La Tomatina

La Tomatina, Bunol: Address, Phone Number, La Tomatina Reviews: 4.5/5

La Tomatina
Spain does fiestas — and Spanish fiestas can be bizarre! If pelting your friends with squashed, over-ripe tomatoes is your idea of fun, then book your trip to experience La Tomatina for an unforgettably good time. Held since 1945 in Buñol, Valencia, La Tomatina harms no animals, and is pure and unadulterated filthy fun. There are a few rules, of course. The fruity fight lasts for an hour, tomatoes must be squashed before throwing, and no other items must be flung. Don't wear your Sunday best or designer heels, don't carry an expensive phone or camera, and be prepared to be battered. Having said that, where else can you have so much fun with a tomato?!  
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Very good

Michael Buroker
24 contributions
La Tomatina
Jun 2020 • Friends
A must to do the LA Tomatina in Bunol , Spain. The world famous tomato fight staged since 1945. Cute town, much camaraderie.
Written April 28, 2021
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brenda ulivieri
1 contribution
Impossibile to contact
Oct 2020 • Family
THE moment They change location and was Not possible for us to reach ( 22km in a bus Full of pp!) we try to contact them for more info About ticket refund and we were pushed from one mail to the another.
Written October 9, 2020
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Matthew R S
1 contribution
Fun with Toms
Aug 2019
Great day from start to finish bars open early friendly locals food stands lockers even able to park car locally
Written October 27, 2019
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Hrithik Shrivastava
Noida, India255 contributions
Crazy experience !!! Once in a lifetime
Jul 2019
For the La Tomatino Event 2019, We booked a tour from Madrid through . The Bus was ready to go sharp at 4:30 AM in the morning from Estadio Santiago Stadium (Real Madrid Home Stadium) , at 75 Euro Per Person ( included Return Transfer from Madrid, Event Band ,T-Shirt). Our Guide was very helpful and everything in the tour was as per promised.

From the Bus Parking in Buñol, to the Event venue, its a good 20 mins walk , but trust me, its a breeze....the vibe of the whole place is so exciting. Music playing throughout the streets, Paella Stalls throughout the way, Excitement of what lies ahead could be sensed in the crowd. I strongly suggest to carry / buy goggles for the event (You will definitely need it). Suggest to carry max 20-30 Euros with you (in the Waterproof pouch) and should be sufficient for Food/Beer/Paella for the post event hunger. Leave all your luggage in the Buses or Public Lockers (Guards at the event wont allow anything). Don't wear flip flops/slippers, you will end up loosing them. (Wear closed shoes). Wear Clothes that you will be happy to through away post event.

Many people recommend not to carry your phone or Camera to the event, but I believe what the point if you are not able to capture this once a lifetime event. I carried my phone in a waterproof pouch and was very cautious throughout the event.
Ensure to wear bottoms with zipper pockets to keep the Phone safe and take it out only when you find a less crowded spot (which is definitely not when the Truck with Tomatoes arrive. You have max chance of losing your phone when the truck is passing as hundreds of people occupying the streets are pushed to the side to let the truck through).

The Event last for exactly 1 hours with trucks making 5-6 trips in between. You will hardly find any space to move and the local residents from adjoining apartments splash cold water on you from the top. By the end of one hour, the streets are flooded with Tomato sludge till your knees (Trust me, I am not lying).

For me the real fun was when event was over and most of the crowd dispersed. That's when we were able to enjoy freely on the Tomato Flooded streets. And many freelancing Photographers come to capture the fun. (I even got featured in one of the Spanish Newspaper)

After another good 30 minutes fun in the streets, when we finally wanted to go for the Showers , we came to know about the best part : THE RIVER. This is something I didn't found in any of the reviews I read. Every review tells you about the Public Shower , post the Tomatino. But a small Stream of river , right in the Village, is an excellent experience. Just ask Locals for the Directions and they will Guide you for the same.

Even after 2-3 Showers, you will still smell Tomatoes in your body and wouldn't want to eat tomatoes at least for a week, BUT STILL, ITS ALL WORTH IT !!!
Written October 11, 2019
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England6 contributions
Tomatina Infantil
Aug 2019 • Family
On the Saturday prior to the main event there is a smaller event for 4-14 year olds, it is much smaller (maybe 300 children) and very well organised and controlled. Parents are OK to help with smaller children and get just as messy as everyone else.
It was amazing! Well worth visiting
Written September 18, 2019
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Delft, The Netherlands10 contributions
Once in a lifetime kind of experience, but never twice
Aug 2019 • Couples
Tomatina was no doubt a great experience. Well, mostly the one hour that it did last. The rest was simply a LOT of waiting.
We used tomatinatickets for the bus service. Price was good, location of pickup was awfully far from where we stayed. It was a parking lot in the outskirts of the city. Woke up at 4 to walk 1 hour to the destination. Bus wasn't on time. Bus ride was great. We reached Buñol around 7 in the morning. Sad part was the tomatina only began around 11. Had to spend 4 cold hours outside walking around. Yes it was VERY cold. Once there though, it's quite easy to buy a locker for 5 euros. Fits a good, big bag. From that point it's a long walk to the place in Buñol where it actually happens. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PHONE. I cant stress this enough. You will end up losing it. My bf and I left all our belongings in the locker except our gopro and some cash (20€ would be enough). If you forget your goggles, dont worry. Theres a bunch of street sellers selling goggles and waterproof phone cases (still dont take your phone). Eventually the locals start to splash water on everyone from the streets, roofs or their windows. They make it extra fun with the ice haha. Find a good spot for protection, you wouldn't want to be soaking at 8 in the morning when its 12°. Some guys get real rash, watch out for them. They not only splash water but will actually try to hurt you with forceful splashes (saw a young girl break into tears).
Locals are nice, we were offered some free food by them. Not all of them are kind though.
Now for the real thing, its DAMN exciting when you see the first truck approach. But with that also the horror that follows, as hundreds of people occupying the streets are pushed to the side to let the truck through. We were against the wall (that's where you wanna be). Its not going to be pleasant but just relax and try to enjoy this unique festival, it helps. The tomatoes are ROTTEN. They smell awful, so be warned. Yes, they're gonna be worse than you expect. The people on the trucks don't bother to squish the tomatoes, it is REAAALLY painful when they throw them at you. But when the trucks leave, it gets better. I had the best time throwing tomatoes at random people. It felt strangely freeing. I had a blast with the tomatoes and it was soooooo much fun! You feel like little kids. The streets were ankle deep in rotten tomato sludge! It was super fantastic and its definitely something you should do once in your life.
All in all the 1 hour is pretty awesome, but what follows, not so much. You have to walk a distance for the "showers". Basically a pipe with holes cut in them. Lines are dreadful. The tomatoes will probably dry on you in the sun. If you're without your phone and need to make your way back to the buses, just follow the crowd. That's how we got back.
None of the toilets have toilet paper.
Locals charge money for housing you down, unlike what I read that they would do it for free.
1€ shower
2€ shower + shampoo
Don't wear flip flops
Wear ear plugs, you'll thank me later
Cover your hair, that stuff stays for days
Try the paella there, it's good, cheap stuff
If what you read sounds terrifying, stay in the other streets where the trucks won't go.

Good luck!!
Written September 5, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

London, UK3 contributions
Gloriously insane!
Aug 2019
This has been on my bucket list for years and I finally checked it off this year and it was bloody wonderful! It was arguably the most stupid thing I’ve ever done (and there is a lot of competition in that category) and rough round the edges in some of the organisation.

None the less, it delivered on everything I hoped and expected and was gloriously insane! We ended up ankle deep in pulped tomatoes!

In terms of some advice, it's a ‘roughing it’ experience in that there are a handful of potr-a-loo's (with very long, slow queues) and you need to wear cloths you'll be happy to throw away. The lockers are loosely guarded crates (so avoid taking serious valuables) and the showers are people with hoses charging you a couple of euros. If you can handle that, you will have a whale of a time.

We booked travel from Valencia and event tickets with and over all, it was well organised. My only advice is that it’s not worth buying the food/drink voucher on the bus as there are plenty of locals selling out of their front doors etc and the food is better. Got t-shirt and wristband sorted on the bus avoiding some of the queues/chaos in Bunol.
Written September 4, 2019
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates3 contributions
Mobile thiefs
Sep 2019 • Friends
It was one of the best experience .loved the festival but sad to say that a bunch of a**holes spoils the day for alot of us who visited the festival . Around 50-60 person's phone were stolen or snatched in-between the crowd . It's sad to know that this happens every year and the police ain't doin anything about it . Though they did write down our complaint and I haven't seen any results..such a bad situation where we visit the country and bunch of ppl are waiting to steal the mobile..passport card etc..
Written September 3, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Raipur, India2,202 contributions
Amazing Experience
Aug 2019 • Friends
There is train in the morning starts from 7 am to go to Bunol for la Tomatina but u need to buy the tickets on the same day of the event from Valencia Train Station in city centre and to buy ticket u need to be present in train station two hours before departure.
Then go to platform 21 there the train will be there to take u to Bunol train station .
After exiting the station u will find counters for exchange for la Tomatina wrist bands and food and sangria to drink exchange of coupons .
From there even u can buy t-shirts for 10€ and 2-5 € for paella and sangria which is made of wine .
Follow the road u will be in a point where it starts automatically.
Festival starts up at 11 am .
Note :-
Be aware of mobile pick pocketers as they will cut the thread of the packet which u kept ur mobile . Always put it inside ur t-shirt after u clicked the pics as I did the same thing .
There will be 7 trucks will be coming with lots of 🍅 and always wear protective gears to withstand the power of 🍅 coming on ur face and ears .
No space to move ur hand also so crowded and fun .
After one hour of playing u can go down to the river to wash urself and there are showers down the lane also there are 10 showers near the railway station.
Your choice which way u wanna go to clean yourself .
Definitely once a lifetime event .
Written September 2, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Rainbow T
Perth, Australia17 contributions
They cancelled my booking few hours before the pick up time!!!!
Aug 2019 • Solo

I booked the bus tour departure from Malaga from la tomatina website,they sent a cancellation email to me 4 hours before the pick up time! I came all the way from Australia and I've planned this trip for a long time! I AM VERY frustrated!

I wont suggest the tour to anyone!
Written August 31, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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