Lore Lindu National Park

Lore Lindu National Park, Palu: Address, Phone Number, Lore Lindu National Park Reviews: 4.5/5

Lore Lindu National Park
Lore Lindu merupakan kawasan hutan belantara. Didalamnya terdapat kehidupan liar dan koloni masyarakat asli yang masih hidup dan bertahan dengan bergantung pada alam yang ada di dalamnya. Selain itu, di dalam kawasan Taman Nasional ini juga terdapat peninggalan-peninggalan purbakala berupa patung-patung megalitik yang diperkirakan berusia 5000 tahun dan tidak di ketahui siapa gerangan pembuatnya. Trekking dan kegiatan penelitian merupakan 2 kegiatan yang dapat dilakukan di dalam areal kawasan ini. Bagi anda yang ingin melakukan perkemahan di rekomendasikan untuk mengontak atau menghubungi para pemandu beberapa waktu sebelumnya.
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38 reviews
Very good

Samuel Pasaribu
Bekasi, Indonesia2,079 contributions
Mysterious sculpture
Jan 2019
There are hundreds sculpture around this national park. But I think the one at Bada Valley was the best one. Located in the open area make us easy to reach it and take picture.
Written December 26, 2019
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Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine58 contributions
Some practical observations from our visit to Lore Lindu
May 2019 • Couples
Alright, now that my wife and I have travelled to this place let me share some (hopefully) practical comments on our trip. Not much info that we could find before going to Lore Lindu!

The main goal of our visit was to see the unique birds and animals (specifically - tarsiers) that Lore Lindu has to offer. Given this goal, we went with a professional guide - Nurlin from Malia Tours. This proved to be a very good decision, as Nurlin was critical to ensuring that we see as much as possible and have a reasonably comfortable stay. His services were quite expensive, however, especially if you compare them to the average prices on Sulawesi.

In terms of accomodation - we stayed one night at a local house in Kadidia village and two nights at Nasional homestay in Wuasa village. Facilities at the local house were extremely basic and I am not sure many people would consider them comfortable. Homestay at Wuasa was fairly good, given the remote location; you even get hot water for shower delivered to you in vacuum flasks :)

Lore Lindu is certainly a remote location; just getting to Palu was a challenge, with cancellation of Garuda flights. This remoteness, coupled with montane rainforest conditions, have allowed for unique fauna to develop. A whole series of birds and animals can be seen only in Lore L and the surrounding mountaneous regions.

Despite this remoteness there are 137 villages located in a circle on the park's borders (just to let that sink in - one hundred and thirty seven...). So even while in Lore L you still see people fairly often.

Our overall impression is that foreign visitors might appreciate the unique biodiversity of Lore L to a slightly greater extent than the local people living near the park... Frequent motorcycle rides even on footpaths with the park borders, very loud music being heard in the villages and even from park HQ near Lake Tambing, garbage that you may see on the roadside - all of that is unlikely to contribute to the wellbeing of the local wildlife.

Tourist infrastructure within the park is not very developed; it would be difficult to navigate/travel without any local support. Anaso track (beloved by birders) might be the only 'official' trekking trail in the park - and even that trail is not well maintained.

Weather-wise - quite comfortable 25 or so desgrees during the day, 15-20 degrees at night. Fairly humid, esp inside the rainforest. It rained heavily on one day after lunchtime and also intermittently on one or two evenings - not pleasant as it deprived us of some valuable birding time, but far from critical nonetheless.

Now, in terms of birds - we were moderately successful, having managed to see such precious endemics as Great Shortwing, Malia (multiple times), Cinnabar Boobook, Speckled Boobook, Satanic Nightjar, both endemic Cuckooshrikes, Spot-tailed Sparrowhawk and a whole series of other birds. Looking for the Great Shortwing (and eventually seeing one individual for a very brief period of time) was one of the highlights of the trip. Disappointments - we missed Maleo, Purple-bearded Bee-eater, both Masked Owls and could not see any of the coveted high montane endemics Geomalia and Halycitrea (to be fair, our chances for these two were quite slim anyway).

We also saw Dian's Tarsier, a rarer type of this fluffy creature that you can also see at Tangkoko. Admittedly, you get better views of tarsier at Tangkoko than at Lore L.

Lore L is also famous for its megalyths and we had a very nice experience of seeing four of them - a man, a woman, a lying individual and a huge bowl presumably used for religious purposes.

Overall - a great and in many ways a unique experience, but you need to know what to look for and what to expect.
Written June 20, 2019
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Reinier B
Boston, MA4 contributions
Great jungle tracking!!
Feb 2018 • Solo
On my way from Makassar to Ampana I decided to visit the Bada Valley to witness the Megatliths. I got in contact with a local Guide named Petrus Sinawan. Together we drove the motorbike through the VERY scenic mountain cross into the valley. We spent the day in Bada Valley driving around and walking through amazingly green paddy fields. Petrus speaks (among other languages) English very well and had a lot of interesting information about the surroundings.

The highlight of my visit to the valley was a two day jungle trek in Lore Lindu national park. Starting in the valley we hiked a full day in the jungle to set up a tent near a small water stream in the middle of the jungle. Petrus made the tent himself using materials from the forest only bringing a large canvas to cover our heads. See the photo of the tent setup. We drank water from the water stream after boiling it and cooked a nice meal of rice and chicken. It was really a unique and adventurous experience to camp in the jungle in a self made tent!! Absolute recommendation!

Afterwards I was invited to Petrus his home at lake poso to spent one night before driving further on to Ampana. Awesome experience made possible by a great guy. If you want to check the different trips you can contact Petrus directly. He has whatsapp (+62 853-4134-6483) and email (torajapetrussinawan@yahoo.co.id)
Written March 15, 2018
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Thanks to visit our forest. Do hope it will be a fantastict not only you but also to all the visitors...Petrus is a good guide and experience to the forest but we still have more than 10 guides including specialist birding guide for trekking along Lore Lindu National Park. Once more again, thank you to your visiting Central Sulawesi - Indonesia.
Written July 11, 2018
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1,571 contributions
Lore Lindu National Park, Bada Valley Megalith with Petrus Sinawan
Oct 2017 • Couples
We hired a guide for the trip and my wife & I really enjoyed having Petrus Sinawan as our guide. He took us Lore Lindu, guided us to various Megalith. Its a nice hike to these places though. We HIGHLY recommend to get a guide otherwise its going to be VERY hard to find these Megaliths. We got to see the largest one, Palindo, as well. The trip from Tentena to Lore Lindu National Park is very scenic. The road goes through very high mountains and you get to see the lush green forest of the National Park. He even showed us a tree that is called "Rainbow tree" as well as some amazing wild flower. There are plenty of wildlife but hard to spot. If you don't have a guide, its going to be very hard to spot anything. Petrus spotted black macaque, Sulawesi Hornbills. We recommend that you should spend a night in Lore Lindu National Park to enjoy more of the wildlife and the megalith but since we were on a tight schedule we did the trip in one day.

Petrus Sinawan charged us IDR 1,650,000 ($124) which included car with driver, petrol, guide fees and lunch. Its better if you can communicate ahead so that you can book a guide. This is his contact number +62 853 4134 6483. He has Whatsapp, so its easier to communicate via message and phone call.
Written January 7, 2018
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Dear visitor, thanks to your visit Bada Valley...Do hope it will be always in your memories...
Written July 11, 2018
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Susie L
Melbourne, Australia96 contributions
Fantastic park, amazing birding.
Sep 2017 • Solo
I spent 4 days here. Amazing. Birding around the lake and visitors centre was great. Walk up Anaso track fantastic. Go.
Written October 20, 2017
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands14 contributions
Nice park, but do not do a trekking between Tuare-Moa-Gimpu with Urustours Central Sulawesi
Aug 2017 • Family
We booked this trip via urustour Central Sulawesi (Dina Sawuwu). She did not inform us about the many motorbikes overtaking us on the trail and chasing away any possible animal as well as the dangerous last part where we had to sit on the back of motorbikes on the tricky trail.
The price asked (looking back) was far too high as well considering the sloppy organization (local people where we stayed did not know we were sleeping over and evacuated the children's rooms last minute), simplicity of meals and housing (nice people who got payed far too little money for having us) and sloppy information.
Better make sure you do a different trekking and have sufficient time (more than the 3 days we had) to go somewhere without motorbikes.
Written August 20, 2017
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Hi visitor, Verry sad to hear about the experience..But let me to know where the trail you did for the trekking please?
Written August 21, 2017
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Brian C
63 contributions
Jan 2016 • Couples
A last minute addition to our trip, it turned out to be the highlight. Deddy (+6285145045403) was our incredible guide. His knowledge of the whole region really left an impression on us. The forest was lovely and the birding great. Even though we covered nearly 40 kilometers over 2 days, I still had time to see 20 species of birds with 12 being endemic to Sulawesi. A top national park without the crowds.
Written January 2, 2016
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Apa yang dikatakan Pak Brian memang benar, saya adalah Tour dan Trekking Guide yang telah merancang dan melakukan perjalanan Pak Brian dan Ophelia Wang temannya. Pasangan ini adalah pasangan yang sangat menarik dan baik hati yang pernah saya temukan dari jutaan klien selama bekerja dalam dunia pariwisata sejak 18 tahun silam. Berjalan sambil mengamati burung dan berbagai macam tumbuhan yang ada di Taman Nasional Lore Lindu merupakan sebuah tradisi saya yang ternyata juga sangat dinikmati oleh Brian dan rekannya. Saya sangat berharap masih akan banyak lagi wisatawan yang mungkin datang berkunjung dan memberikan apresiasinya terhadap Taman Nasional Lore Lindu. Saya yakin komentar-komentar anggota Tripadvisor sangat bermanfaat sebagai tindak lanjut menjaga dan melestarikan Taman Nasional Lore Lindu sebagai salah satu paru-paru dunia dan sumber oksigen bagi masyarakat dunia.
Written March 21, 2016
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Nuremberg, Germany2 contributions
Jungle and Bada Valley
Aug 2015 • Couples
We spend two days in Lore Lindu Nationalpark, especially in Bada Valley.
The way from Tentena over bumpy and serpentine roads (parts of the way is dirt road) to Doda in Bada Valley led us through a jungle. In this jungle, black macaques and hornbills can be spotted. We stopped several times by the road and saw a lot of the birds very close by the street and also some monkeys further away.
In the valley, we went for the megaliths by car. On the next day, we went on a two to three hour walk through the valley to find more megaliths. Our guide showed us many different birds and a lot of interesting plants and explained their uses to us. Halfway on the way back to Tentena we stopped by the road and went for a 3 hour hike in the jungle.
We can highly recommend our guide, Agus. His English is excellent and he knows a lot about the wildlife and the plants in the national park. Contact him by phone (081342512194) or mail (AguzMbayowo@gmail.com)
Written September 3, 2015
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Eric W
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia137 contributions
Aug 2015 • Friends
If you've read about Megaliths, Maleo, Tarsius, Hornbill, Satanic Nightjar, Nepanthes i won't add more about those beautiful creatures.

I would like to add a few things, on the Trans Sulawesi road you'll passed a Kampung Bali. I tell you, you have to ask your local guide to stop and enjoy it awhile. A taste of Bali in Sulawesi are awesome.

Tarsius only come out at night, i tell you that rain sometimes happen and Tarsius won't get out. Spend at least two night just in case. You won't regret to stay in Kamarora Village too, it's beautiful.

You may notice a lot of Churches from various denomination on your way, ask to stop on one of a wooden walled Church. You won't find it anywhere else in Indonesia.

During a homestay, please be kind and told the parents if they have a kids you would love to let them learn a few English or your language. Tell em stories about you, your job your country.

Try to greet with "Selamat Pagi" (Good Morning).
Written August 13, 2015
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Denver, CO9 contributions
Lore Lindu, The Besoa Valkey and Doda
May 2015
I really don't know where Lore Lindu actually begins or ends, but I do know we saw a D-cups worth of megaliths. We stayed in the village of Doda in the Besoa Valley. You can get here on your own from Palu if you go to the Petobo bus terminal and ask for the bemo. You may have to wait some hours as there only seemed to be one a day. Alternatively, there is always someone who will take your money for a ride in his Toyota Kijang. The bemo ride is treacherous and long, and if you make it there at all, you will undoubtedly walk away very impressed with your drivers skills.

There are a half dozen or more megalith sites all over the valley. Just find a motorbike or a sepeda to rent and you can easily find them all in a day. There are signposts at the access points to all the sites - just ride, man.

There only seemed to be one open guest house in Doda, Berkat Penginapan, and it was one of my favorite stays in 5 months of traveling around Indonesia. The family that runs it is super sweet (they especially showed pity on us when we returned in the pouring rain after a failed attempt at the alleged easy trek to Bomba in the Bada Valley). They have four very nice new guest rooms and will include three delicious meals for a very reasonable fee. They can also help organize a bike rental. Mama Effy is a saint, and her and her family are most generous.

The pace is slow here, people are friendly, the air is cool - if I had my own wheels, I could stay here for weeks.
Written June 12, 2015
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