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Very good

Anna H
Newtown, UK2 contributions
Aug 2017 • Friends
I always wanted to drive a tank. Got a voucher for My 30th birthday. It was a very memorable enjoyable experience. The men who run the tank school have endless knowledge on tanks and military vehicles and I learnt so much in a short time. Driving was the best thing I've ever done in life! Would highly recommend
Written July 8, 2018
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2 contributions
Tanks for the memories
Sep 2016 • Couples
My wife, Lee, and I are Americans so we knew nothing about war and its machines. Mr. Scott picked us up at a nearby rail station and we joined another group that had flown in by heli. It had been raining for some time so the field of "battle" was muddy to say the least. So muddy that one of the tanks got a bit stuck. Just temporarily as the pros came in and quickly got us moving again. Around noon a big camo army truck arrived to haul us under guard to a nearby pub where we created quite the scene. We became expert tank drivers in no time which may come in handy if the U.S. election goes the wrong way.
Written November 2, 2016
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Crawley, UK257 contributions
It was a funny couple of hours
Aug 2016 • Couples
Let me start in saying that it took us a while to get round to me doing this because of some personal stuff that happened, 2 years in fact. So we paid a little bit more to extend the ticket.
I would say it was a little bit like Fawlty towers on a farm.
So we turned up 15 mins early and were the last to arrive. We were greeted by a young lad (12), young girl in her teens, young man and Alistair.

We all went up to the bunk to be kitted out in our camo, hats and the release form.
We were then given an overview of what to expect. Then follows a little bit of information about how a tank works and then the start of instructions. Now this was pretty straight forward (although Alistair telling his staff to pay attention a couple of times was funny) until we got on to the topic of the buttons on top of the steering sticks. This was mentioned so many times i started to feel like a naughty child. Now i understand the need for safety, but this was just over the top and more to follow which i will come onto later.
Anyway we were then split into 2 groups. The first group weren't even out of the door and we hadn't finished signing our lives away, and the young lad started stripping down the AK47. Now bless him for being keen, but i wanted to listen.
I have to say he was very good for a 12 year old, his knowledge was good and questions I asked he answered. We enjoyed this bit as it was interesting.
After this we were show round an APC, the T55 which was in a shed (hard to see it in it's full glory) and the hummer.
Now after this we were to swap with the other group. We were told to walk down and meet the instructor. There turned out to be some confusion to who was going to instruct us. The young man was told he was doing it, but then no he wasn't, he went up and someone else would take over - more comedy.
So our instructor came down (nice chap Sean) and Alistair explained about the Tank and it's missiles. Again interesting. But from here it went down hill.
Alistair yet again was back onto the explanation of the damn buttons (which I talked about earlier) on top of the driving sticks. The first guy had to sit in the cab and was treated like a child and told to practise how not to push these buttons. He pretended to drive pulling and pushing the sticks. THEN it was my turn to do the same. Sean even got told to watch, LOL and he was the instructor - more comedy.
Once this was over we all got into position and thought we would be off. But NO, I could hear Sean in the tank and he me, but Alistair couldn't hear Sean, so he faffed around with a walkie talkie of about 10-15min trying to get it to work, the embarrassment on Sean's face was a picture.
Anyway we were told we would go down an obstacle course as part of the driving. So of we go me driving first. We make our way down the track next to some crops, 5 mins first thing we come to is 2 sticks with tennis balls either side of the track. Sean said line up the tank and try not to get touched. So mission unaccomplished. another 5 mins 2 more sticks saying mines - we drive through. 2 mins later, I was told to stop and then we reversed the tank and went forward and stopped in between the sticks.
That was it. My tank drive took approx 12 mins. The other guy drove back to start point and we were done. After this we were hurried back to bunker was the next group had all ready arrived.

I enjoyed the little time I had in the drive seat but for - £195 per tank driver + £25 per non-driving companion. It was definitely not worth the money, plus the cost of hotel and diesel to get to Wales.

As all ways this was my experience on that day. But if I hear buttons one more time.

Buyer beware

It could be so much better.
Written August 15, 2016
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Cathie W
Swansea, UK53 contributions
Amazing fun
Jun 2016 • Couples
This experience was truly amazing. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome. The briefing was fun even when the guys were handing out our tank uniforms we were laughing. Driving the tank was a dream come true. Shaun the instructor was very patient and both he and Scotty made me feel as if I wasn't under any pressure and made sure I was totally comfortable. There isn't anything bad to say about this experience. We were shown around the other tanks and able to climb on them and we could ask as many questions as we liked.
Written June 26, 2016
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Gloucester, UK14 contributions
Tank School
Jun 2016 • Friends
I booked this for a friend a while back and finally we got to experience the tanks today.

Firstly, I will just run you through the process of booking with tank school:

1. Pick your experience - I went for the special forces experience at £195 for my friend. I then bought a companion pass (everything the driver does except drive) for me at a further £25

2. Wait - Don't panic, the voucher you get sent is valid for 2 years. You will get emails from Tank School advising on an upcoming date and you reply to say if you can attend or not. Please note that just because you say you can attend does not guarantee your place on the day. They fill the day on a historical basis so the longer you've waited the more chance you have of getting your place.

Now I have explained the booking process we get to the day........

Our day was due to start at 12pm. When we arrived we were greeted by two of the staff that work their and along with the other participants were led in to the briefing room. Once in there we met the other instructors. We were then fitted out with military uniforms and helmet in preparation for our day. Once we were kitted up the tank drivers were talked through the controls and how to steer the tank by Nick, one of the instructors.

Now we were split in to a group of 4 and a group of 3 (my group) for the afternoon's activity. Our group started off striping down an AK47 and being shown various rifles, machine guns, anti-tank mines etc. After this we went out on the farm and looked around various vehicles including a humvee complete with 50 cal machine gun. The final vehicle we saw was a fully battle ready beast. Complete with AC/DC blaring over a speaker system we ventured in to a large shed to look around the behemoth.

Soon it was our time to drive! Nick led us down to the bottom field where we were greeted by the rapier tank, our transport for the remaining part of the day. Now this tank is a snug fit so be prepared to be well acquainted with the other people in your group.

Once in the tank it was time for the off! Complete with communication headset you are off and fully in control of the tank with just your instructor to give pointers now and again. Split across the drivers (Nick even let me have a sneaky little go) you cover a range of skills such as straight line driving, corners, avoiding IED's and reversing (way harder than it sounds)

My only minor point I would make is that for the money it's a little on the expensive side for the amount of tank time you get.

All in all it was a fantastic day and i would highly recommend it for anyone.
Written June 25, 2016
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Louise T
Tewkesbury, UK41 contributions
Awesome afternoon !
May 2016 • Family
Fabulous experience ,learning to drive a tank. The staff were A1, very friendly, informative and made sure you had a great experience. They got my children involved in the afternoons activities and they haven't stopped talking about it since. Thank you guys for making there day !
Written May 28, 2016
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Haydon W
3 contributions
Most fun I've had in a long time
Jan 2016 • Solo
I've always wanted to drive a tank and the crew at tank school helped my dream come true. The morning brief was fun and went through the safety without being boring. When it came to driving the tank itself the instructor explained everything so well and I had so much fun. After that I was taken to a viewing area where we spoke about the tanks and had some tea. After all this was done we headed back and had a tour of the other tanks not in use that day and some other awesome vehicles. At the end of the day everyone left with smiles.
Written May 3, 2016
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Bristol, UK4 contributions
Definitely an experience
Apr 2016 • Couples
I booked this as a birthday surprise for my wife. We were both going to drive a tank. We were there for 4.5 hours and probably spent less than 1 hour actually driving the tank. The first 1.5 hours was spent being briefed and preparing the tank. The owner makes no apologies for time waiting around. Tanks are complex machines! We did get light refreshments but it consisted of luke warm coffee and Jammie Dodgers that you had to serve yourself. It felt like we were visiting a friends dad who was showing us his hobby. It is not a cheap experience and it did not feel like we got value for money. This is not run as a business. Customer service is not a strength, but his assistant Beth was excellent. We did enjoy the tank driving part of it.
Written April 30, 2016
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Hereford276 contributions
Beware of what you get ..................
Apr 2016 • Family
Prebooked as a surprise birthday - organiser of the tank driving was poor, no real effort made to make the event special or spectacular. After a briefing , 4 sat in the tank(which was not the same as advertised on website) in a barn and we spent 20 minutes whilst the Organiser attempted to back it out. The "tank drive" was a 10 minute trip along the edge of a field followed by a biscuit and make your own coffee with hot water flask.(Whilst the organisers had bagels and coffee) Some spectators for the birthday surprise joined us, they were all charged 25:00 for watching ! . Tips:
1.Make sure you get what you ask for and confirm the amount of time that will be spent tank driving.
2. Confirm before the event what charges are going to be made

Even though a compliant was made after the event, no refund policy seems to exist.

This event is very much "buyer beware" - glad to have the experience but would not use this Tank school again.
Written April 6, 2016
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Newport, UK1 contribution
Excellent- driving a tank
Feb 2015 • Friends
What could be better than roaming through fields in a 15 ton Tank! A really enjoyable day out and some fascinating vehicles to see. You get a good level of instructing followed by complete control of the vehicle but most importantly a cuppa and biscuit are always available! Definitely worth the trip.
Written July 30, 2015
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