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Los Gigantes Diving Centre
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Very good

Tuomas H
1 contribution
Mar 2022 • Couples
I did a refrecher dive and my partner did the try scuba dive.

Everything went nicely (seriously they had to do more work because of me, even thou I was the certified one).

I checked out those other reviews before our trip, and it seems to me that they are written by individuals who do not understand that safe diving is serious. The best service provided is a safe experience and it recuires some promt commanding. Don't go if you can't handle it.

All together, I would definitely recommend them. :)
Written March 5, 2022
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Lee C
Dartford, UK14 contributions
Aug 2022 • Friends
We had a snorkelling trip as a group of 13 and it was fantastic.

Great hosts, really considerate of all our needs and very patient. Our Skipper (Josh) was amazing. Equipment provided, no rush and an amazing location under the cliffs.

If I had 1 criticism I’d probably say that 1hr snorkelling in the same location is a bit long. Could consider 2 separate (but close) locations for shorter dives, or even cut the time down to 45mins in the water.

Overall an amazing experience.
Written August 31, 2022
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Portland, OR13 contributions
Mar 2021 • Couples
My husband and I dove over a week visiting Tenerife and really enjoyed the dives. It was usually just the two of us so Sheila took us out to dive sites taylored to what we wanted to see. The service was excellent, everyone was friendly and we appreciated that they followed the rules for covid. We would definitely dive with Los Gigantes Dive Centre again and highly recommend them to anyone.
Written March 20, 2021
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Constance B
Paris, France2 contributions
Apr 2021 • Couples
We had an amazing experience, diving with Sheila & the team. We dove twice - each time was different from one another, tailored to our level (beginners) and we felt absolutely safe all along. When the conditions were poor, we were offered to reschedule to our convenience. Great service, high professionalism and flexibility: we highly recommend and would gladly come again!
Amélie & Constance
Written April 7, 2021
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Matt C
Southwater, UK18 contributions
Dec 2022 • Solo
Excellent guided dive by Angela and fabulous communication with Sheila. Very pleasant double dive with the right balance of safety and freedom.
Good premises and kit
Would recommend and plan on returning next time I’m on the island :)
Thank you
Written December 20, 2022
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Mateja R
Baden-Württemberg, Germany18 contributions
Jul 2020 • Solo
I had scuba diving with them today. Honestly, I expected more,I didn't want to look at the rocks the whole time and spinning in a circle for the last 10 minutes. It seemed like they didn't even know where to go anymore. That was my only complaint, everything else went well.
Kind regards
Written July 23, 2020
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London, UK12 contributions
Aug 2019
If you are looking for a brilliant company to dive with, this is it. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you will get excellent training, support and diving experiences with Sheila and her team. Thet are professional,experienced, very well organised and great company too. We arrived after a less successful experience and had our confidence and enjoyment in diving fully restored. Thank you Sheila. We hope to dive with you again.
Written January 12, 2020
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Edinburgh11 contributions
To cut a long story short, I have had to raise proceedings against them in Court using the European Small Claims Procedure to attempt to recover sums owed to me by the dive centre.


My partner and I booked a PADI Open Water Diver course with Los Gigantes Dive Centre. We paid 660 Euros. For reasons set out below, we requested that we discontinue the course for a partial refund. The Dive centre agreed (verbally and in writing) and promised to repay us a partial refund via paypal. After many excuses and delay, they later told us that they had decided not to pay the refund that was agreed.

(1) Breach of Contract

Had I known no refund would be paid, I would have continued the course (though my partner would have had to sit it out). We offered to forgo the remaining services owed to us in exchange for a partial refund. The dive centre then offered us a refund of 280 Euros, which we accepted in good faith. We were paid 80 Euros in cash and promised the remainder via paypal. This was confirmed in writing in 3 separate places: text message, receipt, and e-mail. There is no question that it was a binding agreement. The Dive Centre are blatently in breach of this by failing to make payment.

(2) Service

In short, the course we received did not bear any similarity to the PADI description of the course (completing five pool dives and five knowledge development sessions and by making four open water dives) and the description of the course on the Dive Centre's website.

On arrival, we clarified that my partner had no previous dive experience and that I had done a 2 try dives, though the most recent one was over 6 years previously. Our first experience in the water was performing a reverse roll out of the boat into the open water. For both of us, and in particular my partner who is not a strong swimmer and is not that confident in the water, falling backwards into the sea without any previous pool practice was very disorienting. My partner had a mild panic attack as a result. We both suffered pain attempting to equalise and my partner burst a blood vessel in his nose, causing a very heavy nose bleed. Furthermore afterwards, our ears were completely blocked (and were so for over a week afterwards).

Also, the instructed was very rude and clearly had little patience for complete beginners. My partner was, to be fair, a bit rubbish in the water (though had we been taught in the proper order then I am sure he would have been fine). Rather than be understanding or encouraging, Sheila (our tutor) was very condensecending towards him and described his style (in front of an audience) as "the way a baby moves its legs when you are trying to change its nappy". We were both quite shocked that she would humiliate him like this in front of all those people.

In short, we did not feel the course was being taught in the proper order, that the burst blood vessel indicated a problem with equalisation (for my partner) and that our tutor was not a person we wanted to spend our holiday with. For these reasons we requested the partial refund. Still waiting for the agreed sum!!
Written December 29, 2010
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Quick Summary of events The people who wrote this review did not start an Open Water Course. They arrived in Tenerife totally unprepared. They had not completed their home study, and didn’t even bring all their student materials with them. All we could do was take them on a Try – a- Dive until they had caught up with the theory. In the water one of the students would not listen to what he was told or take notice of demonstrations on basic fining technique. A whole day was taken up and no objectives were achieved. Staff were employed, to cover their course, and places on the boat had been reserved. We did everything possible to help these clients. An account of their experiences on this site has been grossly twisted by them. Read my full answer below for the full true facts. Full answer To non divers the nearest comparison to a diving course is learning to drive a car. You pay for your tuition but you earn your qualification. Giving a diver a qualification, when he is unable to meet the performance requirements, which would put him and others at risk is not something I would ever consider, similarly no driving examiner would pass someone who was unable to complete the practical and theory parts of a driving test. Turn up for your exam without learning the Highway Code – well I think you would fail – and then you ask for a refund!!!!!! Hmmmm A and B contacted our dive centre for a PADI Open Water course. As we had a special offer on at the time they went for the Course buddy pack, both complete the course together as a buddy pair and they would save Euros 100. They sent their deposit and by return student kits with home study instructions were sent to them well in advance of their course. Their holiday was only for 1 week, so by completing all 5 modules and all 5 knowledge reviews they would be well prepared leaving the fun part, the diving, to complete in the time. So far so good. A and B arrived they checked in and paid the balance, which is a requirement for the special deal. We were all prepared to commence with the confined water skills (PADI guidelines state - confined water is sheltered, shallow water – not necessarily a pool) but before we could start they needed to complete a medical declaring they were fit for diving, and I would need to go through their completed knowledge reviews with them as they have to understand the theory before we start the practical. First disaster – not only had they not watched the video which was included in the student kits, they hadn’t done any reading either and had not completed any knowledge reviews, and even worse they hadn’t even brought s their log books which were needed to log their dives(an essential part of their certification)!!!!! How did they expect to do the course, did they expect to buy their qualification I wondered, they weren’t prepared, I couldn’t start the course. We had to change plans. To politely get over a tricky situation and not upset our clients we shuffled thing round to take them on a basic Try-a-Dive to get them started. No previous experience or reading was necessary. (Had I known then what I know now I should have sent them away and told them not to come back until they had completed the required reading) Great everyone was happy it would mean scheduling extra sessions for them, but to keep the customer happy you often have to jump through hoops. We kitted them up, gave the standard brief and off we went to one of our training sites, (a sheltered area beneath the famous cliffs of los Gigantes, which passes all PADI guidelines) 2 students to 1 instructor, also well within the guidelines. The standard and easiest entry is a backward roll into the water, if anyone doesn’t like the idea they can slide in feet first assisted by our skipper – who is on our boat at all times whilst divers are down. The report from these people says that one of them had a panic attack – if he had suffered a panic attack in the water he would have been brought out immediately by me as he would have been a danger to himself as well as his partner. He was ok, a bit nervous, which is to be expected, but he was happy to stay in the water. A and B had both been given the standard briefing, very important stay together and stay with me, they were told how to equalise, gently not forcibly, and if they had a problem halt their decent wait try again, if they had problems to let me know. Etc, etc. Had they read their manuals, as they were instructed, the information was there too. Diver A had dived before and was doing OK but it was a different story for B. Students make mistakes, get it wrong, we identify the problem, tell the student, suggest ways to improve, student listens tries again and they eventually achieve all objectives (in 99.9% of cases). Not so for B. He was in a world of his own taking absolutely no notice of what he was being told. I lost count of the number of times I explained how to fin correctly. Poor A was getting rather bored of getting nowhere because I was spending all my time telling B over and over again what to do, as a result she kept fining off ( rather dangerous) but as teaching is performance based we have to work at the pace of the slowest, diver B in this case. Our depth barely reached 2 metres because of the problems. As for the nose bleed – we all have very fine veins running across the inside of our nose. Should we equalise too forcibly (which is warned about in a standard brief) then a slight nose bleed can occur, generally at the end of a dive when you are ascending. A situation which most divers will have experienced at some time, it generally does not stop a diver from diving again in the same day. His nose bleed was slight, certainly not heavy as stated, and as he willingly wanted to try again in the afternoon it couldn’t have been that much of a problem to him. To try to solve their problems we planned another Try - a - Dive in the afternoon but this time I would put A with another instructor so I could spend all the time working with B trying to improve his fining technique – that normally solves the problem and I wouldn’t charge them any extra even though I would have to pay the other instructor. Try – a – dive 2. Both did text book entries into the water – well done, no problems. Diver A was taken for a very shallow 2nd try a dive with another instructor, no skills were taught as they had not read their book. It was not so for B, we spent a good half hour in no more than 2 metres, but he still wouldn’t listen or take notice of the countless demonstrations on fining technique, we were still no further forward. In the debrief two very experienced Master Instructors and a divemaster chatted with him, all offering constructive advise. If he had listened instead of taking it as an insult, and twisting the advice, he might have achieved something. We want our students to be a success not a failure. So we now had an even bigger problem. Day 1 over, nothing achieved, they had still not even started their course, it was a Saturday we close on Sundays. I suggested that I would come in on the Sunday and work with B on a one to one basis with no others around. Again I would not charge extra, it was more important to provide good customer service. They agreed and I changed all my Sunday plans, my other half was not too pleased. Thinking ahead that this guy would probably need 1 to 1 instruction for the remainder of the course to get him through I called another instructor to help out Mon – Wed. The instructor put his other work aside to assist and we agreed on 3 days pay – still no extra charge to the clients. All was planned, I’d better have an early night as it was work again tomorrow. Just getting ready for bed my phone went, it was a text – who on earth is that at this time of night? It was B. “It’s too much work to get through in the time we have left and A won’t do it without me, we want to cancel the course and by the way can we have a refund” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No work tomorrow I need a drink now! Next morning I called to cancel the instructor I had booked, he was furious with me as he had rearranged his week. I had to still pay him. The unused log books were returned to me and as I didn’t have to pay certification fees to PADI they were refunded Euros 40 each. At no time was and PADI standards and guidelines violated, these two declared themselves medically fit to dive, if they forcibly equalised to make their ears uncomfortable then they were not listening to what they were told. Our staff did everything in their power to help these 2 student divers and the damaging report they have made is very unfair.
Written May 31, 2011
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Hamburg, Germany2 contributions
Mar 2017 • Couples
We were offered a snorkling Trip. The woman at the counter said it was perfect because there were other people doing a trial dive. We were given gear but we never got any instructions. We werent even asked about our swimming experience. When we got to the diving site the waves were way to rough to swim safely. I am an experienced swimmer and padi diver but it was way too rough for my girlfriend so she had to get out of the water after about a minute because she was too scared from the rough currents. She started crying and was cold all the time but nobody seemed to care at all. This trip was way too dangerous and even I got almost smashed against a rock from a huge wave. We were glad when it was finally over.
Written March 14, 2017
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On booking this trip snorkelers are told that we go by boat along the cliffs of Los Gigantes, we anchor in a shallow bay where there are no tidal currents. You would be given snorkel kit plus a full 5mm wet suit which is very buoyant. You were also clearly told that our skipper stays on board at all times but we do not put an instructor in the water with snorkelers on this trip. You also signed the forms which explain the possible risks of both skin diving (snorkeling) and scuba diving when you arrived at the dive centre. Instead of signing the terms and conditions for our snorkel trip your girlfriend should have asked for an instructor and a lessons. This would cost €50 not the €20 which she paid. For safety reasons all snorkelers are given a big bright orange surface marker buoy (compulsory under Spanish law) which also doubles as a buoyancy aid, if needed. Before entering the water you were briefed as to where to go and where not to go. We tell snorkelers to stay within 50 metres of the boat, not to venture into deep water, as there would be nothing to see, and NOT to go near the rocks as there can be waves. February and March is our winter season and yes sometimes the weather can change unexpectedly and the sea can pick up while we are diving. So cancelling and aborting dives and snorkel trips does happen. On this day the conditions were border line, not perfect but not dangerous. If the sea had been dangerous we would not have allowed you to enter the water and we would not have taken the try a dive either. You say your girlfriend was scared of currents!!!!! There are non in the bay, but if it picks up a bit windy it can be choppy and yes on all coasts and shores there are waves, so it is common sense stay away from the very shallow surf areas. So to answer your specific complaints:- You say you are a qualified diver so why were you near the rocks when you were told not to go there!!! It sounds like your girlfriend was very nervous and not happy with the sea conditions that day so she did the right thing and came out of the water. That is the sensible thing to do. You said your girlfriend was cold despite being in a full 5mm wet suit, but what could we do about it? Pray for sunshine!!! Pull the anchor in and take her back to shore leaving divers in the water!!!!!! Then have several other unhappy customers! If you had come to tell me after the trip that she had to abort the session because she was not confident with the conditions you would have been refunded her €20. Our web site and the signs in the dive centre clearly state this.
Written March 17, 2017
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Belfast, UK5 contributions
Jul 2015 • Friends
I attended this diving centre to go snorkelling with turtles in mid July along with some friends whilst on holiday, what I experienced was quite frankly terrible for the following reasons. Firstly, at a price of 40 euros you would anticipate a certain degree of professionalism and finesse in terms of our guide, but unfortunately Chris did not display any examples of skilled customer service paying more attention to his young son he brought with him rather than his guests. Don't get me wrong I don't think bringing his child out on the boat with him is a particularly terrible thing but ignoring your guests altogether was very disappointing, hearing his insight on areas of the island as we passed them would have been excellent but alas this did not occur. Furthermore the key component of snorkelling with turtles is funnily enough the turtles and yet there were none to be seen, we arrived at an overcrowded cove filled with boats and locals which upon arrival made me think there's no chance turtles are going to be here and coincidentally my assertions were correct, not a turtle to be seen, highly disappointing. Having snorkelled with turtles before elsewhere we were brought to a secluded area in which we were able to see the turtles in their natural environment this experience was far from similar which lead me to believe this was a scam and based on the variables present and lack of turtle snorkelling experiences advertised elsewhere on the island that's exactly the conclusion I have come too. An overpriced, unprofessional and misrepresented experience, do not fall into the same trap unless you want to be left 40 euros down with nothing to show for it other than some bland ready salted crisps from the boat snack box and an expression fuelled with melancholy due to a lack of turtles. Stay away!
Written August 14, 2015
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We have been snorkelling with the turtles of El puertito for 2 months now.  They are amazing creatures living in their natural habitat.  They are not circus animals, they don't jump through hoops or come to a whistle, and all our publicity clearly states this. We started this excursion as an afternoon trip and after 2 occasions of not seeing them we moved it to a morning trip.  Since doing this we have always seen them. They are very active in the mornings and will come right up to snorkellers. We depart at 09:30 to get their first before all the other tourist boats arrive. We have had many excellent trips now and if you do a googe search or Youtube search for “turtles of El Puertito” you will see dozens of write ups photos and video clips of these amazing creatures. Your statement of “scam there are no turtles” is a rather unfair and untrue. I note your comment about a running commentary - is this what people really want? This is Alcala, this is San Juan.  Instead we concentrate our efforts in heading out to sea to hopefully spot dolphins on the way. Around 75% of the time we do, on days where the sea is choppy it is a bit more difficult to spot them.  On really calm days we also have the chance of passing a pod of pilot whales. A brief of the trip is given by me before departure about safety on board, in the water etc and you are told that there is a large cool box on board with drinks and snacks, you are to help yourself. I'm sorry you didn't see the turtles, but if you return to Tenerife get in touch and we will take you again free of charge. Sheila Los Gigantes Diving Centre
Written August 24, 2015
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