Flowerpot Island Lighthouse

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Flowerpot Island Lighthouse

Flowerpot Island Lighthouse
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Very good

Robby G C
Toronto, Canada78,235 contributions
This red and white that takes care of the Lighthouse. No problems.

Lots of people stayed here and ate.

There is a red house.

Many people were walking on the rocks in the water.

Another house from the past.

Lightkeepers'House 1901-2000

Since1996 dedicated volunteers have taken on the role of lighthouse keepers,painying,reroofing,restoring and maintaining the lightkeeper's building.

There were people walking on rocks in the water.

Others were A eating.

I like this place.
Written April 29, 2021
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Bobs lake
Toronto, Canada12 contributions
My wife and I went for a trip here in the summer and stop at one of the local restaurants for lunch and then off to flower pot island. Well worth the trip here! Flower pot island was really nice to see and hike. We only came up for the day and thought we might stay for the night if we liked it, but unfortunately this is a really busy place during the summer and everything was booked up. So we later decided to comeback with our son and his girlfriend at the end of month and spend the night. This is a cool little town to visit and take the boat tours and visit flower pot island. Absolutely beautiful clear water with great tours to go on. But don’t let the colour of the water fool you it’s extremely cold! Make sure you Book your tours and hotel in advance if your thinking of visiting here
Written February 22, 2020
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Toronto, Canada211 contributions
Beautiful spot to take a dip! You need to hike about 1.2 km from boat dock to get here. It’s well worth the hike. There is a museum and a small shop to get some pop or chips. Take the early boat ride if you want to hike up beyond the lighthouse.
Written July 25, 2022
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada51 contributions
On a recent visit to Tobermory with a group, a few of us chose to go out kayaking and canoeing on Lake Huron, which seemed like a good idea at the time…

I was in a solo kayak, and my 2 accomplices were in a canoe, we left around 4pm. Early in the voyage, we got separated, and once the wind and waves picked up, it was all I could do to not capsize – I went where the waves took me, as I had little control over the kayak for most of the outbound trip, a very disconcerting feeling. BTW, I own my own kayak, and have a LOT of experience kayaking, but in this instance I was in someone else’s kayak, much longer and narrower than mine, which took some getting used to.

After an hour, I finally made it to Flowerpot Island without taking on too much water, though I managed to capsize into the Huron on the rocky shores, and that water is COLD! There was no one in sight, so I stripped off all my clothes, wrung them out, put them on the rocks to dry in the sun, while figuring out how I was going to get back to the boat launch on the mainland, kayaking into the waves and wind all the way there. I was committed to getting back while the sun was still out, and as I had no idea what time it was, I made getting back before sundown a priority; didn't get around to the other side of the island, where the attractions were.

After a brief rest, and 2 failed attempts to launch – kept taking on too much water – I was en route to the mainland. It took about an hour to get to Flower Pot Island, and about 90 minutes to get back, fighting the wind and waves all the way. I made a stop at a smaller island on the way, to dump the water out of the kayak again – the waves were easily 4-6 foot swells – then made my way back. I was VERY grateful to enter the relative calm of the harbor at last, though I discovered that those in the canoe were not yet back – this was 6:30pm.

Where is the canoe duo? Are they safe?
By 8:30pm, the canoe was still not back, the sun was gone, and though they had made it to Flower Pot Island and met some others of our group who had wisely taken the ferry there – that was around 5pm, and we had not seen them since. The canoe duo left Flower Pot Island around 5:30pm, and 3 hours later were still not back, though they had last been seen by a ferry captain around 6:45pm at that same small island I had stopped at between Flower Pot Island and the mainland, about 25% of the way back. Our group leader decided to call in a search and rescue around 8:30pm, as the canoe duo were not answering their phones, and had made no contact for several hours.

Just after the search and rescue report happened, the canoe duo, one of whom was a novice, showed up in the harbour, around 9:45pm. They had been rowing steadily for over 4 hours, battling the same wind and waves that I did in the kayak, and were VERY glad to be back at last. One was very experienced on the water, the other was a novice, and was not interested in ever getting into a canoe again…

The Lesson
If you take anything away from this, please let it be that you check with the harbor master or other experts BEFORE going out on the lake, it can get ugly FAST, without warning, and once it does, you are on your own. There were no other kayakers/canoers on the open water, which should have been my first clue…

The next day, Aug 31/14, I went diving, and while checking in with the dive shop, I told the owner that I had kayaked to Flower Pot Island the day before. She stopped what she was doing, looked at me in shock, then with her eyes almost bulging out of her head, said “You went YESTERDAY?!?! Had you told me you were planning on kayaking to Flowerpot Island, I would have told you absolutely not…” She was totally right, I was VERY lucky to come back with only a few cuts and bruises, and soaked from the trip.
Written September 8, 2014
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Toronto, Canada4 contributions
The place is beautiful, and the flowerpots are breathtaking. When I came to this place I did not know the place is full of snakes. I read reviews about flowerpot island here in this website, but no one ever mention about snakes. So I decided to warn people who have some issues with snakes like me! I am scared of snakes, and even if the lighthouse volunteer told me the snakes in the island are harmless. A snake is a snake, and I am extremely afraid of them. If you are hiking to this island watch your steps, because the snakes are on the trail, on the rocks, and you can see them swimming on the lake! My overall experience to this place is pretty good except for the mosquito bites and multiple encounters with the snakes in that island. Note: bring bug spray, and not just the cheap kind. It was my fault for buying a cheap bug spray that did not work.
Written June 19, 2014
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Toronto, Canada1,757 contributions
The ride from the boat was pretty smooth and while on the cruise ride, you can see the Lighthouse and Flowerpots. The trails were clearly marked, and some are a bit more strenuous. The flowerpots are pretty but if you were to get down to the bottom, it is full of rocks. There are only two outhouses on the island. The good thing is, there is woodchips to add and you can close the toilet lid when you are done. Right now there aren't many flies but over at Marl Trial, there were some bees which thought my yellow hoodie was a flower. I thought I had a scent but after I put my jacket on, there weren't as many attracted to me. The Loop Trial had some wooden stairs to climb but overall it was a great hike. Going up the Lighthouse was a little scary because there would be some stone planks and if someone was passing over, they would stand on one side of the rail (there's only one rail) and the other side is open.

Overall great day, and I recommend going here to anyone in the Tobermory area. Just remember that the cruise ride is pretty expensive and allot your time accordingly. If you miss the last ride, you'll have to call for help and it costs about $150 for them to save you. Also, there is no food to purchase, so pack your own food. They recommend that you bring your own garbage off the island since it helps with clean up around the island.
Written May 19, 2014
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Roger R
Toronto11 contributions
We drove to the Tobermory area from Toronto. It took about 3.5 hrs. (but I was not doing the posted 100 km/h!). The quaint harbour area was just made to be photographed on a clear summer day. There were ample areas to eat while we waited for the ferry which runs twice a day. The ride to flowerpot island was narrated by a very knowledgeable captain. We sailed over some sunken shipwrecks before going over to the island itself. The shipwrecks were a little disappointing as they just appeared to be greenish outlines of ships. A 20 minute ride later we landed on Flowerpot Is. You can follow the trail around the coast and go up to a lighthouse or to a hidden cave tucked up in the forest once past the flowerpots. The whole island's coast is covered with the ivory white shale that the flowerpots themselves are made of. Again these are a photographer's delight as the big and little flowerpots are about 30 and 20 feet respectively (I think). They are covered with foliage on top and are quite interesting to look at though I must admit I was a little disappointed they weren't bigger and I thought there were a bunch but there are only 2. Having said that, the island, the shale coast, the dirftwood...we totally were immersed in the experience of the day and if that's what you are going for then this is an experience to have. The cave was, well, a hole carved out of the side of the hill that you can climb up a set of stairs to get to. Nothing more complicated than that. Next time we'll check out the lighthouse but ran out of time as the ferry returned after 2 or 3 hours (I forget how long exactly). It's a great day trip for those looking for a chance to spend a day with their significant other.
Written September 4, 2012
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Mississauga, Canada1,851 contributions
From the dock, we followed the 1.3km lighthouse trail (30min) to the lightkeeper’s house. We did not get to visit the light tower and observation deck because they are closed for renovations this summer. Unlike other lightkeeper’s houses we have seen, this one on Flowerpot Island is part-museum, part-convenience store, with an elementary school vibe to it. The volunteer groups that maintain the old house are obviously into art. The colourful “You Are Here” island maps outside are hand painted with great attention to detail. One side of the veranda has illustrated info panels on local bugs, snakes and flowers. The staircase and bedrooms upstairs are brightly painted and some walls are adorned with mural paintings of individuals or events relevant to Flowerpot Island.

The lightkeeper’s house/museum/shop is open from 10:30AM to 4:30PM where visitors are expected to do a self-guided tour. I have no idea what era the interior was supposed to represent. It was a mix of old and new and playful and totally different from what I expected a lightkeeper’s house to be--and we have seen quite a few. I have a feeling the intended audience here are schoolchildren. It was like being in a big dollhouse. I did enjoy spending time on the front deck looking at the water. The view is just stunning. The tiny shop is more of a convenience store and almost everything in it costs $2 (chips, pop, bottled water). Flowerpot Island souvenir magnets are $5 each. Cash only.

There is just one toilet at the lightkeeper’s house, aptly marked “Loo with a View” as it is elevated and has a big open window. It is a composting toilet which stinks (no tap water in Flowerpot Island) and you have to throw in a scoop wood shavings after every use. Expect a lineup if you plan to use it. They sometimes close it up for cleaning like what happened when we were here, one staffer went to the back of the queue and held up a ‘Closed’ sign, no idea for how long, but just be aware it could happen as the next nearest toilets are at Beachy Cove a half-hour walk away.
Written August 16, 2017
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Burlington, Canada76 contributions
Our vacation this year took us to Tobermory, Ontario which was on our bucket list. We sure plan on going back. While there, you must, must, must go to Flower Pot Island, and take the Flowerpot Express to get there. It takes you to the Big Tub lighthouse, and the two sunken ships and then you are taken to Flower Pot Island at 70 km/h. Weeeeeeeee! A lot of fun! Go earlier in the day and plan on staying all day to get the most out of the day. A couple of hours won't do it. Buy your tickets for the Flowerpot express in advance and opt to come back later in the day...you can always standby for an earlier boat if you wish. You can go swimming in Georgian Bay in the aqua, clear waters that look like the Caribbean. Mind you...the water is ice cold. You can always sun yourself dry after. We went in September and the weather was great. Take food and water with you for the day...there is one place on the island to buy food...your choice. They have quite a few hiking trails, and bathrooms along the way. Wear sturdy hiking shoes, if you wish to go a bit off the beaten track. The camera is a must and your eyes to feast on the sights!
Written December 17, 2014
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Welland, Canada29 contributions
Flowerpot Island has got to be one of the most beautiful places in Ontario. I was in awe the whole time. The hike was amazing, and I was very impressed at all of the work they are doing to the pathways to make them easier to navigate and more accessible. The staircase leading to the cave worried me a tad though as it was a little slippery in areas due to the overcast day we were having. The volunteers on the island were fantastic, one gentleman sat with us for some time telling us some stories about the island and the work that the volunteers do.
It was a little pricey taking the glass bottom boat over, but it was so worth it. We spent approx. 4 hours on the island and had plenty of time to hike to the lighthouse and back, stop for a small picnic. (Note: There are no garbage's on the pathways, please respect nature and bring your garbage with you...it was sad to see so many plastic water bottles left on the forest floor)
Written August 30, 2015
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