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Dirk D
559 contributions
Best long distance hike so far
Sep 2021
The Laugavegur trail has been a tremendous experience for me. Especially the first two days and the area around Landmannalaugar are of an outworldly beauty. The vulcanic landscape is a beauty to behold and the scenic views on day two belong to the best views I have ever seen. The unpredictable Icelandic weather needs to be taken into account however. At the peaks the icy wind can be quite cold and sudden showers are to be expected during the hikes. Besides the regular trail it's highly recommended to do some extra hikes in the evening such as the hike towards the magnificent Markarfljótsgljúfur Canyon around Emstrur.
Written September 12, 2021
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Ben C
2 contributions
World class experience if you're ready for a bit of a challenge
Sep 2021 • Friends
Crazy scenery, you won't be disappointed. It is tough at times, especially at the start with steep climbs and o real path.

Also it is tight in most huts and you need to be ready for that. If you can get past all that it's unbelievable. I recommend going with a decently sized group, the people really made it for me.

I went with Much Better Adventures who used Icelandic Mountain Guides as the actual tour provider. Our guide was Jón who was like having another mate on the journey. He's an absolute legend and I hope others get the same experience I did.
Written September 11, 2021
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Cheshunt, UK96 contributions
One of the best hiking trails.
Aug 2021 • Friends
I have just returned from Iceland having walked along the 35 mile (56 km) Laugavegur Trail, from Landmannalaugar to the fertile campsite at Porsmork.
The trail takes you through a volcanic wonderland. Distant snow capped volcanoes ( including Eyjafjallajokul ), glaciers, boiling springs, deep canyons, fast flowing rivers and lava fields adorned with a variety of wild flowers. The trail is undulating and steep in places with unstable scree. There are marker poles at regular intervals.
You will need good boots, warm clothing, gloves, walking poles and adequate waterproofs. The weather can change very quickly. In order to save altitude you should walk from north to south.
There are 3 campsites along the way with limited pre booked accommodation. Camping will be the only other option. The camp sites have shower and toilet facilities. These sites are only open from between June and mid September. There is a daily bus service, to and from Reykjavík.
Be under no illusion you will be venturing in to a beautiful, hostile and ‘trying’ environment. You will need to be careful and respect your surroundings.
The Laugavegur trail is considered as one of the best walking trails in the world. It will not disappoint you but having said that you will need a good level of fitness.
You can extend your walk by walking over a high and very difficult pass between Porsmork and Skogar.
If you decide to participate on this walk then I am sure that you will enjoy your efforts. I did!

Written August 27, 2021
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Mark M
Kirkland, WA733 contributions
Great hike - recommend completing whole hike to Thórsmörk
Sep 2019
I hiked the Laugavegur (Landmannalaugar) and Fimmvörðuháls trails with two nights at Thórsmörk to have a day to explore the popular area around Thórsmörk. Landmannalaugar was one of my favorite areas in Iceland from a prior trip to Iceland to drive around the ring road. I came back solely to complete this hike inlcuding exploring Landmannalaugar and Thórsmörk. The hike offers a variety of barren landscapes from colorful rhyolite hills, steaming fumaroles, lava fields, neon green valleys with glacier views to black volcanic desserts culminating in forest. Huts should be booked far in advance prior to January and will be reviewed at the end.

Explore Landmannalaugar:
I spent one night in Landmannalaugar and would recommend this to others. This offers two days in the area incase the weather inclement one of the days and allows you start the hike earlier than others. My first day had some rain with many people waiting in the hut. But we also had a clearing in the afternoon were many people went out for great views. Several people hiked up Mt Blahnúkúr before the clouds settled in again.

Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker:
On the second day I started the Laugavegur and hiked to Hrafntinnusker. The day starts with colorful rhyolite hills, moss, lava fields and steaming fumaroles. We had a low cloud cover limiting the ability to get full views the higher up we went on the trail. However, we could see enough to appreciate the area. The landscape became barren and grey with snow crossings. Visibility got poor due to fog few kilometers before Hrafntinnusker Hut and required following trailer markers. About 1 to 1.5 km before the hut we passed the marker where Ido Keinan died after loosing his way from Landmannalaugar to Hrafntinnusker. The area around Hrafntinnusker is known to have the most inclement weather on the trail and camping is frequently discouraged here due to wind. On the day I started the hike rangers where stopping backpackers who were planning on camping at Hrafntinnusker. There were however a few tents setup and it looked miserable outside. At some point a few of them moved into the hut, because their tents “broke.”

Hrafntinnusker to Álftavatn:
The next day was my favorite due to the second half of the day. The weather started off foggy creating poor visibility. Fortunately many of us left the hut around the same time, which was good so we could help each other find the trail in places. In some areas we were hiking in near whiteout conditions of snow and fog, which made finding the trail difficult. We had to also had to navigate snow bridges. Eventually we passed areas of bright green moss and a small amber colored stream cascading over several small waterfalls. Visibility slowly improved as we reached Álftavatn valley though it came with wind. A highlight of the trip was reaching the viewpoint over the Álftavatn valley. The valley is filled with numerous volcanic hill formations in bright green and black, lakes and glaciers in the distance. The nearby peaks are called Stórasula, Brattháls, Hattafel and Torfatindar. The view is also a large contrast from the multiple colors of Landmannalaugar and the grey toned landscape in between.

Álftavatn to Emstrur:
The third day started off rather green proceeding through the Angelic Valley, which we looked down on the prior day from the viewpoint. Eventually the valley floors turns from rolling hills to an enormous flat desert of pumice and black sand known as Mælifellssandur. The trail passes the neon-green moss-streaked peaks including Útigönguhöfðar and Storkonufell. However, the trail became monotonous as we walked along the black desert floor. The day ended down a long hill to the Emstrur huts. A popular hike from Emstrur is back up the hill to see Markarfljotsgljufur canyon, which is worth it if you have the energy and interest.

Emstrur to Thórsmörk:
The fourth day starts off in volcanic gravel which requires some care in descending through sand/gravel into the canyon of the Syðri-Emstruá river. The scenery on the descent is interesting with a mixture green moss and black volcanic gravel. In the distance you can also see Einhyrningur (The Unicorn). It was really windy for us, which made hiking and standing difficult. The vegetation near the trail reduced resulting in us getting sand blasted with the wind fortunately at our back as is the normal direction. The vegetation eventually increases and you begin to see isolated farmsteads. The trail culminates in a forrest as you enter Thórsmörk.

Landmannalaugar Hut
This hut is large with a lot of people also camping and busy with people visiting for the day. It was cozy inside when people are waiting out the weather in their respective bunk room or eating. I stayed in the large bunk room on the ground floor which had bunk beds lining the two long walls. Each set of bunk beds was lined shoulder to shoulder with sleeping pads 50cm (20in) wide. I was glad I had a sleeping pad on the bottom at the end. Our room had a few empty places and I would not want to be in the middle when it is full. Down the center of the room was a single line of tables with bench seats on both sides. The end of the room had some more tables, but was taken over by a large tour group. They also claimed most of the drying space above the heater. The main floor also contained the kitchen with some more dining tables, but only enough space for around 20 people of the 72 people in the hut. Upstairs was more sleeping quarters. They did not look any more appealing and slept head/feet first against the base of the A-frame ceilings. The showers and toilets where in another building. The scenery around the huts is great as well as the hot spring, however, it is by far the busiest hut and not comfortable to be stuck inside.

Hrafntinnusker Hut
This hut was probably my least favorite mostly due to sleeping assignment. Solo and couple travelers were assigned to the A-frame loft which has few windows and is dark. We grabbed sleeping pads off of a stack and laid them shoulder to shoulder. Clothes lines were strung above the sleeping pads. Upstairs also has a small room with table and benches for eating. At some point in the evening campers were allowed to come stay in the hut, due to the weather presumably wind. The sleeping area upstairs became filled with sleeping pads shoulder to shoulder with not gaps and several people staying in the upstairs dinning area. On the ground floor of the hut is the kitchen, small table and two sleeping rooms. Groups of three or more appeared to be assigned to the ground floor sleeping rooms. They consisted of bunk beds with doubles on bottom and singles on top. The double beds were maybe the size of a twin bed. These rooms also had lots of windows and table down the middle with bench seat. Fortunately, I made friends with a group staying in one of the rooms. We hung out inside the room bidding our time watching the changing weather and campers as the weather was miserable.

Álftavatn Hut
This hut was my favorite along the trail and based on the hut I was assigned. I was assigned the new hut, which had a nice clean well lit interior. Single and large groups appeared to be assigned upstair in this hut. The main floor had rooms that varied from three to four beds. It would really be a treat to get one of these private rooms on the trail. The other hut was older darker and full of bunk beds, which I did not check out much. It was definitely not as nice. There were hot showers if you want to pay for them. Next door there is a restaurant, which is expensive and quality probably caters to the captive customers. The scenery around the Álftavatn hut is excellent and maybe only challenged by Landmannalaugar or Thórsmörk. Of course Álftavatn is the least accessible and most rewarding.

Botnar Hut in Emstur
Consist of three separate huts that were nearly identical. My hut consisted of two sets of bunk beds. Each set was four to six beds wide laying shoulder to shoulder. The huts were full and I was glad I got there early enough to get a place on the bottom at one end. There was a set of tables with bench seats in the middle of the room. It was cozy, but with enough room for everyone in the hut. Though at dinner or breakfast time it would cozy and likely uncomfortable if everyone was seated at the same time. Outside there is deck with picnic tables. There was also hot showers available. The weather was good when I was at Emstur so a lot of people hung out on the deck, as well as hiked to the nearby Markarfljotsgljufur canyon. The hut was warm at night like the other huts. Someone even left the door open for sleeping at night. I was worried about my roommates from Iceland and Italy staying up late like they did at Álftavatn, but they went to bed earlier. Most people get up earlier at Emstur in order to catch the afternoon bus at Thórsmörk.

Skagfjörðsskáli hut in Thórsmörk
This hut is large and fairly comfortable. It consist of two bunk rooms on the main floor. The first one is fairly large sleeping over a dozen people with its own tables and probably used for large groups. I had one bed in this room until I managed to get moved to the smaller bunk room with single bunk beds that were setup end to end. Upstairs where several sleeping quarters that looked relatively nice and would have been my first choice. On the main floor there is a large dinning room and kitchen, which got crowded at dinner time. I found one dinner frustrating, since a large group took over most of the dinning room and most likely staying in the group area of the hut. Their room had dinning tables with small kitchen next to their room. Outside there was large deck with plenty of picnic tables. There was also a lot of open grass space and would probably be a nice place to camp. The hut had an outhouse with toilets and pay hot shower. There was also a store down by the river with odd hours as it would open on and off. Nearby are several hikes and Volcano huts is a few kilometers away with a restaurant. Several people had to walk to Volcano huts to catch the bus as they sometimes cannot cross the river. It would to be nice to spend a couple days here as it tranquil. The hut is probably the second nicest on this trail after the one at Álftavatn. The scenery here is not as interesting as Álftavatn or Landmannalaugar unless you gp on the many nearby hikes. It is also far less busy than Landmannalaugar.

General hut comments
The huts for both trails are much less spacious and comfortable than the ones on Tour du Mont Blanc or in Torres del Paine (Patagonia). The sleeping pads were 50cm (20in) wide and often shoulder to shoulder in bunk bed configuration. The ones on the Tour du Mont Blanc are at least 65cm (25in) wide. In Patagonia they were typical bunk beds (not shoulder to shoulder). The Ferðafélag Íslands huts assigned you to specific rooms of the hut, which appeared to be set before anyone arrived and therefore not flexible. Being a solo hiker that meant I ended up in larger rooms instead of smaller more private rooms that were given to small groups. If the huts were near mountain road they tended to have pay hot showers, flush toilets and dehydrated food for sale. All the huts had stove, pots and pans for cooking, as well as plates, bowls and utensils. You just need to bring food, sleeping bag/quilt, pillow, sleeping mask and ear plugs. You should book huts far in advance. I booked in at the end of Janruary and could not get all the huts reserved ending up on a waiting list for many of them. I did manage to get all the huts booked after tour agencies released their unsold reservations.
Written August 31, 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Australia384 contributions
Worth a visit
Nov 2019
Plenty of steam coming out of the ground and a geyser that shoots water into the air at frequent intervals. Be careful walking on the slippery rocks and pathways if visiting on a wet/snowy day.
Written December 7, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Halifax, Canada11 contributions
Stunning natural beauty
Sep 2019
My friend and I backpacked hut-to-hut from Skogar to Landamannalaugar, with one day hike in Thorsmork and two day hikes in Landmannalaugar. If you're reasonably fit, you can do this without a guide. The trail is well-marked. The contrast between the black ash and the vibrant green moss is otherwordly. High point for me was Thorsmork -- very glad I did a day hike there.
Written October 4, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Sydney, Australia21 contributions
Laugavegur trail and Fimmvörðuháls 4 night
Aug 2019
We hiked from Laugavegur (Landmannalaguar) to Fimmvorouhals pass over 4 nights and 5 days. We did this independently and booked huts about 5/6 months in advance.
We booked all the accommodation in January and a lot of it was already selling out, because of this we had to hike the first day to Alftavan, which actually worked out for the best. Alftavan was a great spot right by the lake, the hike is about 25km and we started at 12 noon after we arrived by bus. We had plenty of time and weren't that fit and arrived around 6pm.
We skipped Hrafntinnusker, which looked pretty desolate and rocky outcrop, not that appealing, this was actually booked so as mentioned worked out well.
The first day has lots of diverse scenery from lava fields to greysers and rivers and then ended with a nice lake in a green field.
We then went to Emstrur which involved a couple of simple river corssings and a large lava fieldn, the hike was a bit of trudge for the last 5/6km as it just went through flat lava fields, and a bit of wind.
However was pleasantly sunny like the day before.
Stayed in Emstrur at the hut which was smaller than the previous one, but has showers toilets water etc, very crowded in general. This hike took about 4-5 hours.

next day we went to Porsmork which was again diverse compared to the last day, also had a large river crossing. Not very deep just quite wide. Again this took around 4-5 hours. Porsmork hut was nice, lots of grass fields to sit on and lots of amenities. Lots of people here as this is where a lot of people start or end their hikes. We again were lucky and had sunny weather!
Carried on to Baldvinsskali, this hike was the first time where it was slightly challenging as there is quite a good hill climb for the first 2-3 hours.Not as many people on this hike as the previous sections, also after the hill you go through some volcano and lava fields which are quite spectacular. We stayed at the hut here and this place is very exposed because of the two glaciers surrounding it, the wind was a little breezy but apparently can get quite bad here. Hut is small but good, if you are going to stay in a hut to avoid exposure I would recommend this one.
Next day we walked down to Skogar which has 23 waterfalls descending the whole way, was an awesome hike and took around 3-4 hours at a leisurely pace.

very crowded at the bottom!
Overall the hiking is relatively easy even if you dont have a great deal of fitness. Ensure you take lots of warm gear and a wind proof jacket.. We were lucky as the weather was very sunny most of the time, but apparently it can change quickly and you can get caught out. Fast dry towel is also a good idea, and wetsuit shoes for river crossing or salads. They are pretty small except the last one, which is quite wide and the water is cold. We also hiked in shorts the whole time as the weather was good. We took dehydrated meals, but you can also buy some of these at the huts, Porsmork and Alftavan. Some of these places sell snacks and also beer.
You definitely dont need to go with a tour group as the trail is clearly marked and there are lots of people on the way you can also ask, however its very clear and the trail is fairly busy so you can see people ahead.
In summer there is plenty of sunlight so you have lots of time to walk from hut to hut, there were people of all ages as well.
The hike had some incredible scenery, and every part was different from the last, there is so much diversity. Highly recommend.
Written October 1, 2019
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Dave D
Davis, CA15 contributions
Laugavegur Hut to Hut Hike
Aug 2019 • Couples
My wife and I travel to Iceland primarily to do the Laugavegur hut to hut hike, which is one of the most popular in Iceland. The scenery was spectacular, the guide informative, and the food surprisingly good for a trip of this nature!

Iceland is expensive, but don’t make the mistake we did by booking through a third party, in our case Macs Adventures, who, astoundingly, charged us more than 50% more than if we’d simply booked directly with Icelandic Mountain Guides, which is what most of the people in our group did.
Written September 25, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Canmore51 contributions
Laugavegur 4 day trek
Aug 2019
Echoing most previous reports, the scenery here is stunning. We took 4 days to backpack the Laugavegur from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork. Also did 2 day hikes out of Landmannalaugar before and 1 out of Thorsmork after.

As others have said, the huts are very busy and crowded, especially on wet days so there's very little room to dry clothes (but it beat camping in the wind and rain that we encountered at times!) Water shoes are essential for stream crossings, as well as full on waterproof clothing.

On the restaurant front, we really enjoyed the meals at Volcano Hut in Thorsmork at the end of our trip - 4,500 ISK for dinner buffet with soups, salads and mains (wine and beer also available); breakfast also buffet for 2,500 ISK - both delicious and reasonable value. In contrast, the Volcano Hut at Alftvatn was very overpriced, even by Icelandic standards - 3,500 ISK for dinner consisting of a bowl of chili and rice! (no bread, soup or dessert included!). Breakfast of scrambled eggs, baked beans, bread and tea or coffee for 2,500 ISK was a somewhat better deal.
Written September 2, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Basalt, CO19 contributions
Scenic and Manageable Three - Five Day Trek
Jul 2019
My 19 and 17 year old sons and I completed the Laugavegur Trail from Landmannalaugar to Porsmork this past early July and thoroughly enjoyed it! This is a wonderful trek over moderate terrain that can be completed in as quickly as two days - for the super-fit and ambitious - or three to five for those who are taking their time and enjoying the gorgeous scenery more. Their are several huts along the way - all stocked with kitchen utensils, bowls, cutlery, gas stoves and water. All you need is your personal gear, sleeping bags and your own food, although several of the huts sell sandwiches, candy, chocolate and wine and beer. The sleeping accommodations are spartan and communal, just like 10th Mountain Division huts one finds in the Colorado or the Appalachian Mountain Club huts in NH. The trek takes you through volcanic areas with sulphur brown earth over the first couple of days and ends in Porsmork with some forested areas. The terrain has some ups and downs but is very manageable for any intermediate hiker. There are a few minor shallow river crossings one must navigate without bridges - fording - but these are manageable in water shoes, although the water is icy cold, as it originates in glaciers. There is a great deal of information on the Laugavegur Trail on Icelandic websites that can be translated to English. NOTE: If you are serious about doing this, plan on undertaking the trek during July and August, as the weather becomes more challenging after August. Also, be advised that this is a very popular trail so you will see many people daily throughout the trek. Finally, BOOK YOUR HUT RESERVATIONS well in advance, say two months prior as they fill up fast! Have fun and be safe!
Written August 12, 2019
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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