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Peitian Village
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Raymond, ME374 contributions
Old time village
Jan 2020 • Friends
Great visit very old village. Had a guided tour which was so worth it or else you would miss so many things. The cultural history was fantastic. So much history to be learned one house over an acre
Written January 25, 2020
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Taipei, Taiwan311 contributions
Hidden wonderland.
Apr 2019 • Friends
A rural Hakka old village since Ming dynasty. It was really a beautiful and peaceful place.
Take your time and enjoy the scenery and food here
Written July 12, 2019
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Caserta, Italy195 contributions
very suggestive
Oct 2014 • Friends
the sensation of the real ancient china... The people of the county are really proud of it, ask them tips, they will be happy to help!
Written August 14, 2015
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Singapore, Singapore208 contributions
Humanity at its best. Wonderful rural experience. 培田村的人情味.
Aug 2014 • Couples
We board our bus outside Hong Keng village (洪坑村) in Yongding county (永定县) to Long Yan city. The bus ride took slighter lesser than 3 hours. I reckon when we are pretty clueless of our current location, and the best way to alight is when the bus reaches the main depot. We bought the next available bus ticket at the bus depot to Lian Cheng county (连城县), in order to find another mode of transport to Pei Tian village (培田村). Rain drops started to fall while we are on route, and the driver was seen chatting away on his mobile while speeding on the highway with the rain splashing down. I guess that is why accident insurance coverage is being offered when you are purchasing the bus ticket.

We were asked to alight at Peng Kou town (朋口镇) en-route to Lian Cheng county and hitchhike to Peitian village. Took some time before finding a local who is willing to send us to Peitian village using his car for RMB 30 for 2 of us, but i am sure you can get it even cheaper at RMB 20. We drove down a newly constructed tar road with no street lights, and only the occasional car whizzing past. It was close to 8.00 pm when we finally reach our guesthouse in Peitian village. In total, we spend close to 5 hours travelling from Yongding county, passing through longyan city, alighting at Pengkou town before reaching Peitian village, taking 2 public buses and hitching a car ride before reaching at our final destination. It can be quite a challenging journey if you can't speak mandarin, plus Peitian village isn't a very famous tourist destination.

Next morning, the sun slowly creeps in through the curtains, and I heard faint crackles and popping sound. The partner was still tuck under the blanket beside me while I rose reluctantly to check on the sound emerging from outside. Walk out of the room sheepishly with my eyes half open, and what greets me is the view of this 800 years old village in the morning mist. The sound of the fire crackers go popping in the distance, with faint smoke streaming into the sky. I felt like i was transported back in time.

It felt strange walking through the ancient village seeing the houses in the exact same manner with people still living in them as it was initially build 800 years ago. Like most villages, the people who still stay here are usually children and the elderly folks, while the adults have left for the city to earn a living. Either that the villagers are always so welcoming or they hardly see much tourist around that they often try to spend time interacting with us. Some of them especially the elderly ones can only speak in their own dialect and can't speak mandarin, therefore it can be tough communicating with them.

We were fortunate to meet a teenage girl, Xiao Wen, who is staying with her grandmother in the village during summer holiday, as she show us around her and the neighbouring houses. I didn't find anything odd earlier until i realise that there wasn't any toilet in the house. Simple convenience that we often take it for granted, toilets in the villages are shared and often found outside the houses. Alternatively, they can head to the lower section of the river to defecate as the upper section is used for bathing.

The houses are interlinked as long as you are from the same family and Xiao Wen mentioned that she was actually a descendant of a famous scholar. I can't help but wonder sometimes ignorance is bliss, for i don't think i would be able to live in the rural area for even a month when i know there are so much more in the world. It is interesting to note that any form of running water is consider as clean water, when we spotted the villagers washing their food in a drain outside their house. It is not just food that we are talking about, but also cooking pots, and clothes. Not wanting to impose on Xiao Wen further, we left searching for lunch but found out all eateries were closed due to the hungry ghost festival. With no choice, we went back to the guesthouse hoping that the owners can help us prepare some simple dishes but they were nowhere to be found as well. With our rumbling stomachs, we head out in search again and we bumped into the lady whom we met last night. The partner told her our situation and asked if there are any eateries around to recommend, and without any hesitation, she invited us to her house for lunch. We were a little apprehensive, but the lady just seems so welcoming that we find no reason to turn her down especially when the stomach is growling. She was receiving a guest earlier, therefore had already prepared some dishes. She ushers us to sit and instantly offer me a bottle of warm beer. Dishes were very simple but good enough to fill us up. Through our conversation, we understand that she wasn't from here but settled down after marrying his husband who is a local here. Even though i have been offered food from the strangers during my travels, and i will also offer to share mine with others, but I have never been offered a meal at a stranger's house. A first experience, and it was indeed very heart warming.

The contrasting behaviours of people allow us to understand the right from wrong, and to distinguish the beauty among the ugly. We witness humanity at its finest in the rural area, when people who have no riches, but are still willing to share whatever they have with you. No motives, no agendas. I guess a capitalist society create competition, advocate individual talent that help human generation to progress but also strip us off the basic human compassion to share and the willingness to be part of a community.

We rush a little and finish exploring the entire village within half a day as we were trying to leave Peitian village, and head back to the Longyan city before night fall. If you have the time, spend at least a day strolling through the village. The local authority is trying to commericalise this village by building tourist friendly shelter, toilets and etc. I would recommend you to go now before the village lose the local vibes and become touristy.

Humanity at its best, and a wonderful and lovely rural experience. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.
Written November 3, 2014
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