children suffering from a disability. Better management is needed and more mature staff with experience with children would be a help.
Written February 21, 2020
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Drefach, UK1 contribution
Feb 2020 • Family
During half term I decided to bring my two children to the play king. Was very busy as I expected considering it’s half term. The reception staff was rude and had no time for anyone. I found a seat in the far back where I could not see my children! I ordered food and was told there was a half hour wait. Hour goes buy and my food is nowhere to be seen. I question to where it is and every staff was rude to say the least!! A young girl could see I had been there for a while and checked if I was okay. I explained why I was there and she sorted it straight away! She brought me my food and deeply apologised. I then complained to her about my seating and she cleaned the table personally escorted me to a table right in the middle of everything straight away ! I noticed she had an orange welsh badge on her uniform and questioned her about it. She offered me my service in Welsh and that is exactly what she did. As welsh is my first language this was very beneficial for me. She was nothing but well mannered and professional. This was enough to change my whole outlook on the play king. I couldn’t praise her enough. I will be returning and I will be delighted to be served by this young lady again. If this review could get back to her so she knows how much of a lovely lady she is and a credit tho the play king I will be grateful as I didn’t get the chance to thank her before I left. (Very long hair, wears a “cymraeg” badge, always smiling) Thank you
Written March 1, 2020
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Jo-Anne H
Swansea, UK76 contributions
Jan 2014 • Family
I always liked play king, we have been very often and very
had an incident. However we were there yesterday. We had 4 adults to 3 kids, we
supervised my children the entire time, someone was constantly with the twins who
were 2 and my just turned 4 year old stayed fairly near us and we watched him,
as well one can when part of the area cannot be seen unless you physically
follow them everywhere.

My son has reported some bullying to me and a watch two much
older boys following and pushing my son, we all witnessed several incidences
like this, but we just told my son to avoid them. the one time the two men left
the area to get drinks and they were gone about 5 minutes, I saw this woman run
in, grab my son, then grab his leg and drag him down the step (soft play ones) and
the smack him on his leg. I ran over, shocked and she started screaming that he
hurt her daughter, who was nowhere to be seen and certainly not crying or
upset, I said I was sorry, don't think it sunk it that this woman just assaulted
my son, and he said he was sorry and I came away and kept him on my lap for
time out. These other children were significantly older than my son. She
continued to scream over at me, that he pulled her hair and then the group of
women there all started pointed, shouting and giving me abuse. I and he was physically
shaking, the men came back and then quietened down but continued to point and
stare, make faces and give finger gestures.

 When I looked better
at my son, I saw he had blood down his face, scratches all over his face, and
red marks on his body, as well as where this woman had grabbed him. Then the
manager came over, they had complained to her, bearing in mind that I and he
has said sorry, and brought my child over for time out, both of us shaking and
he was crying. the manager tells me my son was hurting theirs, I tell her what
happened and she dismissed it and told me it was my son, I show her marks and
the fresh blood on his face and she continues to dismiss and tells me to apologise,
I said I did and that he did and that he us being punished and again raised the
fact he was assaulted by this woman and she again dismissed and said I needed
to better supervise my son. I burst into tears and left.


They never filed an incident report, or an accident report
about my sons face despite the face I showed I had taken photos. She never
checked the CCTV. I’m disgusted, I don't think for a minute my son was
innocent, he was autism and if they did attack him as it looks from his
injuries and what he has told we as well as the bullying I saw, there is no
doubt he did lash out, but it was provoked by much older children. However,
whatever my son did or did not do he should not have been physically assaulted
by an adult, and play king should have taken the incident seriously.
Written January 21, 2014
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Carmarthenshire, UK11 contributions
May 2017 • Family
We visited The Play King for my son's birthday. It was midweek so we thought it would be relatively quiet compared to the weekends.

On arrival it took someone about ten minutes to allow us to pay in the reception area and let us in as there were no staff in sight.

My son immediately wanted to play on the game machines available as you walk in the door. He was given some change and tried to use one of the ten pin bowling machines. On putting his money in, no balls came down the lane for him to use and some random children ran over and started shoving plastic ball pit balls into the ball return area. No parents to be seen and although we kindly asked them not to do it, they continued. My husband went to get a member of staff which turned out to be practically impossible as there were again none to be seen. After waiting about 15 minutes one eventually came over and reset the machine. We'd already pulled all the balls out. By this time, two goes had been used due to the timer but he didn't restart things despite us asking, so my son missed two goes. There were also only 9 pins and when I asked about this the man ignored me and walked away.

We then went into the main soft play area. There were quite a few older children there despite it being mid week but there was plenty of space to play. My son wanted to go on the little cars which cost £1 each. There used to be staff there but there was no one, so we had to climb in. None of the cars were working and they wouldn't accept our money, leaving our son disappointed. He then wanted to use the steep slide so we went to find someone and no one came. Two hours later when we decided to leave, still no one had appeared to man the steep slide.

The soft play area itself was dirty and unkempt. The ball chutes didn't work. There were dangerous hazards everywhere including stacks of heavy chairs, broken equipment, the broken horse from a merry go round, extension leads with plugs in them, open sockets and disco equipment piled high and covered with a cloth (see pictures). Although there are signs everywhere stating that playing children are parents' responsibility, I have had it confirmed that this covers the soft play area only and not hazards left by staff in a supposedly safe area.

There are now trampolines and an air bag to jump on. There are signs saying that parents need to sign a waver for their children to go on them, plus wear special trampoline socks. There were no staff members in sight despite us waiting nearly half an hour. Other children and adults were using the trampolines anyway despite the signs and lack of staff. A lawsuit waiting to happen. Adults were leaping from a wall onto the air bag with no regard for very small children at the bottom. It was unbelievable.

At this point we decided to leave but our son wanted to play air hockey. We couldn't get change because the change machine does not accept new £5 notes. We couldn't use our £1 coins on anything at all because no one machine there accepted new £1 coins and the cars had eaten our old ones, with no staff to retrieve them.

We again had to seek out a member of staff (same one again) to get us some change we could actually use. We put money into the air hockey machine which loaded up but there was no puck. We asked for help but the staff member fiddled with the change machine for the next 20 minutes while my son exclaimed that it was his worst birthday ever.

It was a terrible experience for us all. We were horrified at the hazards, the lack of staff, the lack of care from the one available staff member and the clear neglect for the place itself. We will be reporting things to the body that advises standards for soft play centres and we will never be visiting again.
Written May 16, 2017
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Tracey H
Swansea126 contributions
Jan 2014 • Family
Go to many indoor play places in Swansea.This place is the worst place to go.Ordered food waited an hour and a half for it to come.Dirty tables food everywhere.Complained to the manager who said all his staff were in college and couldn't come in to work.
Kids running riots with parents just sitting there reading books.
Will no be returning again.
Written January 27, 2014
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor performs checks on reviews.
On this particular day we were let down by several staff, and were also much busier than usual on a school day due to school closures. Servery staff were advising customers of a wait on food orders, and I believe you suffered the longest wait of an hour, and were given your full food order free of charge. As expressed on the day, apologies for the delay on food. No issues were raised reference riotous children. Any complaints of this nature should be reported to the staff on the day, so they are aware of problems and are able to deal with them.
Written January 29, 2014
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