Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Olgiy: Address, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park Reviews: 5/5

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
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Very good

Dali D
16 contributions
Tailored Tour to Ulgii
Aug 2020 • Friends
My friend and I did a 4 day tailored tour with Dauren in Ulgii. We stayed with an eagle hunter family, spent some time at the beautiful Lake Tolboo and enjoyed the idyllic town of Ulgii. Dauren is an excellent guide, very knowledgable as well as kind. He was attentive and looked after us well with a package which included the right amount of activities and time to enjoy our surroundings. We will certainly be back!
Written August 12, 2020
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Nerys L
Mongolia8 contributions
Amazing trip to Western Mongolia!
Aug 2020
Dauren was great in the planning of our 4 day trip and always replied swiftly to any questions I had. He took us for a very nice lunch in Ulgii, visited the museum, before heading to Sahsai where we were staying the night with the Eagle hunter’s family. They made us feel so welcome and provided us with snacks and milky tea. Then we drove to see the stone man monument nearby and had delicious homemade buuz for dinner. The next morning we left for Lake Tolboo. Our camp was right next to the lake and had a beautiful view. After a quick swim and a walk, Dauren made us some delicious shish kebabs. On the way back to Ulgii, we stopped at a ger and got to try fermented horse milk (airag) and watch the milking of the mares. This was a memorable experience for myself and my friend. Again, the nomadic family were so hospitable even though it wasn’t part of the trip and they hadn’t been expecting us.
Then we had some free time in Ulgii for shopping and lunch, before Dauren collected us from our hotel to go and see Friendship Hill overlooking the whole town. We then went to a lovely Turkish restaurant for dinner.

Dauren took care of everything and we were well looked after from start to end. He even made us breakfast before our flight back to UB.

I will definitely be using Discover Altai for any other trips in Mongolia and highly recommend him.

Thanks for showing us around your beautiful province, I look forward to returning one day.
Written August 10, 2020
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Maddie W
7 contributions
Unbelievable time in Olgiy and Altai Tavan Bogd
Oct 2019
We spent two days with Erlan from Sayat Travel in Olgiy for the Golden Eagle Festival, and we were not disappointed. Seeing the Kazakh hunters compete with their eagles was an unforgettable experience, and one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in traditional Kazakh culture. Erlan was extremely hospitable host, very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all of our annoying questions. He and his family made it a fun a relaxing weekend where we did not have to worry about anything excepting having fun.

Following this we spent 6 days trekking through the Altai Tavan Bogd region. The scenery here was unbelievable, from vast expanses of the steppe to the snow capped mountains as we neared Malchin Peak. We were accompanied by the best driver in Mongolia, a wonderful chef who prepared delicious meals and an English speaking guide named after Chinggis Khan himself. By doing a combination of trekking and driving meant we were able to cover more ground and see even more of the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately due to the snow during the time of year we were unable to climb Malchin peak, but it just means to have to come back again next year.

A highlight of the trip was staying with the nomadic families living in the Altai area; they were warm, welcoming and kind.Thank you Erlan to you and your team for our wonderful trip, we also loved spending time with you and your family. Cant wait to come back again.
Written November 22, 2019
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London, UK8 contributions
Hiking in Gobi an Incredible 21 days tour with Nurka ( Nurgajaiv) guide
Dec 2018
Mongolia for 21 days was incredible, Nurka proved to be a well organised, trusted and a dedicated guide.She speaks very good English and talks with enthusiasm about Mongolia, food, culture and its history as well as providing insight into Mongolia customs. We enjoyed tea parties, games and also got to mix with the locals who were friendly and kind people who showed us their herds and how to make traditional cake. Part of the activities was hiking for 9 days where she led us into touristic sites and wonderful sceneries surrounded by beautiful lakes and panoramic views, whichI we thoroughly enjoyed and took many photos!. She was knowledgeable about all the routes we took provided us with a packed and varied programmes, helped organise our yaks and the tents were well equipped with good gear to keep us dry during rainy days. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience! She also had an incredible team who supported her all along including skilful drivers who drove us through unmarked roads in a such a vast place, and Boogy the cook, who was enthusiastic and passionate about his cooking sckil, he made us delicious food that we enjoyed All in all I deeply thank Nurka for this wonderful trip where we felt safe and welcome. Our happiness was always her top priority and I would highly recommend Nurka as a good and well experienced guide also i think the August month it was a best choice to visit Mongolia.
Written November 7, 2019
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2 contributions
Incredible piece of earth - better be keeping it
Aug 2019
Full and long text. pls read through completely!

I went on a 10 day (meant to be)-private tour with Discover Altai.
The communication was overall good and professional in the beginning, where the booking procedure was made via email as my dates weren't available on here.
A deposit was paid through a SWIFT Transfer to his bank in Mongolia.
Just a few days prior my arrival he asked me if i would allow one more person on my tour, as she surprisingly booked the same dates as my tour. I then agreed, although i usually have my reasons to be on a private tour and seem not have given me the option anymore and we agreed on a fair discount. This whole thing made me worry and didn't ease my overall thinking about the whole trip.

He then awaited me at the airport of Olgii together with our driver, the cook, our guide. The inbound flight made an extra stop to fuel up which was not mentioned in the itinerary, so you better plan some extra time flying with Mongolian airlines and was not unusually late by 2 hours.

We drove to his home and got a little breakfast packed up and went on an endless bumpy ride over dustroads. Would recommend to arrive one day prior the trip starts, cause this drive is really exhausting but exciting!

The next days breathtaking sceneries will be followed by incredible expiriences like climbing, hiking, horseriding, star gazing, daily washing in glacier waters.. never had anything like that. DO it!

The guide spoke moderate english but the whole team (driver, cook, guide, camel/horse-boys) have their heart on the right spot and are there for you to build up your tent, bring tea, and make your stay as luxurious as possible.
There is very little to worry about as the tour was well experienced and does work out well for medium to athletic outdoorers.

We had two accidents on the trip which i highly encoureged to see a more professionell plan of action to it, as there is no medical service around.
1. the horse gear was old and not too safe. The saddle snapped off while crossing a steep passage. My travel companion could save here whilst still falling off the horse. The horse was frightened and then raced off, falling and unfortunetly died later due to inner injuries. In relation to that incident the foot iron of the horse left a deeper wound in my leg which had effect on my whole trip. The guide earlier told me he always has first aid with him in his daypack, which he hadn't at the time of my accident. Neither had I in my daypack. A first aid training on your side could be useful!
2. At the Malchin Peak we got into a thunderstrike which I with all my experience in mountains and sailing haven't seen coming. Lesson learnt: you are in nature and it is unpredictable. Better not go higher if not sure.

What i really couldn't believe is the amount of waste that is left behind by other groups/tours in these remote and almost virgin areas.
I start to collect rubbish at some point, but all that is brought for tourists need to find a way home rather than staying there in getting dumbed for centuries destroying the lands beauties i came to see.
Also Discover Altai is not yet concerned enough on keeping waste to the minimum. All that single use plastic can easily be swapped to reusable containers.
Also the driver chucked out his plastic out of the car with no thinking. At the peak of the debate on the plastic crisis in Europe a no go.

Also: the freshwater container used to be vegetable oil container, which made all the water taste fatty. No go to me. Hope future tours will have different experience.
My Tent was not watertight, and one zipper was broken. The sleeping bags they provide are not genuine and did hardly do their job in the freezing cold. He better get original quality products to full fill the job or you bring your own!
Make sure you also bring dry bags to keep your stuff dry in heavy rain or snowfall.

After some time i found out, that the price i paid for the used to be private tour was still lower than the price my surprise companion paid for the group tour.. transparency, honesty, fairness. You are travelling to a developing country where they want to make an outcome to have a good living for sure, but this is something that made me really angry, cause he made me lie and cover his back so i don't destroy her comfort or tour. He also recommended my dates to her weeks in advance well knowing my private tour will not be a private anymore.. bad play.
The Duman Hotel he booked for us on the last night Olgii before departure was a bad place. Check with him, if he can put you on the flash and new one just next door.

I put this honest and personal recommendation here for you to not! make you go with another tour or agent. He made me the most special experience in my life and will not want to miss it! Support him grow, let him learn and support him understand to save the place you are willing to visit. Check the prices and let him use paypal for a bigger security.
Written November 1, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
Hi Jannik, I hope you are doing good, actually, I am pretty sure that you are because we are fallow each other on Instagram. Thank you for your feedback, To be honest, I am a bit shocked. Cause you were cool, and we all were happy. Only now i realized that you weren't. Let me make clear some details 1. We discussed about can she join your group, and you said "Sure". I offered to you a discount and you accept it. Just typical business. You could just say "NO" right? It is my mistake too cause I didn't know that you will so unhappy or else I never would offer you that. 2. Of course, she paid a bit more cause she joined after. Early book lower price. This is also a typical business. And I would like to say next, Altai Mountain tours are not luxury, There is no phone service, no hot shower, no electricity and the nearest town located in over 100 kilometers. Also, not all of us are super civilized, i am sorry. We do our service as much comfort as we can in such a condition. So, please do respect what we do, and how we do. It is always easy to critic someone's job. And you right, we will grow non stop. and I already have a PayPal. An honest response to honest feedback. Have a great day
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Bangkok, Thailand2,818 contributions
Absolutely incredible!!!
Jul 2019
Altai Tavan Bogd is one of the most spectacular places in the world! Incredible mountain scenery (Mongolia's highest peaks) punctuated with glaciers, with meadows exploding with wildflowers below. Yaks, camels, horses, sheep, and goats, herded by traditional nomadic families scatter across the valleys. Rushing mountain streams dissect the landscape. Marmots scamper across the grassland. Nights are an explosion of stars!

We traveled to the park from Ulgii (about 100 kms), and camped in tents at the entrance to the park and again at the edge of Potaniin's Glacier. Even in July, the temperature dipped nearly to freezing at the 3100 meter camp near the glacier so be prepared. Hiking from the park's entrance to the glacier is not extremely difficult, as the trails are not particularly steep, but requires a fair level of fitness. It's a good 16 kms or more, and took our group at least 6 hours (with stops for lunch, snacks, photo-taking and rejuvenation of 64-year old bodies! Hard effort, but oh so worth it!

Our travel was made much easier as we hired a tour operator that provided porter service (via camels) and set up camp and handled all of the cooking and clean up. Left us to enjoy the scenery and cool our feet in mountain streams!

All-in-all, an absolutely fantastic place and fantastic trip! I'd love to go back again someday!!
Written October 15, 2019
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia12 contributions
Unforgetable Adventurous Memory on Malchin Peak
Aug 2019
My trip is a 10 days horse ride in Western Mongolia and Altai Mountain.
The view is marvelous, people here are friendly and helpful.
The adventurous horse ride passing the Tahilt Davaa ...
The bumpy road driving, crossing the river, thanks to the driver ..
The Malchin Peak is breathtaking, snow capped mountain with glacier view. Potanin Glacier is Mongolia's longest glacier... and we camp next to it :) . It also almost take my breath away....

The day we hike to Malchin Peak, i'm slip down from the summit, but my tour guide is not there. When come to rescue, he's also not there. But our team horseman, other team tour guide, chef, horseman and mountain climbers was came ....i am so disappointed with my tour guide ... :(

Hopefully everyone going there, pay more attention every step when you hike, it is a rock mountain, and it's difficult to see the hiking path, so keep close to your tour guide or ask him to do so... stay safe.

At here, i want to express my gratitude to my chef's Guldariga (she go to find helper at the base camp), and my friend too. And whom they hike up to safe me including 2 horseman's (one is our team and Chaka), 2 mountain climbers (sorry, i didn't get their name), then Erlan & Ashka from Sayat Travel.
I am very thankful to you all !!!

Erlan, althought he is not my tour guide but he came (2nd hike on the same day just after his own tours, must be very tired) to help me out. When he saw my flash light, he flash back to calm me down do not panic.. that is the most needed, when people looking for help, right ? Thank you !!

My suggestion : The park should have an information center there and put some rescue tools, first aid kid there for an emergency purpose, since it's a suburban area, and it is a tourist popular place, it will help a lot.
Thank you.
Written September 1, 2019
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Clara C
13 contributions
Altai Tavan Bogd
Jul 2019 • Solo
We enjoyed very much this “wild and adventure “ holiday
- Tavon Bodg base camp is once in a Life experience
- Enjoyable horse riding
- Lake mirror of Blue lake
- Kazakhstan wedding ceremony is so fantastic
- Close contact with wrestling
- Khoton Lake is so clear and beautiful

Thanks a lot for our handsome guide Eska who always adjusted program with our pace. Our beautiful chef Piko cooked variety of food. Never repeat. Our driver Eska drove safely.
Written July 19, 2019
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Hello dear Traveller, Thank you to coming and enjoy Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Hope to see you again, Wish you all the best Discover Altai
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Singapore, Singapore233 contributions
Fantastic Remoteness
What an amazing place. We landed in Olgii and drove out via Khoton Lake. Did a relatively flat 15km walk from Ranger Station to the base camp. Wonderful view and temperature on 7-8 July. We were lucky as parts of the trail would have been very boggy if it was more wet. We were treated with sunshine and valleys carpeted with alpine flowers. A word of caution...the drive is bumpy, so bring motion sickness pills if you need them.
Written July 14, 2019
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Edin Krnic
Tuzi, Montenegro2,918 contributions
The best
Golden eagle festival is one of the best experiences in my life. To be with nomads and to teach to hunt with eagle is really nice experience
Written July 8, 2019
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